The sweetest thing…

In the midst of the evil surrounding me, I take every opportunity to see the good, too.

Today I saw the sweetest sight and wanted to post something positive for a change…

I’m driving along the rolling plains and see a cowboy (yes, an actual cowboy, sans horse, but a real one, nevertheless), and I smile at a joke I made with another lady saying “I saw him first (after seeing broad-shouldered cowboys in a restaurant) …” haha.

Anyhoo, I keep going along, and there is grandpa cowboy with a baby riding on his hip…obviously his grandchild.  Brought tears to my eyes.  🙂  So sweet a picture…and this little one content as could be with grandpa (and grandma probably at home cooking the noontime meal).

…and then I think of the Indians who felt the same way with their families.  I just wish that we all could have shared this land instead of  fighting over it.  And I wish those that came would have followed the Indians’ lead in taking care of her, as they had for 10,000 years.




Spearfish and gangstalking and Mary Magdalene

So…I was in Spearfish, South Dakota, yesterday afternoon.  I’m walking down the main street, minding my own business, when a young creep in a truck going down the street is banging his fist on the side of the truck in a native drum beat, while mimicking native singing.  Unreal.

I have a feather I wear, trying to keep my connection to God, the Creator, and twice I got the look-up-and-down-like-I-am-scum from two women.  One of which was in an organic food store…so much for progressives.  Pshaw.

So this isn’t a self pity thing — I just want you all to know what is going on so if something happens, you will know the truth behind the lies.

With that, I need to talk about what happened last week, on Friday the 13th.  I have TV in my motel room, so I am getting the fake nooz again.  I’m watching CNN and they have a guy on there talking about the FBI agent Strzok who was being peppered with questions by the corporate controlled Congress.  Three times this guy says “purple heart”.  (yes, I have a point, keep reading).

Next, they say there is a *cough* “new” way to get information through cyber-stalking….and they call it….SPEAR phishing.  They also say this three times.

Spear-Phish?  Or code for Spearfish?

Remember folks, in Communications theory, you are supposed to repeat things three times in order for your idea to reach people.

Spearfish, S.D. has a masonic temple. (Even the little town I’m in, less than 400 people, has a masonic temple.)  They also have a brand new restaurant called…wait for it…RED water.  RED is capitalized, just like I have it, in blood red.  Have you all noticed the newscasters have either black or red on??  And yesterday, I forget which station, there were two men with Harvest Gold ties on either side of the female newscaster.  (Sorry I can’t remember, I was flipping back and forth).

I have a purple heart on my license plate by a vet who was injured in Vietnam.  And I have to go to Spearfish every couple of weeks, which the Watchers know.

So…needless to say, the fake term of Spear-phishing and Purple Heart set off my alarms.  It can’t be coincidence that I am also harassed in Spearfish two different times so far.  Two weeks ago, I was followed around by a solid gold truck.  He also showed up in this small town some 50 miles away, following me into work one day.  I kid you not.  Is his truck Harvest Gold for a reason?

My post on gangstalking, if you are new here and unfamiliar with what is going on right under our noses.

At any rate, the twirp who banged his fist and mocked the native drum and song…what is your problem?  Nobody asked your opinion on my beliefs. And I will not apologize nor back down because God, the Creator, has led me down this path.  I will only answer to God, the Creator, when I pass this physical life, not you.

In fact, traditional Indians are very reluctant to talk about their beliefs.  From my own experience, the Creator will show you things and enlighten you in the right time.  Which has been very frustrating to this impatient gal, believe me. 🙂

Onto other related topics —

I’m watching a *cough* documentary on Mary Magdalene on the History channel.  I have seen the bias and propaganda of the channel, so I go in with mind on alert questioning everything I am told.  For one thing, the woman they interviewed had dyed black hair, black fingernail polish, and total black clothing.    Even though she said she was a supporter of the truth of Mary Magdalene coming out, I am not sure by the way she was dressed.  Given that satanists love to mix the sacred with the profane, here and here, I am just not sure how to take this woman.

Anyhoo, the shocking part of this story is that there are Catholics in Provence, France, that hold a celebration of Mary Magdalene every year….with her skull on display.  Now, if you saw the movie DaVinci Code, it misled people to believe that Mary Magdalene was buried under the pyramid at the Louvre Art Gallery, the former residence of the King of France.  Now this documentary was making the claim that not only was that not true, but they had her skeleton and her head had been detached.

Her head has been detached.

Where have we seen this before?  Skull and Bones who have the head of Geronimo and refuse to give it back to the natives?  Or how about the dark followers of John the Baptist, who keep his skull and worship it??

This treatment of Mary Magdalene makes me sick to my stomach.  She was a disciple of Jesus.  Even if you don’t believe she and Jesus were married, can you imagine any of the disciples being beheaded with their skulls on display?  They frame it as a celebration, but in the documentary, the woman follower of the Magdalene stated that it was not about her as the Sacred Feminine, but as a prostitute who was saved.

It makes me wonder if Mary Magdalene truly got some peace and retreated to a cave as is the tradition…or if the evil ones caught up to her and beheaded her?  The evil ones would not want the public to know if they had done this evil deed.  I think if this is true, it would be the reason the Pope tried to get the public to believe the Magdalene was a prostitute.  She would not garner public sympathy if they could trash her reputation.  And I should note that the feast of Mary Magdalene is July 22nd, in case you didn’t know.

Same with Marie Antoinette, whom also was beheaded, with her head put upon a pike for public display.  The comment “let them eat cake” was uttered by a courtesan (court whore) many years before…NOT Marie Antoinette.  She actually was not accepted by the snooty French nobility at the time because she had been raised in a more austere royal family in Austria.

And let’s not forget Jeanne of Arc, also of France, who also went up against those claiming moral superiority, as was burned at the stake.  After which, her heart was found unharmed.  It was still alive.  They did not take this as a sign that they had just burned a sacred woman at the stake…but instead lit another fire to burn her heart.

How many women have to die before people wake up?






Disrupted Physician: Moral Crusades

He has a good post up here on not only the medical profession, but all of America and the World. Those physicians who truly want to heal people are in direct conflict with the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, whose own executives have been quoted to state that they wanted EVERYONE to be on a drug.

I believe strongly that the Creator gave us everything we need to be healthy.  The body is a walking miracle that can heal itself given the proper plant (medicine), diet (food designed by the Creator, not bio-engineered), clean water, clean air, fasting, and coffee enemas when we are toxic.

I have prayed for help for those folks who believe they are doing good works, but in reality helping satan, to get the information they need so they can ask the right questions so that they see what they are really doing is a bad thing, and to turn it around, re-connect with God, the Creator, and stop doing whatever they are doing that is helping satan.

This isn’t satan’s first rodeo, and he is much more clever than we have been taught.  We have been impaired physically (toxins), spiritually (infiltrating every good aspect of culture so that we lose hope), and emotionally (no nurturing) so that satan can prevent our connecting with the spiritual and with the Creator and with each other’s goodness and so messed up with toxins that we lose physical stamina and strength and the ability to connect with God.

My own experience with being toxic from mercury poisoning proved to me that if our bodies are very toxic, it directly interferes with our ability to feel God’s presence.  I didn’t feel God’s presence, so I lost my belief in God, the Creator, at that point in my life.  And as I have detoxed, I have felt God, the Creator’s, presence grow more strongly as the toxins leave my body.  And as my spirituality has grown stronger, I have been more fiercely attacked by those helping satan.   This cannot be a coincidence.  It did come as a surprise, however, because I mistakenly believed that as I grew more spiritually stronger, that it would keep the evil away.  However, that has not been the case and I was unprepared for that.

I was taught that bad things happened because God, the Creator was punishing us…but that is not the case at all.  I just want to emphasize that for those who are also experiencing it and are confused, too.  It’s taken me a long time to understand that it was satan behind the bad stuff happening, and that I have to stay connected to God the Creator through all of this.  This is not to say that I don’t have my down days where I wonder where God is…I think that it a normal emotion during these rough times.  Keep the faith, my friends.





Continuing the harassment

So the harassment is continuing when I go to pray at the Tower (Sacred Tree of Life).

It’s getting worse where they are not content to follow me in my vehicle, but are now following me around the Tower as I try to pray.

Two women in particular followed me for the entire way, a two hour hike, if you go slow like me.  They stopped every time I stopped.  I mean EXACTLY where  I stopped.  Finally, after the third or fourth time it happened, I turned around and gave them a dirty look, staring at them.

The worst part of this is that they knew I was driving my boss’s vehicle.  I had only asked to borrow her vehicle the day before.  Someone I worked with had to have given them notice in order for them to know I was driving the vehicle, and organize the gangstalking.

Please pray for me.  Please pray for the Tree of Life to be restored.