Disrupted Physician: Moral Crusades

He has a good post up here on not only the medical profession, but all of America and the World. Those physicians who truly want to heal people are in direct conflict with the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, whose own executives have been quoted to state that they wanted EVERYONE to be on a drug.

I believe strongly that the Creator gave us everything we need to be healthy.  The body is a walking miracle that can heal itself given the proper plant (medicine), diet (food designed by the Creator, not bio-engineered), clean water, clean air, fasting, and coffee enemas when we are toxic.

I have prayed for help for those folks who believe they are doing good works, but in reality helping satan, to get the information they need so they can ask the right questions so that they see what they are really doing is a bad thing, and to turn it around, re-connect with God, the Creator, and stop doing whatever they are doing that is helping satan.

This isn’t satan’s first rodeo, and he is much more clever than we have been taught.  We have been impaired physically (toxins), spiritually (infiltrating every good aspect of culture so that we lose hope), and emotionally (no nurturing) so that satan can prevent our connecting with the spiritual and with the Creator and with each other’s goodness and so messed up with toxins that we lose physical stamina and strength and the ability to connect with God.

My own experience with being toxic from mercury poisoning proved to me that if our bodies are very toxic, it directly interferes with our ability to feel God’s presence.  I didn’t feel God’s presence, so I lost my belief in God, the Creator, at that point in my life.  And as I have detoxed, I have felt God, the Creator’s, presence grow more strongly as the toxins leave my body.  And as my spirituality has grown stronger, I have been more fiercely attacked by those helping satan.   This cannot be a coincidence.  It did come as a surprise, however, because I mistakenly believed that as I grew more spiritually stronger, that it would keep the evil away.  However, that has not been the case and I was unprepared for that.

I was taught that bad things happened because God, the Creator was punishing us…but that is not the case at all.  I just want to emphasize that for those who are also experiencing it and are confused, too.  It’s taken me a long time to understand that it was satan behind the bad stuff happening, and that I have to stay connected to God the Creator through all of this.  This is not to say that I don’t have my down days where I wonder where God is…I think that it a normal emotion during these rough times.  Keep the faith, my friends.






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