Radio Shack **edited

So I’m once again led to something totally different than what I had intended, and here is a video on Radio Shack’s demise.

I have a fondness for it because they used to have kits for kids to learn electronics.  My Dad bought ten-year-old me a kit of a transistor radio to put together. I still smile at the thought of this complicated kit with difficult schematics and welding (!) of parts.

It was written by an adult who apparently had never been around ten year old kids who knew nothing of electronic building kits.  Yeah, it never got built.  I also bought the TRS-80, which my ex made me get rid of because, looking back, he didn’t know how to use it, and therefore, I should not be using it, either.  (see below)

But I have to applaud my Dad for giving his daughter an electronics kit…when other dads would never dream of encouraging their daughters to show their brains.  My Mom, on the other hand, was discouraging me…she was a woman of her times that told me if boys knew I was intelligent, it would discourage them.  She was all about getting a man…not about personal growth and exploring the world to see what was out there.  It severely crippled me. I even recall when I was in Accounting class with an older brother, and I got an A on a test, and he did not…he actually said in class “I’m gonna kill you”  (said in a joking tone, but the message came through loud and clear).  The teacher had unfortunately announced my grade in front of the whole class.

But I did read a great line by a Mom who did encourage her girls to show their brains — she told them if a man did not like her intelligence, it was just as well he pass her by….he was just someone she would divorce later.  🙂

Anyway, I have to smile and give a “thanks” to my Dad for this simple act of encouragement.  He also rooted for Billie Jean King to win the tennis match in ’74 (?), calling Bobby Riggs all sorts of names for his treating women with such contempt.  I now know it was all an act by both of them, but the sentiment remains the same.

**edited to add:  Hey, after thinking about this post, I thought perhaps I came across as being pro-electronics.  At one time, yes, I was, but after finding out that they contain heavy metals such as mercury, I backed off them.  I know that perhaps I come off as a hypocrite because I’m typing on a computer now.  But I tell you that I bought a manual typewriter and one day I will walk away from this.  I’ve come to see electronics as a way to distract us from what is going on around us.

I see it as separating us from nature, and therefore, a barrier to God and His creation.  That’s my take, anyway.



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