Germany developed directed energy

The author of the video talks about directed energy weapons that were developed waaay long time ago — even before WWII.  Germany used them against the U.S. and allies.  Since we know that there were Americans who were colluding with the Germans, such as the Rockefellers, Kennedys, and Bushes, we can assume that they were knowledgeable about this and financing it, too.  It makes me sick that my Dad and others were subjected to this stuff.

How do we know that they were in on it?

Have you ever heard of directed energy before recently?  Why haven’t you?  In all the documentaries I have seen on WWII and the stuff written in history books, I don’t recall them talking about this.  Now you have to understand that when I was growing up in the 60s, there was talk of deathrays, but it was cleverly couched in “science fiction, or sci-fi” terms so that our minds could be put to rest.  It wasn’t real.  Ha.

Not only was it real, but they were using it on airplanes and using portable units to affect people walking on the street.  Good Grief!

He briefly goes over how to thwart such evil, but I am still digesting that part.  I may come back later to edit after thinking it over.

More questionable stuff in Indiana… **edited

…wow, little did I know where this road was going to lead…

What is this…??

North Manchester, Indiana, where Manchester College is located.

I did a bit of research trying to find out what this is…I looked under antenna and under labyrinths, and there is a labyrinth at the college, but it ain’t this!  WTH is this? **edited:  I went to investigate it — it is a cemetery that was not listed on the search engine.  Mystery solved…at least for here.

More Indy stuff:

This is the corner of Washington and Illinois.  Tell me what you think it looks like?

Looks like the Starship Enterprise is landing in downtown Indy, doesn’t it??

So…this is in the vicinity of the Capitol, Circle, and Circle Centre mall…and wait for it…the Masonic Temple is on N. Illinois, just up a few blocks, with the Scottish Rite cathedral diagonally from it on Meridian St.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

**edited to correct that Masonic Temple is on N. Illinois, not the cathedral.

So why make it look like alien vessel?  I dunno, but a good guess is that with them trying to scare people with alien invasions, I’m thinking they are either trying to subliminally put it in their heads about aliens landing and be very, very scared -or– as I and other believe, they aren’t any aliens and when they say aliens they mean demons.

So…if I were to follow that thought, I would say that this “ship” is a marker perhaps for  a portal allowing demons up from Hell.  Just my two cents.


Gangstalker testimony **edited

Here’s a man who says he was offered a *job* as a gangstalker.  I knew that money had to be changing hands for my gangstalkers to go after me with such aggressiveness.  I wonder now at two individuals who have made me a target and are lying their asses off…there has to be a pay off for them…a big one.  No, I’m not crazy — two men in black coats visited some folks that I bought some things off of.  I am serious as a heart attack.  This stuff is real, folks.  And then I find out that my sister has posted my picture on her fb page when I have expressly asked her not to.  Some stranger was studying me the other day and I wonder if this is why?

Like Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull…it will be my own kind that does me in….


**edited to add:

Cynthia who put the above on her youtube, is of the opinion that the illuminati/freemasons purposely choose to marry truly spiritual people who are connected to God in order to destroy them or at the very least weaken their connection to God.  I am coming to that conclusion, myself.  My ex s-l-o-w-l-y tried to destroy my soul and spirituality.  I never said “g.d.” in my entire life before I met him. Never.  It went against what I was taught…but somehow he and his family convinced me they were better than me and that everything they did was okay, even swearing like that even though God says not to take His name in vain.  I still cannot get that word out of my head to this day, twenty four years after the divorce!  Again, my ex raped me in my sleep — this is to keep you anxious and unable to sleep properly.  This serves two purposes:  you cannot rest so your soul can connect with God (many people get visions while they are in deep sleep); and it serves to weaken your immune system and body so that you are too weary to fight them.

As I hinted about in my prior blog on this, I also believe that the lawyers are closely tied to all of this.


Several reasons:

When I was battling to save my baby from this satanist’s clutches, his lawyer kept bringing up “13”.  I knew thirteen was an unlucky number, but I didn’t get why he kept bringing it up — but 13 is an important number to the masons.  Friday the 13th is when the Knights Templar were murdered by the Pope.  They were probably a good group at this time, and then were infiltrated.

He brought up that I was getting divorced after 13 years of marriage.  Actually, I filed for divorce twelve years after marriage…it was the state of Indiana that delayed finalizing it until after the thirteen year anniversary.  Also, my ex took my baby away from me when she was 13.  He has tried to destroy her spirit as he did mine.  It has been very, very painful to watch him do to her what he did to me.  So it must be important for the freemasons/satanists to get children away from the spiritual parent by the time they are 13?  I don’t know, but it makes sense.  Breaking up families is satan’s goal because a strong mother/child bond and family bond makes it difficult for satan to do his dirty work.

My ex’s attorney, a Catholic, and another attorney, John Hillis, a Presbyterian,  always had smirks on their faces every time I went into my hometown and had the misfortune of coming across them.  I thought it was just because of the divorce, which I gave more than half of our assets to my ex so I could have the kids.  Little did I know it was much deeper than that and the smirks on the attorneys faces was that of evil triumph.

Another reason I believe attorneys are freemasons was because of them giving heavily to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  The association of attorneys was the top donor to Clinton’s campaign.  Since I know from the vision that she is a satanist, it would not be a far reach to believe that other attorneys are, too.

I know of only two attorneys that are good guys.  I could not understand why no one would help me…now I know why.

**edited again:  My Dad popped into my head.  I feel it in my gut that the reason attorneys would not help us is with his case after he passed was because of the freemason crap.  We clearly had a case of unethical behavior by the woman who was in charge of his care:  Byrdia Turner, and the VA who refused to answer questions when I or my sister would call about our father’s health issues.   I also had a vision of my Dad after he passed where he had fallen out of a hospital bed, was lying on the floor, when the nurses and assistants stood around laughing at his helplessness.  Only evil people would do that.




Indianapolis illuminati

Thinking about this because it really upsets me that this was all around me and I didn’t see it.  I think a lot of folks here did not see it, either.

So I’m thinking about the pentagram on top of Circle Centre Mall which is near the Circle, and as I look at it, it appears to me that it is pointing to…the Capitol?  I don’t know, but that’s what it looks like.

I feel the need to say this after putting this on my page:

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

So while I’m posting that, the Pyramids popped into my head.  Of course!  The Pyramids! I can’t believe I didn’t think of them sooner.  I thought they were pretty cool when put in Indy….little did I know….

File:Indianapolis Pyramids (cropped).jpg



A Democracy…? **edited

Wow. Just wow.  Indiana lawyers can destroy court documents with no penalty.  Did they ask the citizens of Indiana is this was okay?  A democracy requires 3/4ths of the citizens to vote in favor or against something before it can be legal.  I didn’t vote for this, did you?  The people of Indiana are deliberately kept in the dark with information being hidden, or in this case, destroyed.


**edited to add:  after posting about the occult here in Indiana, a couple of memories came to the conscious:

When I was in high school, I remember something about a contract being taken out on a prominent mover here.  This was when people were moving all over the country and moving companies were big business.  This company was well off as the owner.

Anyway, there was some sort of disagreement and an employee tried to kill him.

Later, in the newspaper, the investigators said this guy named Musselman, had satanic symbols in his home.   That sent chills down my spine…but at the same time, I thought he was an anomaly, because people here for the most part are down to earth good folks.

Then I remembered a sickening event in Delphi, Indiana later:  **warning, graphic **   :  a young woman was pregnant and was murdered via strangulation.  It was so traumatic that her baby was forced down the birth canal and was born early, dying.  She was attacked by satanists.  She might have been a member of the group, my memory on that part is fuzzy.  It makes me sick now when remembering it.

And now there was another traumatic murder there in Delphi a year ago with Liberty German and Abigail Williams, still unsolved.  Folks, this town is even smaller than my hometown.  Somebody knows something and is not coming forward…which makes me think it’s connected to the satanists.  I’ve tried to clue in on this, but as of yet, nothing.



Yellowstone activity level increasing

Mary Greeley has a good video up on the increasing quakes as well as increasing intensity of the quakes.  She makes a statement that these are not caused by fracking or plate tectonics (movement of the earth, causing friction, causing earthquakes)…but she doesn’t offer an explanation other than to say that the magma getting hotter is causing the quakes.

Well, now, then one has to ask–what is causing the magma to get hotter?

My guess would be directed energy.  Microwaves.  You know how microwaves heat food —well, that is the same energy used in directed energy weapons.

Remember Michigan. If they can make an explosion like that that causes an earthquake, then most certainly they can cause magma to heat up and not only cause earthquakes, but volcanoes to explode.

Stay tuned…