Indiana Fire suspicious…

Hey all, there is something very suspicious about this fire .

First of all, the Fire Dept. lieutenant states that this is a non-hydrated area.  THERE IS A RIVER RIGHT BEHIND THIS PROPERTY!!  So they could have used a pumper truck to quench the fire.

Secondly, this fire was covered by Chicago and Indianapolis news outlets…Chicago is three hours away, and Indy is two hours away…why would they be interested in a house fire so far away when there are countless fires and news stories in their own cities??  Why this town?

The story states that this is being investigated as a criminal act, but then gives no reasons why.  WTH?

Something very strange about this…

Forgotten intelligence

Okay, so there was a story that I read recently where a couple of young women who went hiking in a jungle did not realize that the public trail ended and they had begun down the path the locals used.

These young women were unfamiliar with it, and the story goes that they “got lost and lasted about a week before they ran out of food…”

The story was told with pictures taken from their cameras and selfies.

So I look at the pictures, and as the storyteller says they passed away because they ran out of food…

…I see that they are SURROUNDED by plants!!  Which are EDIBLE!!  smh (shake my head)

You cannot make this stuff up.  They were surrounded by food and should have been able to survive by eating the plants around them.  Good Grief.

On that note, I found a great video on planting your own food from the scraps of grocery bought food.  I would normally put the scraps in a compost pile.  I used to have a compost bin at my house, and it is one of the things I miss daily.  It looked like this one at Gardener’s Supply.  It was well-built with a heavy lid that stayed put during rough storms or curious raccoons, by evidence of their muddy paw prints all over the top.   Little stinkers never could figure out how to get inside it. Heh.



I looooved his suggestion of cutting off the carrot tops and planting them…you won’t get carrots, but you will get wonderful leafy greens from the tops!  This year, when I was in California and trying to make it through a week of in-between paychecks, I looked at my tub of soil (story to follow) and though, why aren’t you eating the green tops of the cantaloupe plants??

Okay, so I have always missed my tiny garden at my house and the dreams I had of making the acre of ground into more food production with fruit and nut trees, plants, and a nice walking path to boot.  Organically, as the Creator intended.

When I got my job, I wanted to move towards more environmentally positive (such as buying a horse and carriage), and trying to keep within the budget I had adopted while on food stamps.  I purchased a galvanized steel tub (that one would, in old days, use as a wash tub) and put dirt from the garden in it.  I wanted to have a compost bin, but my sis was not in favor of it, so I thought why not a worm composting bin inside.  She still was not thrilled with that, insisting it have a lid of foil (with air holes) in case they tried to make an escape.  Heh…visions of worms making mad dashes from there cracks me up.

So okay at least I got my composting bin with worms!  I could put food scraps in there to feed them and they would in turn leave wonderful fertilizer in there for plants.  It was so beneficial that plants started to pop up from the food scraps and cantaloupe seeds.

It was from these plants that I thought I could grow more food.  And as those young women must have felt when they were lost in the jungle, I looked at those cantaloupe plants in my tub inside the truck in California**…and thought, you dummy, you have food right there!  So even though it was not enough to sustain me entirely, it sure helped with giving me leafy greens while getting a meal from the very kind gas station owners.  They literally restored my faith in the world.  Not everyone is mean towards the poor and the different.

Here is my own personal environmental journey….every step is a conscious question of what am I doing that could be done in a more positive way?  It didn’t happen all at once, but after a growing awareness that the earth was suffering and we were in deep trouble…

**My own thoughts on why California is being attacked…and yes, it IS being attacked by weather modification and Directed Energy (read anything by native Californians — they are saying that the fires all erupted at night, out of nowhere.  And from what I saw while there in August, the northern part of the state was GREEN, not dry and arid like the lower part of the state, so that flies in the face of the media saying the trees were dry, making it easy to start a fire, blaming forest mismanagement.  This is BLATANTLY FALSE.   On the contrary, it appears the forests were being managed well.  They looked green and healthy.

So why is California being attacked?  My guess is because California is a very spiritual place.  There are mountains everywhere.  You see the Creator’s handiwork everywhere.  This is a spiritual war we are in, and if the evil ones can destroy our connection to the Creator by destroying the earth, and especially the more spiritual places, such as satan had done with cutting down the Tree of Life (the Tower) in Wyoming…it doesn’t take a lot to realize why they are going after California…an entire state that is spiritual.

I’m not the only one who feels that way as there are several videos on youtube where sacred places are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Walmart has a nasty scheme going on where they build their stores over cemeteries, be it white folks, black folks, native folks, doesn’t matter…then a few years down the road, when they’ve sucked a town dry of any independent store owners, they abandoned the store.  Given that the Waltons don’t need any more money, I’m leaning towards them deliberately destroying these sacred sites.

Anyone wanna bet that the walmart built near the Mexican Pyramid has underground tunnels to the Pyramid?  Given that Hillary Clinton was a partner in the law firm that represented the Waltons, it is quite possible that the Waltons are satanists, too, although I don’t have anything to back that up, other than they are greedy and they were caught taking out “dead peasant insurance” on their employees, who died young.  If that is so, underground tunnels to the Pyramid would make sense…easier to make human sacrifices away from the eyes of the good hearts who would stop it.

Profound Death Experience

This guy’s experience with Heaven sounds exactly like mine:  nothing but love there.  Nothing but positive energy.  It is overwhelming (almost) the absolute wonderful feeling of love.  And I realized as I listen to him speak that I first had an out of body experience when I was three years old.  My mother had been in a traffic accident where I ended up underneath the seat.  I recall being outside my body just for an instant where I was floating above the car, then back in my body looking up at the coils underneath the seat cushion.  But at that time, I did not have the experience of Heaven until I had that dark moment before losing the house.

Dr. Cicoria strikes me as a serious man who is sincere and by his story, is still amazed at what transpired.  I guess we all have this sense of awe.


Emergency Drill Indiana

Hey all, I wanted to give a head’s up that there may be a false flag “attack” here in Indiana tomorrow.

I found this ad on craig’s list:


Seeing as how there have been waaaay too many emergency drills just days before a so-called terrorist attack, I thought I’d better get this up just in case there is an active shooter in the next few days.  Keep this in mind, too, for anything in the future as it can always be filed away and used at a later date.  Just sayin’

Phony Psychics

Good Lord. Steve Harvey’s show (wasn’t watching, just passing through) featured a so-called “psychic” just now named Anne who is as phony.

She played the young lady who came to her like a violin.  Manipulated her to the point she was almost in tears.  Pisses me off to no end!

In case you didn’t see it, it went something like this:

Phony Psychic:  “you’ve been in bad relationships and you want to get back out into the dating scene.”

Young Lady nods.

Phony:  “I see people in your life who were yellers and screamers (and something else that I can’t remember right now).”

Young lady nods.

Phony: “Was it your Dad that was the screamer?”

Young Lady nods.

Okay, let’s stop right there.  If this woman was a true psychic, she would see who was doing the yelling or feel who was putting out the negative energy.

Phony then goes on to say that the young lady is carrying around her father’s anger like a monkey on her back, and she needs to “scream back”.  WTH does THAT mean??

And that every man she seeks out is just like the screamer. And it’s darn hard to get out of an abusive relationship. (hah. Try 24 years of trying to get away from your poisonous ex and his family, who regards you as a piece of property that they can take insurance out on.)

All of this is basic human nature and anyone taking a basic psychology course would know this.

And every woman knows there are a lot more jerks out there than good men so yeah, you’re more likely to keep dating abusive men.

But I digress…

More phony psychics:

Long Island Medium.  She uses the same techniques that the one above uses.  They must have all taken the same psychology courses so that they can manipulate the good hearts who keep getting taken in by phony abusive narcissists.  I am told that Teresa is coming to Indiana and is charging….get this…$95 per seat for the first few rows.  You have got to be kidding me!  Phony, phony, phony.  Nobody who has been given the Gift by the Creator is going to charge those kinds of fees.  Really, they should be on a pay as you can basis.

I’ve also seen the commercial for the guy driving around in a cab trying to pretend he is a psychic.  Boy, I saw this one as phony from the getgo—all he has to do is wear a bluetooth and someone who knows something about the passengers can whisper in his ear.  With the mindreading technology, they could easily use that to tell the cab driver what the person is thinking….scumbags.

I don’t believe Kim Russo of the TV Show “The Haunting Of…” is psychic, either.   I think she too has been using slight of hand techniques to fool her celebrity guests.  And the celebrities are likely in on it, as well.  They are, after all, from Hollyweird.

I have the Gift so it particularly upsets me that phonies are using manipulation to fool people so they can get rich.  I consider the Gift a sacred thing from the Creator, so it should be treated with respect and used for the good of all, not to get rich.

Health update

So this is one of those updates most would find boring, so if it’s not your thing…

I can’t remember if I posted that my breast lumps had increased again, but they did.  This was after they went down, so I was particularly concerned because that is a warning sign that they are indeed cancer and that it is growing.

So…they went down after I began the raw food diet I wrote about here with the PDF link here:

Just as it takes time for the body to become ill, it also takes time for it to heal.  The progress with coffee enemas, fasting, and the raw diet has been phenomenal, compared to struggling to regain even a bit of normal life since mercury poisoning by dental amalgams.    It should have been a red flag that I was missing something big when others on the mercury poisoning support group would come to the group, sick as a dog, be there a couple years, get well or at least be able to resume their lives, and then leave.  I was there ten years trying to recover, struggling the entire time.

Dr. Cutler was right about some things, but wrong about others, such as how important diet was in healing the body and helping the body to do its miracle work. I believe it helps with everything, including heavy metal detox.

The raw diet is paramount to helping because although I made progress with fasting and coffee enemas, my breast lumps were still there and at one point were growing.  Yeah, I was scared.  My grandmother died from breast cancer, and I had a grandfather, my dad, two uncles die from cancer, and another uncle had cancer but he somehow managed to live despite chemo therapy and radiation. /just a little snarky

Should I make note that all of them were in the military?  I wonder about the connection and ALL of them having some form of cancer.  I can’t remember all the branches, but definitely in the Navy and Army/Air Force.

So, anyway, I’ve been mostly raw, with some cooked, for over a year now, and one breast lump is nearly gone, and while the other has shrunk, it hasn’t gone down as much as the other, which worries me a little.

So I wanted to share something else that has helped tremedously — breakfast of avocado and grapefruit.

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, we had half a grapefruit for breakfast every morning.  Every morning.  Then with the advent of unhealthy breakfast cereals, the grapefruit kind of fell out of favor.

The raw food diet presented challenges for me being on food stamps.  I had to come up with a plan that fit the budget.  Grapefruits fit that.  And when I thought about how I used grapefruit juice for my liver flushes, along with a healthy oil such as walnut oil…I wondered about avocado oil.  Well, heck, why waste an entire avocado just for the oil?  Bingo!  Combining the whole grapefruit with the whole avocado produces….drum roll please…the same effect (almost) of a liver flush!!

Its even better if I eat just the grapefruit and avocado for one meal that day, and then do a 24 hour fast.  My skin was actually glowing when I got back to Indiana because of the limited funds, I ate only the grapefruit/avocado/raw apple/something else/ for my day’s meals.  Someone actually commented on how good my skin looked.  Well, it helped that it was 90 degrees out and I had been in the sun a bit.  Haha. 🙂

But yeah, not only does that combination help the liver, but also benefits the skin in two ways:  from the inside out, and I also use a teaspoon size bit of avocado on my face.  Helps with sloughing off dead skin cells.  I kid you not.

And then I’ll notice a lot more gall stones after the enemas with this combo.

More helps for gall bladder:  I make a tea of coriander seeds by boiling them for about five minutes, then let it steep for an hour or so.  Recipe:  1 Tablespoon coriander to a quart of water. You may want to use less according to your own instincts of what your body is telling you.  Use them.

Another help on the health journey is going back to yoga.

I was doing it for years while still in my house.  I had a bright, large living room that I could comfortably do yoga poses.  I could look out the sliding glass doors at the trees, birds, bunnies, while doing the exercises, making it even more enjoyable.  But I kind of lost that joy when I lost the house and even though I tried, I could never really get back in the groove.

So the yoga tape along with the VCR that ran it, were both taken when I had my stuff stolen from the storage place…after losing my house (thank you, creeps, for taking what little I had left).

I looked for yoga sessions on u tube, but all I could find were sessions with a guru in a speedo (no thanks, don’t want to see your junk); or as someone aptly put it, a sex kitten not really into exercising, but showing off to get clicks.

I found this guy who is spiritually connected and present and is fully clothed.  Thank YOU.

I’ve discovered yet another aspect of the heavy metal detox and battling Lyme is the lymph glands.  I knew that they were very important, but the things advocated by the mercury poisoning group, skin brushing, just made me feel like my skin was crawling.  And it had some other unpleasant side effects.  I tried another yoga exercise, but the gal was young and went through the routine very quickly which caused issues for me after only a few sessions.

The yoga guy above, Sudheep, has an invigorating but fairly gentle routine.  For this 57 year old grandma, it works very well.  The back strengthening and digestion aspects were just what I needed.

So, there you have it.  More progress.  Thanks be to the Creator. 🙂