Intimidation and being strong and connected to the Creator

I’m going to start using the Creator for God because apparently satan has co-opted God’s name as himself.  He actually believes he is god.  Nope. Not by a long shot.  I think satan has manipulated people into thinking that he will raise them from the dead, as Schroeder asserted in the apothoesis.  But only the Creator can raise someone’s spirit after they pass from the physical world.  Only the Creator will decide what happens to one’s spirit.  Not satan!

And I can assure you that your spirit does go on.  Where it goes depends on what you do here on Earth.  And if you are willing to stand against satan even while he is using people to humiliate you, torture you, and even kill you.  From my understanding, the Creator has noted those who stand against satan and they will get to come back to earth again when the Creator comes again to sweep the evil from the earth.

Matthew 24 tells Jesus’ vision of the end times.  He emphasizes staying faithful to the Creator until the end.  Even if your body dies, your spirit does not, and I believe that the Creator will allow you to come back to earth once He cleanses the earth of all evil.

Stay connected to the Creator at all times.  Be thankful for every bite of food, every drink of water, every breath, every sunrise, every rainfall (natural rain, not manufactured rain).  See the Creator’s spirit in everything that is natural, and treat it with respect.


Right in front of our faces…

So last Christmas, I was at the local drug store picking up some things when I got in my vehicle, I looked across the street and see a star projected onto the building next to it.  It looked like a pentagram, but I shook it off because I thought “…it’s a Christmas display, so I am mistaken…” I didn’t give it much thought afterwards.  (I had not realized that the evil ones like to mix the sacred with the profane, as Stephen Schroeder has asserted.)

But then I was at the same drug store and look across the street and see it again….and realize that it is indeed a pentagram!!  In a public park FUNDED BY PUBLIC GRANTS.

I went by there last night and it is STILL being lit at night with the sickening satanic symbol onto the building next door.  No worries about the business next door being trespassed upon…by the plaque proudly proclaiming who contributed to this evil, this business has funded it.  Along with that are prominent people:  Lions, Elks, the mayor, and a bank president.  This particular bank has an upside down star on its logo.  I kid you not.  I noticed it awhile back, but thought they perhaps did not know its significance.  But then I see the bank president’s name prominently displayed on the plaque underneath the pentagram….hard to believe he does not know its significance.  He obviously is a willing participant. Along with the Economic Development Foundation of this county.  And the local communications company, which showcases a video talking about this park –a video that sneakily moves around the pentagram so folks cannot see what they have planned.  Every time the video is in the area of the pentagram, the camera angle is such to evade detection.

It is so bold.  The freemasons/illuminati have a hold on this city/county, but I don’t believe that most folks here go along with it.  But they have infiltrated positions of power and finance to control and push their views upon the majority.

I always wondered why Bill clinton came here to campaign for killary.  He was in good company, apparently.

Only God, the Creator knows a person’s heart, but if one stands by and allows evil to go on without resistance, one is as bad as the evil ones themselves.  That is why things are so bad right now.  Don’t think that you can sit on the fence.  As someone said — satan owns the fence.


April 19th **edited

…seems to be a day of violence.

The video below is long, but worth the time.  I understood very little about Waco when it happened.  Two things leapt out at me:  these were religious people and they were portrayed as fanatics…but no evidence to prove that is provided…it’s all gossip;  Secondly,I kept asking “why?”  why attack these people with such violence?  If they were as armed as ATF said, why couldn’t they defend their home?  And then the more horrifying thought comes:  they were not armed as stated, and they were attacked by false flag reasons.

**edited to clarify:  Methinks the real reason is bill and hillary clinton wanted to keep those men who were the bodyguards during the campaign from disclosing…what? that they are satanists?  Or they could testify to some criminal activity the bodyguards witnessed?  The execution style shooting of them was done by the mercenaries amongst them, in my opinion, especially after witnessing the man being shot at by his own people.

This was, in my opinion, the beginning of the shadow government that infiltrated our chosen government.  This was the beginning of the destruction of the good folks within.


At 27:56 – 28:02 in the video, it appears that an agent is shot by own men;

Then these men were killed:  Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan, Robert J Williams,
Steven Willis, three of whom were bill clintons campaign bodyguards.

Williams, Willis, and  LeBleu   “…had almost identical wounds — a shot to the left temple that exited through the rear of the head, execution style”

31:00 talk about agent in body bag, but looking at video footage at 42:45, it appears to be a dummy — similar to those in the false flags being staged now, like Boston bombing, where they are shown pushing a dummy in a wheelchair down the street.

42:35 – reporter beaten.  This is when we had a real news reporters, folks.  Remember those days?

April 19th was the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  Terrence Yeakey, an police officer, saw something that did not fit the narrative and he was murdered for not going along.  They say it was a controlled demolition, like the World Trade Centers and Building 7.


April 19th, 1948 is also the date that Israel was formed by the Kharzans, who are not Jewish by DNA blood tests.  The Palestinians, ironically, have more Jewish DNA than those claiming Jewish heritage.  The Kharzans, as I wrote in the previous blog, are from an ancient country of satanists who Russia commanded they quit.  They murdered the Russian Czar and then pretended to become Jewish, while continuing to practice satanic beliefs.  They ended up with Israel as their state.

I have to emphatically state that this is NOT all Jews!  Some Jews are of God, and some are calling themselves Jews while worshiping satan in secret.


The Honey Trap and freemason Indy **edited

The Honey Trap is a CIA or FBI term to entrap someone by pulling a bait-and-switch where a person is being misled into something the opposite of their intent.  This is done to ruin their reputation so that no one will listen to them.

Michelle Obama was supposedly entrapped by a honey trap while still First Lady.  There’s not a lot of information on it, only that it happened.

Twice now I have clicked on a story on the internet, only to pull up something completely different.  The first time, I clicked on a news story, and a picture of a naked woman popped up.  It happened again the other day where I clicked on a story about Mueller, and something completely different was pulled up.  I quickly clicked out of it.

…and again men in black have visited someone that I purchased something from.  I went to purchase a Warre beehive for cheap…apparently beehives are tools of a terrorist…??

Something else that has come on my radar is that Israeli intelligence is very much a part of all of this, along with Saudi Arabia and those of satan in our own government.

**edited to add:  when I was at Standing Rock, there was an Israeli woman there who said all the right things to make you think she supported the Native folk.    We women got together in the mornings to sing in gratitude.  We walked as we sang, and one morning this Israeli woman was joined by two other Israelis.  I walked next to them, and the minute I started to sing with them, they closed their mouths.  This happened two more times, and they would quit singing every time.  I was stunned because we were a prayer camp, and this was a hostile act.  Later, at dinner, the original Israeli woman sat at my table, and was overly friendly,  like she was trying to dismiss what had occurred.  I still don’t know what to make of it — why were they there if they did not honor that all of us women singing were of God?

From Stephen Schroeder’s video Dark Secrets of Indianapolis:

These are screen shots taken from the video.  This Star of David is on the Ten Commandments.  Now, before I was awake, I would have assumed it was because the Christian faith started out in Judaism…but more awake me sees something more dark, especially after the next photo.

The Illuminati all-seeing eye.  As Schroeder tells it, the satanists like to mix the profane with the sacred to mess with people’s minds.  Their game is psychology, psychology, psychology….because that is the only power they have over people.  If they can mess with your mind, they have you under their control.  If they can keep you always questioning yourself, you won’t trust your instincts and you will give up your power to them.  In addition, you will be distracted from their true intentions.

I believe now that Israeli intelligence has been a shadow player in all the evil here now.  But once again, it is not the Jews of God who are doing this — but people who claim to be of Jewish faith who secretly worship satan.   There are reports that these people were from a country called Kharzan that were practicing their satanic beliefs and Russia threatened them to quit it.  They pretended to go along, but secretly kept on doing what they had been doing and ended up seizing the land of the Palestinians.

Remember that Hillary Clinton (and pretty much all the politicians) were pledging their allegiance to Israel?  Threatening destruction to anyone who went against Israel?  Does this make any sense now?

If you didn’t believe me before, I hope you will now when I tell you that I had a vision of Hillary Clinton praying to satan.

To give you some background of that vision:

I have wanted to honor God by honoring his Creation by taking care of it and not destroying it.  So, one of the ways I wanted to undo some of the damage I have done is to get a horse instead of a car.

I went to go look at a beautiful horse that should have been no more than two hours’ drive.  Three hours later, and I cannot find the place.  Road signs are missing.

I had to work that night, so I had to turn back towards home.  The moment I did this, I see the vision of Hillary with the red robe on, on her knees, praying and giving thanks to satan.

It struck me as weird…why would she be giving thanks to satan?  I had realized that she was, in fact, a satanist.  That was shocking, as I reported in my previous blog.

But then I had to ask why she would be happy that I did not get the horse?  It must be a significant thing if the evil ones want to interfere with that.

And I should note that this was right after I had prayed and asked for help in knowing what I needed to know and help in understanding what I did not understand.

Fighting for clean water

This is ridiculous that people have to have *cough* scientific *cough* research in order to have their voice count!!  In a democracy, EVERYBODY counts, no matter who they are, and EVERYBODY gets a vote.  If three-fourths of the people agree or disagree about something, then that is the rule.  Some arrogant politicians, who are bought off by corporations, should not be able to decide against what the people want!

At one point in the video, she says they want harm statements — that AFTER they spray the chemicals, you have only a certain time period to report being made ill.  They constrain it, like they do with vaccines, so that people who are made ill later cannot report it as an adverse event.  I am routinely made ill by the cropdust plane.  Every.single.time. he sprays I get nauseated with migraine!



I’ve also wondered about Monsanto, since Hillary Clinton and Walmart are connected.

Mon = My   and Santo = Saint in French….so who is their *saint* ? satan?

It does make me happy that he states Water is Life!  I wonder if he was at Standing Rock?

Mni Wiconi!  (mini which oh nee)  Water is Life!


9/11 Eye of Horus Ground Zero

I’ve been looking for this photo for awhile after I realized 9/11 was fake and the illuminati was real.  This image always bothered me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


I always wondered at how they got everyone to stand in a line like that?  Have you ever seen rescue workers in an emergency standing like they were posing?  Were they all in on it?  I dunno.  Probably some were, and some were just standing around, is my guess.

And look at the steel parts of the buildings…look how they withstood such intense heat.  So how on Earth could an aluminum plane go through that kind of steel building?  It could not.  We were lied to.

And speaking of eye of horus…there was something important that I forgot with my post on gangstalking in families


…I had read that aluminum would counter the effects of electronic radiation (EMF) because I was being heated up every night — sometimes all night long.  (It really did not help that I could tell.)   But I had tried putting aluminum foil on the walls near where I slept so that I could sleep without harm.  One morning, I woke up and noticed something strange about one of the pieces of foil…it had been torn like an eye hole and a finger or something drew lines like the eye of horus on it.  I was so shocked that I immediately tore it and the rest of the aluminum down.

google and illuminati

So, google is said to be a part of the illuminati network.  Today’s picture has the three six’s in it, if you look closely:

Don’t see it?

^^^ here,                    ^^here                                            ^^^here.

Notice that she is also wearing a serpent bracelet.