The Little Warrior

A three year old little boy defends his grandma.   I guess she has a stall to sell stuff and the Chinese version of the SS nazis were harassing them.  They apparently are hired goons that go around beating the crap out of people, even killing them, just for the fun of it.

Good for the little man!

Road Trip: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

I’ve been wanting to write about the trip out West, but kept putting it off.  Every time I thought of the police, the gangstalkers (paid mobs?), the condition of California… depressed me, so I put it off.

But here I is, another Friday night counting cobwebs (no date), and I thought, wth, I’ll blog about the trip.


I left here not in the best ways and quite frankly, when I crossed the state line coming back, I half-expected police to be waiting for me at the state line and was surprised when they weren’t there.  Nor in this city.   Hmmm….

…but never fear, I’ve spotted a black hawk helicopter overhead twice now and one day, when the helicopter was directly overhead, a drone was flying towards the house at the same time!  I kid you not.  Surreal.

So, yeah…

So I went to the Tower in Wyoming when I left here.  I stayed in the campground.  I had hoped that the gangstalkers would leave me alone…and if you read this and this, you are aware that it only escalated.  And if you missed my other post, the woman following me around the Tower was Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary.  She thought it was a joke to stalk me and even laughed and waved at me when I turned around and stared at her.  Hard to pray when you’re being harassed like that.

So I stayed in the campground, which brought back so many memories of being a kid at camp.  There were huge cottonwood trees all throughout the park.  You were sheltered from the white radiation passing as the sun these days.  The Belle Fourche (Bell Foosh, meaning Beautiful Fork in French) River was nearby.  I could tell where the river, in its glory days, once had a stream near the campers.  I could imagine before the chicken littles took over that kids were playing in the streams, jumping off of tree limbs overhanging the water…

It also had spring water that I loved.  I always say the prayer I was taught by the grandmothers at Standing Rock:  We thank you, water; we bless you, water.  Very important to give thanks for precious water.

So I went up to the Tower twice a day – in the morning and in the afternoon or evening, depending on when the urge hit.  I even went *gasp* off trail!!  ::clutches pearls::  And saw other places near the Tower.  It was wonderful to be able to pray and connect without constant harassment.

Tell me, who would harass someone praying??  WHO would want to prevent or interrupt someone praying to the Creator?  Um, satan?

I was also followed around by the forest rangers.  They are now armed, folks, and I mistakenly thought they were sheriff deputies when I saw them, armed, walking through the campground the day after I arrived.  Yep.  They did this three nights in a row. Again, I ask, what the hell are they being told that they feel so threatened by this unarmed 57-year-old grandmother?

One of them stopped me when I *gasp* went off trail to tell me that I was blocking a fire road (no, I wasn’t, the truck was pulled ahead of the drive), but I didn’t argue.  I started to tell him about the harassment and then stopped myself.  As far as I have seen, you can’t trust law enforcement to…enforce the law.  I did talk to him later, and he went through the motions of being concerned, gave me paperwork to fill out, but something was telling me not to turn it in, so I didn’t.

But, on the bright side, I did have phenomenal connection there at the Tower.  Beautiful, beautiful.  She made my heart soar!  And she IS an ancient tree, despite what the so-called scientists say.  More on that later.

So I’d been at the campground for about four days, and something woke me up at 2 a.m.  I sat up in the truck, looked outside, and I see red lasers coming from two far off trees!!  I was urged to get the hell out of there at first break of light.  My instincts have been spot on, so I did exactly that, even though I had one more day reserved in that spot.

I then went to Wounded Knee to reconnect.  There’s now a young Lakota man guarding the sacred place.  Things are so bad now that people who are coming to pay their respects are being harassed, so he volunteered to guard the place.

We talked for awhile, and he mentioned that there are still many deceased not accounted for, and their remains were scattered throughout the area.

I know this will sound incredible, unbelievable even, but I have been gifted with the ability to pick up on where remains are.

I’m serious.  I would not joke about something so serious.

Since the young man mentioned he wanted to find the missing, I told him of my abilities and offered to help.  I had already picked up on one deceased while walking up towards the mass burial site.  I told him of a family – a man, a woman, and a baby in between them.  They appeared to have been shot running up the hill, away from the creek.  I also found what appeared to be another mass burial site, but on a much smaller scale, from what I could pick up on.

Yet another area that was practically yelling at me to point it out to him was an area encircled by plants.  I couldn’t really determine what was underneath, only that it was significant.

So, at first he seemed interested until his parents showed up.  They apparently thought I was a nutjob.  Soon afterwards, he started saying that Bigfoot had been seen down by the creek.  Did I believe in Bigfoot?  I said I didn’t know if Bigfoot existed, but I thought that he should be left alone.

Then he secretly calls the police on his cell.

Good Lord.

I would not have even told him what I was picking up on, but he asked, so I told him what I knew.  And he calls the police….

So yeah, I don’t know who to turn to anymore.  It would seem both white and Native think I’m ridiculous and a little nuts.  No. I only started experiencing this recently in the last decade, so no, I’m not nuts, just been gifted by God, and He doesn’t exactly give you an instruction booklet.  It’s as if God says, “here you go, have fun figuring it out.”

Okay, so after that depressing experience, I went back to the Tower, with determination to stay a week, regardless.  I had to be there.  The harassment continued, but I did stay the entire time.

I next went to the Cheyenne Reservation, because the Cheyenne had been the most friendly.  At least two of them knew of me and knew that I’m legit.

But the same thing — I stayed for awhile but it was clear that a white lady was not welcome to stay longer than a week.

The truck had suffered an issue with the brakes so I was stuck in a small town in Wyoming.  I mean I could not go anywhere because the brakes were barely stopping the vehicle.  The owner of the repair shop was very kind, however, and allowed me to stay in his campground until I could find some way to pay for the brakes ($300+) !

This is when things got really dark.  I had no way to pay for them.  I knew that the moment I got a job the gangstalking sh*t would start all over again where I would lose the job through no fault of my own…things were looking real bleak…

…I seriously just wanted to disappear into the woods never to be heard from again.

They told me someone was hiring so I applied and it looked like my luck had finally changed.  She wanted me to stay through the winter, even though it was a seasonal tourist town.  I really liked this town, and fooled myself again that I had found people who recognized what was happening and would stand up to it, but that was not to be.  The crap started all over again.  I cannot get a break from these a**holes.  Not only do they continue the gossip from place to place, sending their Nazi SS to spread the gossip, pretending to forewarn people of how dangerous a person I am, but they are actually sending the gangstalkers into the place of employment.

They have made it impossible for me to keep a job, if I am lucky enough to get hired.

So, let’s recap:  They interfered with my getting housing here in Indiana; they kept my legal tax refund; they interfered with my phone:  a person I was buying something from could not reach me — they were told the phone was a scam number; or they were told the number didn’t exist; and of course, being gangstalked after posting about the pentagram put up in a public park.  Blogged here on all of this.

I did manage to keep the job long enough to get the truck repaired.  And then I got hired again at the Biker Rally at Sturgis.  It saved me because after it happened yet again, I was not in a good state of mind.

And let me preface this with my thoughts on Biker dudes.  They’re a mixed bag, just like the rest of society.  Some of them are quite spiritual and am amazed at the depth because I had been raised to believe they were all bad people.  Nope.  I’ve seen big husky biker dudes get weepy because their grandbaby has been hospitalized.  They party hard, but they are enjoying life — they are LIVING, and embracing life — not the walking dead who tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death. (Not my words, but boy, I wish I had thought of them).

I mentioned that I met one in particular, an elder who spoke from his heart.  I was going to write an entire blog on our conversation, but checked myself.  In my enthusiasm, I forgot the bikers don’t like to be so open as I am.

On the flip side, there are some bad dudes.  There were gangstalkers who got jobs just so they could harass me, and there was a couple biker dudes who had the freemason symbol tattooed on an arm and made sure I saw it and another tattoo on his head;  a skinhead that was looking at a black dude like he wanted to start something.  I can’t even imagine what the black dude was thinking at that moment.

But generally, I enjoyed the rally.  They are good hearted folks.

So after Rally was over (too soon), I headed to California.  I had my Dad’s ashes with me, with the intention of spreading his ashes on the mountain at the Sequoia National Park.  My Dad had been raised in California, and we visited there every other year when I was growing up.  We leased a plane with two other families, and my Dad was a pilot so we flew there in the Piper Cherokee plane.  I absolutely loved flying, but barfed every single time we took off.  🙂

So when my Dad was dying of cancer, one of the last conversations we had he asked me if I wanted to go see the Big Forest.  I thought he was loopy from the pain meds, so I played along and said “yeah!”  He said he’d get the plane out and we’d go tomorrow.  I lost it at that point and had to cut the visit short.

So here I was, taking him back home.  To the exact spot where we and my favorite aunt, uncle, and cousins had visited some forty years before…I know Dad was happy.  Made me happy, too.

I was a bit shocked, even knowing about the California wildfires, at how much California had changed since the last time I had been there.

After the incident in Utah, I drove across Nevada on Route 50.  Wow, what a trip that was!  You drive for miles in the desert, in 95 degree heat, no water at any of the parks! None!  Then you would suddenly come up on a mountain, drive up to these beautiful heights of incredible scenery.  Then more desert.

So when I saw a way to get to Interstate 80, I took it!  Entering California, I was awestruck.  The big, beautiful fir trees in northern California are absolutely stunning.  Just gorgeous greenery all around you while up in the mountains.

Unfortunately, Interstate 80 has become the equivalent to the German autobahn, where everyone drives like maniacs at speeds of 80 mph in heavy traffic.  I am not exaggerating.  Even people from CA called them maniacs!  They were darting in and out of traffic, honking at people they consider too slow, even though they were driving 55 mph. ahem.  And I was driving a truck with the Purple Heart on the license plate….Interstate 80 is a Purple Heart highway!  So much for showing respect.  I really wanted to get out and just admire the beauty around me, but California has signs up all over not to park even though there were looong stretches of wide parking areas that could easily accommodate cars pulled over.  I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to stop and truly admire and breathe in the mountain air.  It was truly incredible.

So I plugged along.   Got lost, naturally.  I mean, it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t get lost at least once during a trip. 🙂

I was depressed at how different CA looked from forty years ago.  It was not the lush green land I remember all those visits.  The palm trees are not green on top, but this sickening brown.  They droop.

They have no grass to speak of.

And as I mentioned before, every time I passed a sign noting a river, I would look down, and there would be no water!!  Where are they getting their water??  It was alarming.  It’s clear they have been targeted by controlled weather modification with the fires and drought.

I eventually made it down to the Sequoias.  With no extra money besides gas and food money, I had to find out of the way places to park for the night.  Not easy to do because the Nazis have made homelessness a crime, so anyone who is driving around with crap in the car is automatically deemed homeless and suspicious and up to no good.

So the next morning, I head out to the National Park, and am nervous because of just have a bit of money left for gas and food.  I had bought a season pass for the Tower and hoped that I could get in to the Sequoias.  Nope.  I had to either buy a day’s pass or a pass that allowed me into any national park.  I didn’t have extra money, so I turned away, to go think things through.  I had driven all this way, not expecting that I would use all of the $400 in gas, but the gas prices were so high compared with everywhere else.  In comparison, it only cost me about $150 or so to drive from Indiana to Wyoming.   So I thought it would be perhaps $250 to get to CA.

But I couldn’t leave there without taking my Dad’s ashes to rest on the mountain.  So I purchased the all-park pass.

No regrets about that — it was a joyous moment to take Dad home again.  I’m just tired of always being out of money and things costing so much more whenever I go to purchase something.

So, if you read the last link, you know about yet another Indian reservation asking me to leave even though I was not on reservation land, was not bothering anyone, didn’t ask anyone for money nor did I make the mistake of telling them where their ancestors were….

When I saw the gun behind the Indian police man’s back, I got the hell out of there.  The only good thing he did was direct me to a gas station just outside of town.  But in a cutting remark, he says “even if you run out of gas, you can just coast down there, it’s all downhill from here…”  unreal. (I told them that I didn’t want to drive too much because I was about out of gas.)

I drove in there at night, not knowing if I would be met with hostility or kindness or indifference.  Thankfully, I was met with kindness.  I explained the situation to them, and asked if it was okay for me to hang out until I got my paycheck.  Yes, they said, as long as I was not obvious.

Not only that, but they made sure that I had something to eat every day.  It was a godsend because I had used some of my gas/food money to take Dad’s ashes to the mountain, so I would have no food for three days.  I thought I could deal with it because I have kept up with fasting once a week for 24 hours, but apparently my blood sugar had dropped quite a bit and my hands were shaking when he brought dinner out to me.  I was so grateful.

I offered to sweep floors or mop or clean the bathroom to pay for my food, but they refused.  So I gave them a couple rolls of toilet paper for allowing me to use the restroom.   They tried to refuse that, too, but I insisted.

They also fed stray dogs that came around and several hungry folks that lived around there.  They restored my faith in the world.  Very few people are kind nowadays.  I think I fell in love for the first time there.

One of the stray dogs appeared to have been abused.  She was extremely jumpy.  If you raised your hand to feed her some food, she would duck as if you were going to hit her.  It was clear that she had been around someone who beat her.  But she seemed to trust me, and the day before I left, she finally came close enough to allow me to pet her.  And then she came and laid down next to the truck.  I was elated.  She trusted me.  It appeared she had been nursing a pup, so I was happy that she was being taken care of.  And I knew that after I left, they would continue to take care of her.

So I got my check after what seemed like an eternity.  Oh, by the way, the sheriff cars were coming by every half hour to hour, too.  Yep, it never stops.

I headed back to Indiana.  Stopped to see the Petrified Forest in Arizona.  There aren’t many of the trees around, but the ones there are magnificent.  Now, it’s not a forest as in green trees in huge bunches, but an ancient remnant of a once lush forest.  The trees have fallen down and the most beautiful colors developed in their trunks.

Apparently, the trees absorbed salt and minerals to create these tree trunks full of color.

And they’re stones now.  Which kind of flies in the face of denying the Tower in Wyoming is an ancient tree.  Because then they would have to explain why she was cut down. And who did it. Hmmm….

While on my way out of Arizona, I had the treat of a taco prepared by a Navajo (Dine) abuela (grandma).  Best taco ever.

The rest was pretty uneventful until reaching Indiana.

I thought on the way back which part was my favorite?

I would have to answer “ALL of it”.











9/11 Eye of Horus Ground Zero **edited

via 9/11 Eye of Horus Ground Zero

Please click on the fake nooz link up above, as well, to see how 9/11 was a controlled demolition.  Architects and demolition experts both agree that it was a deliberate act, but not the way that it was presented, nor WHO did it.

My personal belief is that it was a combination of  Israelis, and the nazis in our own government, including Dick Cheney.

It really saddens me.  Everyone and everything I thought I knew from my childhood on was fake.  I am beginning to wonder if nearly everyone is a satanist.  Very few kind people anymore.

And you remember the two women following me around the Tower in Wyoming?

One of them I had picked up on in sensing her essence and a vision of her prior to going out West.  It was very strong when in Wyoming.

Dick Cheney is in Wyoming.

It was his daughter, Mary Cheney.  She and her lover followed me around that day and stopped every time I stopped and when I turned around and stared at her, she kind of laughed and actually waived at me, like it was a big joke for her to stalk someone.

I just wanted to pray and be left alone in peace.  She disrupted that and thought the whole thing was funny.  It is so galling how they think they have a right to invade your privacy, your life,  and bother you when praying.

And yes, I have sensed Dick Cheney, too, when I was in Wyoming, so this isn’t out in left field.  It only confirmed it was Mary Cheney.

WTH?  Why would my little blog be such a threat to them?  Well, I must be on target and I must have made some impact for it to be a threat.

If I had known this when starting the blog, I would have never done it.  It was a relief valve for me when I started seeing changes in the country that were against the Constitution….which also died on 9/11.

Nazi America began on 9/11…and according to Cheney, it was going to take “another Pearl Harbor” to turn this country into a police state.  And after having a gun pulled on me for sitting in my truck not bothering ANYONE, they have achieved their goals.



Testimony of Directed Energy victims

Website here. Video is below.  It’s a dog and pony show where Obama, like FDR, seeks to placate victims by organizing this panel that can clearly give a sh*t about how they are suffering.  At one point, the MC is heard snickering to another panel member.

At the end, they are trying to shut down the conversation when more people wanted to testify.  A security guard appears out of nowhere and stands in front of them.  WTH?

This panel was convened in 2011.  Nothing has been done to stop this illegal, immoral activity.  Like I have stated before, these people are immoral satanists and they are a part of it.  EVERYTHING these people are testifying about I have personally experienced.

The last two women to testify particularly troubled me because they mirrored so much of what I and my family have experienced.

Millicent Black testified about multi-generational targeting.  Father was admitted to a national hospital (the VA?) for pineal gland cancer, but left with a plate in the back of his head.  She questions this because the pineal gland is in the front of the head.  She states that her father experienced horrendous treatment at the nursing home associated with the hospital.  She brought suit but a judge told her attorneys to drop the case.

I also suspect that my Dad was experimented on at the Indianapolis VA.  I had a vision after his passing that he fell on the floor of the hospital and the nursing staff stood around him, laughing as he lie there helplessly.  I recall that when my sister and I were visiting him, there were several staffers including a physician, who kept walking past the door, looking in nervously.  I didn’t understand at the time, but now it seems they were trying to see if Dad was telling us about their cruel treatment.  I know that on a couple occasions, it was difficult to speak with Dad.  And one time when I did talk to him, he quickly hung up the phone when a staffer came in the room.

Plus there was the thievery of the nursing home owner of Dad’s things.  And her taking out four life insurance policies out on my Dad.  We called attorneys in Indianapolis and locally.  Nobody would help us.

Millicent makes the remark that she feels this is directed at blacks.  No, sweetie, don’t make this about black/whites because as you see by the testimony, whites are being targeted too.  I am an example of that, too.  They try to pit us against one another so we won’t see that we’re both victims and could join together to fight the bastards.

The last testimony hit home the hardest.

Connie Marshall, also a black woman, former mayoral candidate of Louisville KY.  Never involved in any criminal activity, like me.  Found a note in her BANK file that said no one should answer any questions until they consulted with federal government about her file.  8 year victim of directed energy/surveillance.

—body overheating

—body extremely cold

—heart pain. heart racing.


—itching behind eyes.  eyes burning.

—hair falling out like she had chemo. (look at the white light they have put in front of the sun. This is particularly noticeable as the sun rises.  It will be a natural orange color and then morph into an unnatural white light.  The sun is NOT white, but yellow.  We are being radiated.)

—involuntary movement of limbs.


—speeding heart rate

—being placed in a hypnotized trance state

—tracked by drone

—sleep deprivation

—voice 2 skull (V2K)  voices in your head

—muscle spasms

—being made to fall down

—sexual stimulation.  (being made to feel you want sex when you don’t)

I can confirm EVERYTHING she has said.  I have experienced all of it.  And we don’t know one another.  How is it possible that we could describe the exact same symptoms if it were not true?

The saddest part is that Obama is a part of this.  As I was watching the video, I thought about how he signed into law forced vaccination just before he left office and how we got over 100,000 signatures on a petition to the Obama White House against it.  We were completely ignored and Obama used the opportunity to promote Big Pharma.

So this commission was another disruptor to weaken people’s speaking up for their right to autonomy.

And what is really infuriating is they keep couching it in the terms of “research”.  NOBODY has the right to experiment on anyone!!  THIS IS NOT RESEARCH.   It is a planned destruction of people’s bodies, minds, and eventually their souls.  It is satanic.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

Be gone from here.

Be gone from here.

Be gone from here.



**edited to add this comment on a book by a CIA operative Robert Duncan.  I don’t trust ANYONE from the CIA.  Nobody leaves that organization without punishment.  But I was reading the comments and this one just resounded with me:

Robert Duncan’s books about the bad guys are mostly true. I am a TI. I was kicked out of NSA after a background check revealed I was a religious pacifist…and that because I believe Jesus was a pacifist…after they fired me because of religion they continued to follow me around and made many entrapment attempts…and even one framing attempt…not sure why…maybe they were afraid I would sue them…the funniest entrapment attempt was when I blogged that I dug Thor. The very next day a fed with a blonde beard kept trying to catch my attention in Panera Bread…I just ignored him..Unable to get me to sin with porn mail and sleasy agents they began to attack me under MK Uktra in which they have tried to give me strokes and heart attacks. Their main focus seems to get everyone to sin, and when they can’t, they enjoy torturing the person to death. Making a person homeless is part of it. They especially like to fry you when you are doing good deeds. They mock you with devastating comments, like, “Why doesn’t your god defend you?” I was a librarian and learned nothing of fed covert ops while at antichrist central. What I have learned from their entrapment attempts after being kicked out: they can read your email, your blogs, they see what you google and what web pages you look at, they know what you watch on tv, they send out porn to try to entrap you…your yahoo news page may be heavily edited…your blogs may be deleted…or you may be blogging on the dark web, so that you will be the only person to see what you write…they can put wireless pinhole cameras everywhere, even in the forest, they can track you using not only by your batteryless cell phone but by your car keys as well, they can put microwave guns in your car and furniture to fry you…(did they think this up at Family Home Evening?)…they put stuff in your drinks…they pretend to be your congressman or senator…(this is why only God can destroy them)…some of the bigger stars you see at night are really drones equipped with infrared…whar is ma laser?!? Staticot fiber blocks their emf…And when the antichrist get bored with r-ping you, they turn their equipment at Lockheed Martin over to computers on weekends, federal holidays and the midnight to 8 shift, Texas time. Your fate in the hands of a souless machine with no one to hear you scream. Right, Comey? Right, Keith? Thanks for the porn. What did satan offer you?

Yes…what did satan offer you?  I would say that YOU are satan’s useful idiots because he makes promises that will not be kept.  When you are done being useful, satan will no longer need you to do his dirty work, and you will be treated the same as the rest of us who stood up against evil.

Please don’t kill the plants **edited

Just because some snooty botanist calls something a weed does not mean the Creator made a mistake.

On the contrary, the things labeled as weeds have medicine in them just as favored plants do.  We were given everything we need to heal our bodies, minds, and souls.

Purslane is a good detoxer, plus it has effects to lubricate your insides.

Dandelions have Vitamin A and C and cancer fighting properties, as they are now being used in cancer treatments.  Too bad they are still using toxins like chemo and radiation.

Poke berries.  Every single website, save one, proclaimed these as toxic and not to eat them.  They are ripening now and I grabbed some for making wine.  I did this last year, drank it, and…lived to tell about it!!  So there.  Further proof that people who call themselves experts are clueless.  Big Pharma doesn’t like it when you use God’s creation to heal yourself…

**edited to add:  I found a great testimonial on a pokeberry website and a video on poke sallet (no, not salad, but sallet, a dish)–

  • Joyce August 10, 2015, 11:57 pm

    Hi James Crawford Pitts,
    From long personal experience of ingesting poke & being told that pokeberries were poison, I can answer your question. What we preferred to pick was shoots (which I describe as short stalks displaying some leaves, but not necessarily unfurled or open)is very similar to asparagus spears, as being the most tasty. Parboil and eat the young stems or stalks with leaves. We never used more than 1 short early boil to wilting point followed with draining & rinsing, and then proceeded to cook it in manner of choice. Young leaves unfurled and even as I learned from my son, who is now 55 years old, picking new tender leaves from older plants also is safe to eat, as long as you follow the parboil, drain & rinse, then cook. My family always enjoyed these 1st spring greens to appear. I can remember my mother making poke stalk patties, but never fixed them this way myself, but ate my share of them. I don’t recall parboiling them first, but any fritter or patty recipe & frying should work.
    Recall one year when we had an abundance of poke sallet growing in a freshly bulldozed acreage, and did we have a ball with harvesting that. We ate poke shoots and stalks, older ones with more leaves, but still shied away from red stems or stalks. Froze about 50 quarts of poke sallet that year & enjoyed poke all winter long. With such an abundance of white poke stalks, hit on the idea of making poke stalk pickles (used a dill pickle recipe from the Ball canning book), no parboiling and my young children ate them like candy. Fifty or more pints did not last through the winter.
    One of our favorite recipes for poke when leaves were more prominent with less stalk was to let parboil stage run a few minutes longer, drain and rinse. Put bacon grease in cast iron skillet and put parboiled poke in, then beat eggs as to scramble while poke is heating up and pour over the poke in the skillet, stirring frequently while beaten eggs cook. Some of that crumbled bacon does enhance the flavor somewhat.
    Now lets talk about those poison poke berries. A bout of what was probably a bad bout of gouty arthritis that had me moving like molasses in January – very slowly – as even my ribs hurt when I breathed. On the advice of a very near and dear woman, I started taking poke berries that fall – after a discussion re their being poison and her telling me that they never hurt her aunt who had taken them for arthritis pain as long as she could remember, and was then in her middle to late 80’s. I reminded this dear lady that if her poke berries killed me, she had to finish raising my children for me. When she didn’t back down after that bit of information, I watched my pokeweed closely and started taking them as soon as they ripened. However she didn’t know how many poke berries she took at a time or how often, so I had to work out that for myself. For the more daring ones who trust God’s medicine more than man’s, my advice is to start by taking 4 or 5 pokeberries at a time, 4 times per day and add a berry or 2 each day until you notice some improvement. The most likely side effect that might occur is some loose bowel movements. If this occurs, decrease the berries until it stops and hold the number of berries at that level 4 times per day.
    When I first started taking pokeberries, my advisor told me that her aunt dehydrated the berries that ripened faster than she needed to take them, so again I followed her aunt’s wisdom. Since then I have gone on line to learn how to make a tincture or extract of herbs, which the poke berries are. Simple to do, a little time involved and also a little messy when straining the pulp and seeds our of your tincture or extract. My youngest child probably was less than 2 years old when I first started taking poke berries and I am still here to tell you and all others interested in good health about it, so get off your duff and get out there and pick those pokeberries.
    Found a brother of mine suddenly limping badly with a walker and asked him what was going on. He replied that he had the gout in his foot and the doctor told him he nothing more to offer, so he would just have to live with it. After a long discussion, I told him that I had a healthy crop of pokeberries still ripe and I would bring him some if he would use them. Had more trouble talking him into eating asparagus (since this doctor had told him that it was bad for the gout), until I told him that the asparagus was bad for the gout, but it was good for him. He made a trip to the grocery for the asparagus, and the next morning I carried him a bag full of pokeberries and instructions of how to use them. Three days later he was walking fine without the walker and was one happy pain free camper.
    As for that poisonous root, had a relative ask me for any natural remedy for scabies (itch), so I asked if she knew what poke sallet was and got a positive answer. Told her to dig some poke root. cover it with water and boil for 5 to 15 minutes. Throw root out and let water cool before applying it all over the body, leaving it on for a short period and shower off. Later asked her if it worked since I had only read about it myself. Her reply was that it worked just as she had hoped, but it sure did feel like she was on fire when she applied it to her skin – reports of any problem except for the initial discomfort of being on fire.
    Have also read of at least one person who makes a poke root tincture or extract, but don’t recall what she used it for. My guess would be that if poke root water kills off scabies, it should also kill off head or body lice and probably internal parasites also. But if I were using the root extract, it would be in 1 or 2 drops in a glass of water 4 times a day and building up to point of noticing a difference, whether it was improvement or undesired side effect. If the difference was an improvement, you might increase by another drop or if an undesired side effect, decrease a drop or 2 until it stops.


I loooove these testimonials that fly in the face of the so-called experts who just repeat what they are told instead of doing their own investigations!  It is especially intriguing that this plant is thought to fight against parasites and HIV, which we know was lab created, along with Lyme.

I tried to make poke wine again, but it wasn’t cooperating, so I made it into an 1700 drink called shrub — video below.  I really like the idea of using this instead of pop drinks.  Very healthy with raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar PLUS the fresh berries.  I had some possum berries that I made my first shrub with, and mixed it with mineral water — wow, it was delicious!

I’ve drank pokeberry juice and eaten raw pokeberries the past two days.  So there.



Here’s the video on poke sallet.  I had to try this and it is DELICIOUS.  The leaves become crispy with the yummy bacon grease.  Definitely comfort food!


First of all, I like that this guy looks like he’s ex-military and…he enjoys cooking…and he’s down-home folk who keep traditions alive.  I love that.  He mentions his nana had a recipe, but unfortunately, nobody got the recipe from her before she passed.  That has got to be the saddest part of what has happened to us — women, especially older women, are not valued for their wisdom and making simple things like dinner warm and comforting.  They really did a number on us with the feminist movement degrading all things that nurtured and comforted, and therefore healed us.

Speaking of nana’s…I never had the wonderful benefit of a nana.  One nana died before I was ever born, and the other nana was waaay out in California, so I never got to know her or listen to her wise words.

So….I found this wonderful lady on youtube looking for ideas on cooking on a budget.  Instead, with her warmth, she helps me find comfort in today’s world.  Perhaps she will comfort some of you, too:





I’ve posted this before, but after what I witnessed in California, Nevada, and Arizona, the disappearing water is alarming.  I would cross bridge after bridge with a sign for a river, and look down….there is no water!!  Or, like the Belle Fourche river, it is now a glorified stream that barely resembles the once magnificent flow of water.  You can see the former banks of the river from years past.  I drove across Nevada on Route 50, and there was not a drop of water to be found in any of the public parks along the way.  NONE.  This was many hours in 95 -100 degree heat.

I wonder WHERE the cities are getting their water??  If the river is dried up, where are they sourcing the water from??

Just try going without water for a day.

The significance of Standing Rock becomes more apparent as time goes on.
The video below is by the actor A Martinez, who was there.  Funny thing — I saw him there, and thought, “Hey, that guy looks like A Martinez”  Haha.
I am in this video, too, but reluctant to point out.  There’s a point where the effort to communicate becomes about attention seeking.  I try not to do that because it’s a tool of satan — self-centeredness.
It is good to see the camp again. I still remember that full moon rising into the night sky and the grandmothers who helped me along on my path. Does my soul good to see and feel the Creator’s presence when I view the camp again.
A Martinez is the only actor there that was there to truly help.  The others — ALL of the others, including Jane Fonda, are there as disruptors.  That is, they were there to weaken the movement, not strengthen it.  As I go along with my learning, I realize that with every good thing, every good organization, every act of compassion, satan sends in his own to weaken, to disrupt, to spread fear, to infiltrate.
I had an interesting conversation with an elder at the Biker Rally in South Dakota.  I’ll post the entire story in a separate post, but we touched on something —  he mentioned that during the Depression, people were gathering together, gaining strength, and there was going to be a revolution.  FDR stopped it with the New Deal.
In my research on freemasons, I discovered Roosevelt was a mason.  It didn’t make sense that he would try to help the poor through the New Deal.  The elder helped make things clearer by telling me there was going to be a revolution….Roosevelt didn’t really want to help the poor, but he would rather stop a revolution against the evil ones.  So they helped enough of the people through the New Deal that a revolution was thwarted.  With their tummies full, the people were quieted.
George Soros, aka Schwartz, had people there at Standing Rock to disrupt and spread fear.  He has been behind every faux movement, including Ferguson Missouri.  It’s getting easy to spot with printed signs.  Growing up in the 60s, you never saw printed signs.  Everybody made their own and some were pretty cool and imaginative.
I have also seen a vision of Soros giving orders to Hillary Clinton.  So now you know who her boss is…and in the link below,  there is a video where Soros/Schwartz declares killing Jews during one summer was the best year.
Another gift from my Helpers is getting my hands on the book The Holcroft Covenant by Robert Ludlum.  It was written in 1979, when I was a junior in high school.  If I had read it back then, I would have put it down as fiction and not given it a second thought.  I thought this would never happen in America.  We were a nation of compassion, generosity, and fairness.
However, reading it now sends chills down my spine as it is apparent that the children of the third reich were placed all over the world, with money stolen from the Jews, the gypsies, and the others who stood up against the evil and were put to death.  What I have seen indicates the Fourth Reich is here.  Now.
The first half of the video here seems like Kroft is doing a promotional piece on Soros/Schwartz, so if you want to skip to the part where he says he has no guilt about stealing property, it starts about 8:00 minutes in.
Incredibly, his excuse was that someone else was going to steal it, so therefore he has no guilt or remorse.
At 13:19, Kroft states that Soros/Schwartz really does think he is God.  It’s King Nebuchadnezzar all over again….satan thinking he is God again. He claims because he has money, he therefore is not God, but methinks otherwise.  Someone like him who is manipulating people, organizations, money, and the world DOES believe he has the right to do so…therefore, he thinks he is God.
And I know that I am going to pay for this post, but I’m going to print it anyway.  Pray for me.

Rwanda was another Nazi scheme

As I touch on here, the Rwanda massacre was a planned event.  It was a repeat of Nazi evil tactics of isolating people as “others” to make them targets.

The Nazis called them useless eaters.

They called the fools attacking the targets as useful idiots.

When I was in California, I was listening to a conservative radio program on AM 580 with a man and woman with this conversation:

Male:  There’s an abandoned building near this little old lady.  Homeless people have taken residence and you KNOW how THEY are:  partying all night, drinking, smoking pot — I mean, you can smell it — and they are aggressively panhandling the surrounding neighbors.  One of the older women in the neighborhood was approached by one of them and picked up her dog and ran…

Female:  Can’t the police do anything about it??

Male:  My elderly friend  — well, I can’t call her elderly, but she is retired.  (So he lied about her age to make her appear more frail and the homeless more threatening.) She called the police, but since it’s private property, they cannot do anything.  (Um, yes they can if the OWNER of the property asks them to.  And as my example yesterday points out, police are frighteningly aggressive towards someone they perceive as homeless.  Pulling a gun on me for NOT doing anything to anyone is scary as hell.


In the days prior to this scripted conversation aimed at garnering support to hate the homeless, I heard part of a story claiming that there were now poop patrols because the homeless were pooping on the sidewalks.  I didn’t catch where this was and other important details.

But there is no way that a sane person is going to do this.  So if a homeless person is pooping on the sidewalk, which I doubt without proof of where this is happening, that person is probably mentally ill.  Keep in mind that it was conservatives like Mitch Daniels and Ronald Reagan who closed down mental hospitals and turned the mentally ill out on the street.

And another point that I cannot stress enough is that the majority of the homeless folks that I have met are not mentally ill!  Like the video of the homeless of Hurricane Harvey, people have a false perception that the homeless are mentally ill.  They are not.  Not only that, a mentally ill person does not deserve this kind of treatment.

When listening to both of these radio broadcasts,  the movie Hotel Rwanda popped into my head.  It was by radio propaganda that they portrayed the Tutsi as cockroaches to create hatred towards them.  These innocent people were massacred.

I see the same thing happening now with the propaganda against the homeless.