Mount Rainier

So Mt. Saint Helens has been on my mind…and after watching a guide hike up the mountain, I was curious about the one not too distant from it:  Mt. Rainier.


Did your ears perk up after he mentions Eureka California?  He apparently isn’t aware of the earthquakes happening off the coast from Eureka…that are either not being reported or are under-reported.  Perhaps that is why it is on this graph…it was experiencing one of the non-quakes….pfft.

I think there is going to be an eruption.  If you look at the satellite view, there appears to be magma coming to the surface.

Not only that, but dog’s head, at the Mt. Saint Helens crater, also has active lava coming out.  If you click on the dog’s head button, you can go to this.  Click on the photo on the left bottom of the page.  Interesting, isn’t it?



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