Standing up for what is right and what is real

Once again, the Native folks are the ones willing to put themselves in harm’s way to fight for Mother Earth and the living water.

Two stories — one in Canada with the Unist’ot’en and the other with upper Michigan Native folks doing more than just signing petitions and calling their useless legislators.

All petitions are useless.  They look at them and laugh at us.  Too many are not willing to stand up for clean water and against destruction of more land, trees, and habitats.  I mean, after awhile, it becomes glaringly obvious that it is destruction just for destruction’s sake.   We don’t need another freaking pipeline through beautiful precious pristine forests and people forced out of their homes by eminent domain.

Water is life.  Mni Wiconi!



Lindbergh baby kidnapping and what is happening today…

…fasten your seatbelts, because this is going to blow your hair back.

When I was growing up, LIFE magazine, among others, would run whodunit stories such as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.  Charles Lindbergh was very popular figure in the news and when his baby was kidnapped, it was understandably all over the news, much as the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

I was researching planes and Lindbergh was mentioned.  I can’t even tell you what exactly tipped me off, but something said to look into the illuminati/satanists having something to do with it.

If you don’t know, satanists must sacrifice something they love in order to gain power. After reading this, I am thinking that the Lindbergh baby was a sacrifice by Charles Lindbergh.  The baby’s body was never recovered, but they tried to pass of a poor child whom had been mutilated and left in the woods.  And a patsy, Hauptmann, was put to death for something he did not do.

Get this, his widow denied he ever had anything to do with it, the money box was handed to him by someone else that owed Hauptmann money, but did not tell him there was money in the box;  they offered Hauptmann life in prison if he would admit to the crime, but he told his wife he felt he would be punished by God for telling a lie, so he refused the offer.

On that night, Charles Lindbergh forbid anyone go to the baby’s room before 10 p.m. !  Lindbergh had also faked a kidnapping just two months prior to this where he had put the child in a closet!  Who does that??

Additionally, Lindbergh had ties to OSS, which would become CIA, and had asked organized crime figures to become involved. He went so far as to ask that Al Capone be released from prison…to help.  Help what? Help cover it up?  Lindbergh was also a strong Nazi supporter….’nough said.

Witnesses also began dying off soon after the crime…boy, if that isn’t a mark of the mafia, I don’t know what is.

And the creme de la creme?  Charles Lindbergh’s father changed the family name when he emigrated to the United States from Sweden….and his real name was…drum roll, please….

…Charles Mansson.

I kid you not.

Food as a war weapon… **edited

…not only will water be a commodity to be used by the illuminati/freemasons/secret societies/nazis in the great fight against evil, but food will be used, also.  It’s been used in the past, see the videos below to show how utterly evil these satan worshippers are:

Singapore — note how the Japanese used food as a control agent for deciding who lives or dies, but the subtext is who is willing to compromise their beliefs and destroy their culture in order to get food.

The video below was also compelling —


In the first few moments, the assertion is made that they printed more money and this caused inflation…but there are those whom have stated that our Federal Reserve has been printing money like that since its inception.  So the question that begs to be asked is:  is inflation a result of printing money?  That is what the so-called economists tell us, but then again, economists have never clearly explained how the system works, if their often wrong predictions are any clue.

I see it as more of a hoarding of food and necessities, creating a perceived shortage of goods.  It’s just happened too many times where the people were lied to in order for the profiteers to make money off of the perceived shortages (therefore asking more $$ for something).

This is happening now in other areas.  Others have stated over and over that there are no shortages, only food being stored in warehouses.  I know for a fact that the gov’t was purchasing commodities from farmers, such as milk, in order to keep prices higher, and in turn, they used those stores to give cheese to those on food stamps.  Now you might say that it all works out, if the poor are given food, but those programs, to my knowledge, have been discarded.  I know that I was never offered food when I was on food stamps (I have not signed up again, more on that below**).

The kumay-eye (sp) sounds like a mafia that decided who got licensed and therefore, who could make money….and I’m sure that there were kickbacks to the kumay-eye officials for allowing them to get a license…

On to other created famines…the Irish famine.  This hits close to home because they were my ancestors.  I tend to think that my great great+ grandfather, John Callahan, came from Ireland because of the famine.  He was in America by 1600. **edited to add:  oops, the famine was in the mid-1800s, but by some accounts, the English had been trying to get rid of the Irish for 300 years.  So he probably left through “encouragement” by the English….

As you know, my ancestors became plantation owners, and then left the south, joined the Indiana regiment to fight slavery.  They had every reason NOT to fight against slavery, because they benefitted economically, and yet they did the right thing, of which I am extremely proud.

And you may or may not know that the Irish were slaves, as well,  The Irish ladies were forced to mate with the black slaves to produce lighter colored black folk.  This I did not know until recent years.  Funny how that never made it into the history books or if it was, it was presented as the Irish were indentured servants…it was still slavery!

Here is an outstanding video on how the English went about culling the Irish:

Reeeeaaaallly cannot stand Kennedy….lots of letters after his name, but no clue on how stupid and privileged he sounds.  I think he should go without eating for a week…I bet he wouldn’t last a couple days.  As the comments below the video point out, this guy did little but criticize the author and book with nothing to refute the facts. Ad Hominem.

Love this comment:

They killed the bison, a staple for not only food, but clothing, tools, medicine, etc.  The buffalo was a key part of their survival physically.  They made it so the Native folks would HAVE TO come to them for the food rations that kept them at a starvation level of existence.  It did the same as the Irish, the Singapores, etc., with destroying their culture by making conditions for them….to EAT.
Here’s another video on the Irish famine…but it appears that the bankers, who are responsible for all the wars, economic collapses, the spread of satanism, etc., have somehow managed to get their faces before the public to give the appearance of compassion.  Gag me.
(okay, for some reason it is not showing up in video form, so in case it doesn’t when I press “publish”, here is the actual web address:   )
They state that the English had forced them to plant only certain kinds of potatoes which contributed to the inevitable disease of the plants.  Every farmer knows that if you don’t rotate the crops, diseases will prevail.  The same goes for us humans –if we eat the same thing over and over, our bodies will become deficient in some nutrients.  The Creator designed us and the Earth well — variety = health of the body, mind, and spirit.
Think about that and how we in America have planted the same crops over and over.  Indiana must have been a really gorgeous land before corn, corn, and more corn!!
The diversity I see when I have visited our state parks is mindboggling.  I see Indiana how it was before we Europeans took over — plenty of trees for shade, food, shelter; plenty of variety of plants.  I had wild grape juice for the first time this past summer, and it was the BEST grape juice I have ever tasted!  It’s terrible what has been done to the Creator-designed natural food.  It was designed a certain way to give us food as well as medicine.
So, if any of you have cast iron pans, you know you’re supposed to season them with oil after cleaning them.  I usually do it by washing the pan, heating it, and then adding the cooking oil.
I had a really large cast iron skillet that I rarely use because I usually cook just for myself.  So I seasoned it and left a small amount of olive oil in the skillet.  I meant to go back and mop it out after the pan cooled, but well, you know…I left then came back and so it stayed on there about a year.
I was going to fix a meal for all of us, and went to get that pan out to clean it up.
I found the olive oil had created this:
It looks like they have inserted plastic into the olive oil!!  It flops around like plastic jelly.  They have somehow managed to combine the two to make a product look like food, when it is probably more plastic than actual nutritional food.  Definitely not what the Creator had intended…
So if you take anything away from this post, please take care to protect yourselves against the evil ones.  I would buy plenty of seeds and put growing soil away in metal containers (please, for the love of God, don’t use or buy any more plastic!)
If you can install a well for your own water source, that would be excellent.  I would do it even if the control freaks have made it illegal for you to do so.  Water is life.  Mni Wiconi!


An Indiana mystery… **edited

I was researching the Trail of Courage, aka Trail of Death, that was the forced march of Chief Menominee and his Potawatomie band that refused to move out of Indiana back in the 1800s.

Wikipedia is not considered a credible source for many things, but I found this paragraph truthful and there’s probably a lot more to the story:

One treaty that directly led to the forced removal of the Potawatomi from Twin Lakes was made at Yellow River on August 5, 1836. Under its terms, the Potawatomi ceded the Menominee Reserve, established under an 1832 treaty, to the federal government and agreed to remove west of the Mississippi River within two years. In exchange, the Potawatomi would receive $14,080 for the sale of their 14,080 acres of Indiana reservation lands, after payment of tribal debts were deducted from the proceeds.[17][18][19] Chief Menominee and seventeen of the Yellow River band refused to take part in the negotiations and did not recognize the treaty’s authority over their land. In a petition dated November 4, 1837, Chief Menominee and other Potawatomi submitted a formal protest to General John Tipton. The chiefs claimed that their signatures on the August 5, 1836, treaty had been forged (Menominee’s had been omitted) and the names of other individuals who did not represent the tribe had been added. There is no record of a reply to their petition.[20] They sent additional petitions to President Martin Van Buren and Secretary of War Lewis Cass in 1836 and 1837, but the federal government refused to change its position.[21]

By 1837 some of the Potawatomi bands had peacefully removed to their new lands in Kansas. By August 5, 1838, the deadline for removal from Indiana, most of the Potawatomi had already left, but Chief Menominee and his band at Twin Lakes refused to move.[21][22] The following day, August 6, 1838, Col. Pepper called a council at Menominee’s village at Twin Lakes, where he explained that the Potawatomi had ceded land in Indiana under the treaty, and they had to remove.[23] Chief Menominee responded through an interpreter:

My brother, the President is just, but he listens to the word of young chiefs who have lied; and when he knows the truth, he will leave me to my own. I have not sold my lands. I will not sell them. I have not signed any treaty, and will not sign any. I am not going to leave my lands, and I do not want to hear anything more about it.[23]

After the council meeting, tensions increased between the Potawatomi and the white settlers who wanted to occupy the reservation lands. Fear of violence caused some settlers to petition Indiana governor David Wallace for protection. Wallace authorized General John Tipton to mobilize a militia of one hundred volunteers to forcibly remove the Potawatomi from their Indiana reservation lands.[23][24][25]

Reverend Louis Deseille, a Catholic missionary at Twin Lakes in the 1830s, denounced the Yellow River treaty (1836) as a fraud and argued, “this band of Indians believe that they have not sold their reservation and that it will remain theirs as long as they live and their children.”[20] In response to his support of the Potawatomi’s resistance efforts, Col. Pepper ordered Father Deseille to leave the mission at Twin Lakes, or risk arrest for interfering in Indian affairs. Father Deseille went to South Bend, Indiana, although not without protest, and intended to return to Twin Lakes, but died at South Bend on September 26, 1837.

Chief Menominee considered the treaty a fraud because he did not sign it. This happened in the Black Hills of South Dakota, as well, as the Lakota did not give away that land, either.  They had a working democracy where three-fourths of them had to sign a treaty for it to become law.  They did not get a majority of Lakota to agree, therefore the treaty was null and void.  The United States finally recognized it was a fraud, but they want the Lakota to accept $$$ for the land.  To date, the Lakota have refused the money.  The Black Hills are sacred to them, and they would never consider money for them. **edited to add:  by these terms, that would mean that the land here in Indiana that was obtained by fraud still belongs to the Potawatomie. Hmmm….

In fact, the Native folk consider the land as Creation and therefore cannot be bought or sold.  They did not make the land, therefore, they cannot own it.  The Creator made it for all of us.

Anyway, back to Chief Menominee, they had Reverend Deseille stood up for the Native folk and was apparently a force to be reckoned with as he was going to be arrested if he didn’t get out of the way.

The mystery here is that I believe he was murdered for standing up for his beliefs.  He saw what was happening as very wrong, and paid for it with his life.  There is no mention of him being ill before leaving for South Bend.  In fact, if he were ill, I would presume that the evil ones would just let it play out so they would gain control of the situation and shove these poor folks off their land.

By the way, that area of the state has a natural spring with wonderful water.  The lake is also fed by a natural spring.  Best tasting water I have ever had.  It truly makes you appreciate how cleansing and satisfying a glass of clean pure water is. For that alone, I can see why Chief Menominee was reluctant to leave…

And folks here have no clue of the water wars about to take place.  I can guarantee that it is coming down the line…seeing how devastated California is, and how lush and green Indiana is, there is such a contrast people here don’t have any idea how good they have it and to conserve that precious gift of water.

By the way, one can make your own water filter…the way Mother Earth does it…by sand, stone, and carbon.  I found online that you can make your own carbon by burning coconot husk.  You add this to the sand and dirt, put it in a funnel-like container (I used a gallon jug with the bottom cut out), with some kind of cotton filter placed in the hole.  Fill from the top, and let it drip into the storage container.

Please don’t store your water in plastic containers…it leaches the harmful plastic xenoestrogens and carcinogens (hormone disruptors and cancer causing elements).  I bought some of the restaurant size pickle jars and emptied them out.  I use those glass containers for water.  Be sure not to use dirt that has been sprayed with chemicals.  If you have placed the cotton correctly, you should not be getting brown water from the dirt seeping through.  And I don’t warranty this, so use at your own discretion.


How are you feeling?

Reblogging this — feeling like crap today.  We’ve had perhaps one day of sunshine in a month’s time.  Cloud cover almost every day but little precipitation.  I’m pretty much house-bound now (feels like prison) and I just had to get out of here Sunday, so I took a walk.  I forgot to cover my nose and mouth with a kerchief like I have been doing when riding my bike into town…

I noticed that after I would ride into town I would be miserable the next day with aching muscles and joint pain.  My knees would also be really swollen and painful.  I figured I was just getting old.  But then I thought of the chemtrails and perhaps I should try to wear a scarf or something over my face while riding.

You can guess my results:  no major pain nor swelling and I felt great from the exercise.

So I forgot to wear the scarf covering my nose and mouth Sunday, and am really feeling the effects of not only that, but being sprayed continually for a month.  I really ached all over, with kidney pain and muscle aches and today I feel worse with a terrible headache.  I haven’t had a good restful sleep in two weeks.  Well, I haven’t had a good restful sleep in 28 years….but that’s another blog….but usually I can get a day or two of six hours of restful sleep.

I remembered this lady’s keen observation on the relationship of how she felt and how heavily they were spraying and the directed energy influence.

I can confirm her connection.  This really became more solid for me when I left Indiana in May — as I was driving, I would feel nauseated, my head would start pounding and what felt like electrical impulses and then I would come upon a tower  that was a mile away when I first started feeling its energy.

Image result for directed energy tower

Image result for directed energy tower

These are some examples, but the ones that made me feel the worst were the ones with the round drum-like things attached.  I can’t find a photo of one, or I would put it up.

I would love to hear folks protesting this by saying “Tear those towers down!”  Not as long as people are asleep or afraid or feel powerless….

via How are you feeling?

Alaska earthquake map ripple effect

Mary Greeley has an excellent video up on the ripple effect from the Alaska earthquake. The New Madrid fault line lights up in this graphic.  Pretty much the entire eastern side of the country and California/Oregon coast…as if California didn’t have enough on its plate with the weather manipulation drought or directed energy fires…

I don’t know, but perhaps this is what I was warned about…when I had the vision of the Earth opening up with fire coming out.  It could either be an earthquake or super volcano (there is one predicted to happen from Yellowstone)…all I saw was a huge fire coming up out of the earth.