Twitter flap on MH370

I don’t have a twitter account, so missed this little drama:


Hysteria created from this guy taking an emotional subject such as an airliner going down, and feeding off of it.

I don’t agree with calling him or the others *retards*, however.

The bigger picture here is that it takes just one person to start something and then people just run with it instead of doing their own thinking and investigation and looking behind the curtain.

Here is my former post on MH370.  I’ll add this quote from the spiegel website (it tries to get you to remove adblocker which I refuse to do.  Too many viruses and sexually suggestive ads are being used.)

Larry Vance, 67, a flight crash investigator, whom has investigated over 200 flight crashes, confirmed my dream that MH370 was still intact when it landed on the water and is probably at the bottom of the ocean:

SPIEGEL: Only a handful of pieces of MH370 has been found. How can that be enough to reconstruct what happened?

Vance: A flaperon, found last year, has been confirmed as coming from MH370. And a piece of flap that showed up in June will doubtless be confirmed as coming from MH370. Those two pieces are wreckage — and wreckage can be studied for clues.

SPIEGEL: What do they tell you?

Vance: Flaperons and flaps are high-lift devices. Pilots deploy them when they need to fly at lower speeds during the final stage of the flight. The photos clearly show that the trailing edges of these devices are severely damaged whereas the leading edges are virtually unharmed. This is an extremely significant piece of information.


Vance: There is simply no other conclusion you can make: The flaps were extended when the aircraft hit the water. The trailing edge was dragged over water for some time — some seconds — to erode the trailing edges of those pieces. This evidence is easy to read. The pressure from being dragged through the water exceeded the structural strength of the attachment points of those pieces. They flew off, fell back in the water and presented themselves in the state they are in.

SPIEGEL: Assuming the flaps were extended — what exactly would that prove?

Vance: A lot. Hydraulics and electrics must have been available. One engine at least must have been running. The airplane did not run out of fuel as is often said. And most importantly: The flaps were selected that way. Somebody in the cockpit did that.

SPIEGEL: Couldn’t they have been deployed automatically?

Vance: No. Somebody pushed the lever, there is no other way to move the flaps. Somebody wanted that airplane to land on the surface of the ocean in such a way that the fuselage stayed intact, so that everything would go to the bottom, never to be found or seen again. All this talk of this being aviation’s biggest mystery makes me angry. There is absolutely no mystery to what happened. It’s a mystery why somebody would do this.


SPIEGEL: Were the passengers alive when the airplane touched down?

Vance: There is no way to know that. But my educated guess would be: No, the people died very early in the sequence, soon after the transponder was turned off. They were probably killed by apoxia which was induced by someone from within the cockpit.

…this was my feeling, too, from what I saw in the dream.  Everyone was still strapped in their seats, except three passengers that floated towards the top of the ocean.


If you give up your guns…

…well, here are some examples at folks who gave up their guns.  they thought it would finally bring peace…

…and then they were murdered.

Wounded Knee.

Sand Creek. Where the cowards waited until the men were away hunting and then attacked the old men, women, and children of the village.  Who murders children? Who?

White Stone massacre, where they strapped babies to dogs and the adults to horses and then forced the dogs and horses to run–

For those who don’t know, the upside down flag is NOT  sign of disrespect — it is the international sign of distress!

What they did to the Indians they are now doing to the rest of us.  If they get the guns away from those of us of God, they will kill us in the same manner as they did the Indians.   Guaranteed.  They make it sound like they are just wanting the assault rifles — this is the segway to get rest.  It’s always couched in terms of doing something for the good of all, with their true intentions hidden.  That is why they have wanted to get rid of any historical reference so people could see what has happened in the past.  Keeping the true history of what happened to the Indians from us was a deliberate act and now I hope folks can see why and will take heed.

And for those that think that those of God don’t fight back, the Bible has references to self-defense.  My personal belief is that God wants us to try to avoid it, but we are allowed to defend ourselves if that fails.

God Bless the Indians.  God Bless us all who work for the Good.


A Happy Day **edited

Well, I have some good news amongst all the darkness…

My breast lumps that I blogged about here, have shrunk considerably.

I didn’t blog about it, but the last couple of years, the lumps increased in size.  They had started out about pea size and had tripled in size since 2012.  Additionally, I have expelled over 400 gall stones since I began the coffee enemas.

Since the lumps began shrinking after fasting, doing coffee enemas, and eating more raw food, I would have to say that the all natural route is what helped my body perform its miracle of healing, which God designed it to do.  Bless God and Mother Earth, His Gift to us.

**edited to add:  My body temperature has returned to normal, almost.  I was running temps around 97.6° F, but now run about 98.2°.  This is significant because it means my body is healed enough to fight off viruses, etc.  I believe the borax and epsom salt baths helped this along with everything above.

The color yellow

When I was looking at nooz stories of the Austin *cough* bombing *cough*….I kept noticing the color yellow…

…on the ATF guy here:


…yellow boots??


…a yellow line behind Trump….


…and Mark Anthony Conditt’s house is…yellow….hmmm…

I started to wonder about the significance, knowing that the freemasons/illuminati/satanists like to put things right in front of your face, but with hidden meaning.

I found this page.  On this page, it states that  in ancient Egyptian beliefs, the color yellow signifies death.  If you recall the previous posts on the freemasons and apotheosis, they follow Egyptian beliefs.

The color yellow is prominent with their symbolism.  I hesitate to put the symbols up here, due to giving them attention and that in turn gives them energy, which gives them power….so I don’t want to inadvertently give them power.  But if you look it up, you can see that yellow is prominent.

I also thought of another macabre thing with the color yellow.  If you recall, the Las Vegas shootings were during a concert with “harvest” as the title of the tour…

The satanists use harvest to mean killing people for sacrifice to satan.

Harvest Gold was a color that was prominent in the 60s and 70s.  We basically had three colors for appliances:  Avocado green, copper, and harvest gold.  I loved the color because it was so cheery and pretty.  But of course satan has taken that positive meaning and twisted it.  I’m wondering if the color yellow being so prominent in Austin meant there was a harvest?



How the Hitler Youth got started

This video shows how easy it was for the Nazis to use brainwashing and mind control techniques on the youth.  Two things that leaped out at me:  1. Only ten per cent of the Germans were Nazis.  How did they amass so much power concentrated into so few hands?  2.  This video leaves out spirituality and how truly evil this was and that satan was behind it, as he is behind what is happening here now.

The North Face and Austin

A phrase that keeps coming up in regards to illuminati/freemasons is:  North Face.  The Oklahoma City Bombing destroyed the North Face of the Murrah Building.

As I blogged about here, I recently watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind again.  I was struck by them mentioning “The North Face” of Bear Lodge again and again.  The North Face is where the “aliens” were going to communicate and land their “ships”.  Since we know that when they say “aliens” they actually mean “demons”….well, I have to wonder what about the North Face means to satanists?  A portal?

I just wanted to put this out there so we could keep it in mind.

And…just a forewarning…tomorrow is 3/22.  It has some meaning to freemasons/illuminati.  Two *cough* terrorist *cough* bombings have taken place on that date.  Be forewarned of yet another false flag.

I found some interesting photos connected to the Austin bombings:

Look here at the prominent display of the red cross.  Why this picture?  The Texas trooper is silhouetted like he is pointing out the red cross.  Just sayin’

Are they actually try to pass off this guy as the bomber?  Seriously?  This guy is buff with strong, broad shoulders…are they actually saying somehow the accused donned a blonde wig and managed to buff out his physique?  What a joke.

Once again, the accused is dead so that the public cannot ask questions, examine evidence, and have a public trial where the accused gets to hear evidence against him and gets to present evidence of his innocence.  You know, the 6th Amendment!!

Medical Professionals Gangstalking testimonials

I haven’t even gotten through half of what is on this blog by disrupted physician…but the stories are horrendous and I know that they are telling the truth because I am living it.  Those of us who are truth tellers and have morals and ethics and are strong are particularly targeted by the satanists illuminati/Big Pharma Mafia.

This letter encapsulates every tool these evil people use: bait and switch, misrepresentation, half-truths (which are particularly effective because people think if even a small bit is true, then ALL of it is true).  I’m re-printing it here because disrupted physician asked them for permission to reprint their letters.  I hope that you will visit his website for the whole blog.  If your eyes have been closed up until now, you will have them opened.  If they can do this to people who are educated and well-off financially, they can do this to ANYONE.


This whole lack of accountability and oversight within the PHP’s makes me sick. I was sent to PHP for evaluation and suspicion of drug abuse by my employer hospital. I was only suffering from side effects of Paxil causing a SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome. The diagnosis was completely missed because the PHP sent me to a rehab center in Los Angeles. I am sure you know this one very well.  

I was coming there for IDE, Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation not recovery and rehab. After arrival I was forced to enter their rehab program completely against my will. I was on my way out the door and about to call a cab when the program director threatened me with absolute coercion.

He said if I left he would assume I had drugs in my possession and that this would negatively affect my evaluation and would be reported to the PHP and state medical board as a form of noncompliance, and that my career and license would be in jeopardy. How is that possible when I was not sent there by any state board or regulatory agency as I was there voluntarily.

The only incentive to force me into admission rather than having my workup done as an outpatient was purely financial. Employer was paying the bill, so it was in their best financial interest to force me into admission at $1800/day and $1400/urine sample and charge for all the transportation to and from all the outsourced facilities for my “evaluation”.

The facility was run by the most inept, unethical group of charlatans I have ever encountered in any field of service not just healthcare. I could not understand how they were qualified to provide medical evaluations when they are not legally allowed to provide any form of treatment for anything. These people were nothing more than middle-management screw ups. They have to outsource everything. They did not even have a crash cart on site.  One of their clients had a tonic-clonic seizure during group therapy as a result of a brilliant PA who decided to withhold the clients chronic benzodiazepine therapy because of her personal beliefs that benzos are horrible medications for anyone.  Where is the physician co-signature and oversight on this brilliant therapeutic decision? No one except the doctors in rehab even knew how to react. It was a total fiasco and state of panic for all the rehab employees. Luckily the client didn’t dislocate something, die or worse, suffer anoxic encephalopathy. I was in fear for my life after witnessing this my first day.

What’s even more concerning is that this rehab center is supposedly one of the best and has exclusive referral from every state PHP.

They had me stay with recidivist junkies and participate in 12 step when I had no substance abuse issues at all, in fact my social life was so boring, that my hair test wasn’t even positive for alcohol. I had to recite scriptures in group therapy, admit that I was helpless, and powerless, and a weakling. Admit that I had to submit to a higher power since I was an addict. I had to submit to random urine drug tests which costs $1400 each 3-5 times per week.

Then when I cannot produce a sample on the spot (paruresis) I am threatened to be reported to the State Medical Board for noncompliance.  A college dropout working as a technician at a rehab does not even have the authority to make this type of threat. I was also forced to shave in front of a female technician with the bathroom door open; she stated that this was policy and I had to relinquish my razor after every shave because I could use it to inflict harm on myself. I then asked why is there a whole drawer full of sharp cutlery in the kitchen that me and my junkie roommates have access to 24/7??? 

I saw a psychiatrist and handed him my diagnosis on a silver platter from my history , i.e. Paxil withdrawal yet SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome was not even on his differential. I was in a state of constant agitation, sleep deprivation from insomnia, severe depersonalization. Ended up in the ER at UCLA for intractable Migraine HA, Sleep deprivation, Dehydration, mild AKI and had to be medicated with IV crystalloid, Phenergan to combat emesis and finally induce sleep (going on 4th day of insomnia at that point). 

Less than 24 hours after the ER visit I am sent for Neuropsychological testing extensively, which violated just about every code of conduct and ethics under the American Psychological Association in regards to testing validity. I was then labeled “disabled” based on the results. the treatment center was then going to recommend that I stay and additional extended period so they could “rehabilitate” me. They realized now that they did not have my credit card on file because I refused to provide them with it at admission as my employer, was paying for everything for the first month. Next they discover that I do not have disability insurance, and now know that they have just ruined my life.  It will take a minimum of 6 months before I can be retested to prove that I have no cognitive impairment and am not disabled. Now my chances of getting disability insurance in the future are ruined.

The treatment center then released me and I returned home to the PHP.  I then had to sign a five year contract, enlist in a drug monitoring contact with “RecoveryTrek” which I had to perjure myself and illegally claim that I was a substance abuser and was in “recovery.” I immediately sought legal counsel because of this nonsense. Shortly into my so called recovery I had to take my Maintenance of Certification Board Exam in Internal Medicine. Passed exceptionally and with ease. How could I be cognitively impaired?

Go figure! The neuropsychological test was readministered locally by a different provider as I told the PHP there was no way I would ever consent to going back to the treatment center.  The neuropsychologist was pretty pissed off about everyone’s mismanagement of my case starting with my employer.  I tested fine, and then the PHP released me from the program and cleared me to return to work. The entire experience has jaded my enthusiasm in medicine. I had to take almost a year off to reflect on how I was used as a pawn in everyone’s game.

I experienced coercion, collusion, fraud, incompetence, and saw a part of evil in this world that I never new existed. I was a prisoner, starting my day by having to call a monitoring center to see if I had to be drug tested for that day, every  day of the week.  I was not allowed to leave the state; how can a PHP legally restrict my civil rights this way when I was not under a court order, and not even under state medical board referral? I was not allowed to have a sip of alcohol during my monitoring, even though I had tested negative for any evidence of drug use. I had to meet with board of directors every month and discuss my case, which no one had clue about regarding why I was even in a PHP.  This violated all of my rights to privacy regarding my medical condition. The contract that I initially had to sign with the PHP had statements within claiming they could report any information about me to any regulatory agency without even substantiating any facts or validity. This is just a clever way of saying they can lie about you and there is nothing you can do about it legally.  There is complete lack of due process. Your civil rights are stripped. You are beaten down into despair and desperation. You are told if you don’t comply your license would be in jeopardy and your career will be over. This cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees, thousands of dollars to be retested and prove I was not impaired, hundreds of dollars each month for PHP dues and random urine drug screening.

I put up with this B.S. for six months, and honestly could not have fulfilled a 5 year contract. If I had not been released (since there was no condition to monitor) I would probably be dead today. I would not be surprised that PHPs have actually caused in increase in physician suicide rate.  I cannot fathom the degree of humility physicians experience having to do this for five years. And the only reason these rehab centers claim such a high success rate for recovery is that they hold a gun to your head and threaten you to be in compliance with everything they recommend. So yeah, doctors have a lot more to lose.  I now understand how these PHP’s are in collusion with rehab centers. What they are doing is a violation of fair trade acts and would fall under the RICO act. The problem is nobody is investigating them for conspiracy and fraud. They all fly under the radar because they believe they are providing a service that ensures public safety. Its a multi-billion dollar scam industry. What’s more sad is that nobody really cares what physicians are subjected to. In fact the public likely finds joy in fact that docs are treated this way. The state of California hates doctors, so the rest of the country probably does too. People probably enjoy knowing doctors are held to higher standards than the rest. That they are usually required to stay 90 days in rehab while all other professionals stay 28 days, that they are financially ruined by rehab centers. That they have been stripped of all their rights while in a PHP monitoring program. That they are more subject to discrimination based on age or coexisting medical problems like diabetes and hypertension. I have actually seen cases of MDs sent to PHPs for monitoring of hypertension and regardless of why you are sent there you must comply with drug monitoring.

The rehab centers are now tapping into other territory that further identify this as a conspiracy. Department of Transportation, Aviation, and Law Enforcement are going to be their next victims. I can’t wait to see how the police officers are going to respond to this nonsense.

This was an eye opening experience. There is no profession that is worth going through this amount of humility. PHP’s will likely remain above the law, continue to have no accountability and oversight, which is a travesty of justice.  I hope you will share my experience.  My case is rather unique in my opinion.  It’s evidence that no physician should ever voluntarily enter a PHP at an employer’s request. You would be much better off to simply quit/resign.


You will see that often these medical professionals turn to lawyers for help.  HAH! As I’ve explored, they are part of it.  Many are connected to upper level freemasons who are doing satan’s work.  And it’s a vast, nationwide network.   Again, I don’t believe all lawyers are part of it, but I imagine those who are not in on it are either killed off or silenced like these professionals.

The video below is by Corbett Report on the Oklahoma City bombing, and Terrence Yeakey being “suicided”.  It speaks to how many brave warriors have come forward to be killed.  I get frustrated at the lack of action, but in reality, people have individually tried to act.  What they fear is that we will finally get organized and fight back.  That is why they are trying very hard to disarm us, using the youth to do their dirty work.  That is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany — called them the Hitler Youth.