Ring of Fire **edited again

Hey all…

When I first started to acknowledge that I was indeed getting visions, I had a very strong one with the urge to paint.

This vision was painting the poster size page black, with red balls in a circle….the Ring of Fire.  The message was:  “Pay Attention to the Ring of Fire.”  **below

At that point in time, the Ring of Fire didn’t mean a whole lot to me.  I began researching it, and found that earthquakes and volcanoes were very active, giving it the name.

So here we are, some ten years later, with the Ring of Fire being very active, while Mt St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt Hood are rumbling, possibly erupting…

I can’t say that I know what it means….I only know that I was urged to be on alert for the Ring of Fire.

Quiet your mind, and listen to God’s instructions.

**edited to add:  Jesus told us this in the Bible, in Matthew 24.  Specifically, Matthew 24:17.  He also spoke of the false prophets and evil increasing in the world in these passages.

**edited again:  Okay, I am getting a nudge that what we each individually are shown can mean different things to different people.  So…my interpretation of the vision may be different from others.

So, I’ll just say what I saw and you can interpret your own way…

I was shown standing completely still while fire raged around me.  I mean completely engulfed.  And I was being protected.  Afterwards, I saw a farm field with old fashioned farm implements.  This I interpreted as God passing judgment — with the passage in Isaiah about God coming again and engulfing Earth with fire.

So…interpret your own way in what has meaning to you.

**I learned just recently that the traditional Native Americans drew meteor showers with black backgrounds and red balls.


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