There’s Something Happening Here…

“…what it is ain’t exactly clear… Hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down?” (Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth)

I felt something strange yesterday at about this time, but I can’t say for sure that I felt it, but several people in different locations in northern Indiana felt it.

The fake nooz immediately proclaimed it was a meteor….but the very first video I saw of it made me think nuclear bomb.  The flash was too similar to a nuke.  We already know about HAARP and how energy can be directed and be very powerful.

The video below  does a good job of analyzing it.  Some of the so-called videos claiming to be this meteor were already on youtube, so they could not have possibly been the truth — their time stamps were months ago.

Because there are some important questions that need to be asked:



She’s spot on that the other videos were uploaded way too fast for it not to have been at the ready.  She also makes a profound statement that her friend did not see any flash even though he was *right there* where the supposed meteor video was taken.  So one has to question the authenticity of the video — she points out that the time is wrong.  And the location has no distinguishing marks that would say for sure it was such-and-such-location.  She says that everybody HEARD something, but nobody felt anything nor saw flash.  And I agree with questioning whether people actually called the National Weather Service…you’re more likely to call your local police along with your friends and family.

Another deadwringer that something isn’t right is a THUNDERSTORM in January.  IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.NADA.ZILCH.  NATURAL THUNDERSTORMS OCCUR IN THE SPRING AND OCCASIONALLY SUMMER WHEN THERE ARE COLD FRONTS MEETING WARM FRONTS.  This has been happening since I was a kid.  If we are having thunderstorms in the middle of winter, you can bet it is HAARP. End of story.

My take?  They are going to come out and blame it on North Korea.  Or the ever convenient Aliens or Zombies schtick.

My fear is that it’s 9/11 all over again, with our own Deep State** government attacking America.  I hope that I am wrong, but after Dutch’s warning that he is concerned about a BIG one hitting the Wabash valley, and other videos talking about setting off the New Madrid fault so that America is essentially split in two, creating a new shore line clear up to Illinois/Indiana…I have this feeling of dread watching this thing they are calling a meteor, but just does not feel right.

**When I say Deep State, I mean those evil individuals whom have infiltrated the government.  There are still good folks within, who do not agree with trashing the Constitution, nor instituting martial law, nor any of the other things that go against what America has always stood for: truth and justice and fairness and compassion.

Here is a video of meteor showers.   There are multitudes of them, but I don’t see any of them exploding.

Another example of a meteor here:




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