No I’m Not Crazy…and here’s proof **edited

I know some of you are still in disbelief to what is happening here now, but if you need more proof, and better understanding of how deep this goes, this video will help.  I knew a lot of what she is saying, but learned some things I did not know before.

She mentions near the end about calling a Constitutional Convention, which has not been done, even though there have been demands for it.

I have seen a video of a Columbia law professor…a law professor…making statements that are the opposite of the law of the Constitution!  The Constitution cannot be changed without the people voting on it.  75% of the people must agree to change the Constitution.  This was not done when they essentially changed the 4th Amendment with the Patriot Act.  That makes the Patriot Act null and void because 75% of the people did not vote for it.

Incredibly, at the end of the video, she states what I fear has happened in Michigan:  they plan on nuking us.  Let me repeat that:  it is a fact that these evil individuals whom have co-opted our government plan on nuking us.



We’re in trouble, folks, and the banksters are at the center of it all.  I believe they had Kevin Krim’s children murdered, and then tried to murder the nanny, as well.  I also believe that Dr. Lorich’s murder is tied to this.

**edited to add:  Okay, I’m feeling anger directed at me.  Please, please understand when she tells you that the Jesuits are part of this, she emphasizes this is not the Catholic faith, that this is kept hidden from the faithful.  As she states, “These are criminals, these are not Catholics.”

I will be the first to tell you that I have issues because of being bullied out of the Catholic church when I divorced my abusive ex.  It has been overwhelmingly Catholics whom have lied and gossiped about me, ruining my reputation.  It wasn’t enough to drive me out of the church, but apparently to drive me to suicide. I also want to say there were a handful of Catholics who quietly tried to comfort me.  God Bless them.  And one has to wonder why they had to sneak around to support me??

There has to be a connection.  There has to be some sort of hidden network, because the exact same things were gossiped about in South Dakota as here in Indiana.  It is gossip, not the truth, so I know that there has to be a network in order for the exact same lies to be said about me.

That said, and I know I am going to catch it from the Faithful, but it needs to be said:  the Pope is NOT GOD!  Some Catholics treat the Pope as if he were God.  He is not!  God’s own command is Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.   Not the Pope. Not anything other than God.  Certainly not money.   Jesus had warned us that we would have to choose our Master:  Money or God.

And as a side note~ God Bless Senator Lugar, Indiana’s own, for standing up against them.



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