How are you feeling?

I heard the low frequency monotone all day long yesterday.  She heard it, too, and she shows something that no one else has–there are intense lines coming from…?….aimed directly at the United States. Directed Energy?

Well, consider that Tennessee had an earthquake yesterday not too far from where those lines are directed at in Morristown–


A letter from a vet who had carried a load that wasn’t his to carry…

…it was those who shot him up with vaccines that contain mercury, aluminum, HIV, and GodOnlyKnows what else.  He says he cannot feel–this is a classic symptom associated with heavy metal poisoning — one cannot feel–the heavy metals mess with the brain so much that all of your physical and mental senses shut down.  This is in addition to the horror he witnessed that shocked his brain and his soul.  Very hard to come back when you’re toxic and when you’ve suffered injury to your soul.

Warning that this letter may trigger PTSD:

Was this why Rand Paul was beaten up? **edited

(I also edited the previous post on Radio Shack)

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t buy the “neighbor beat Rand Paul up” story when it was all over the fake nooz.   The information in the video is my best guess as to why…and it’s serious as hell.   If you still have doubts that our government has been taken over by those feeding the Darkness, I hope this will finally open your eyes:



As with them ignoring 125K signatures against forced vaccination, I am soooo done with signing petitions.  That’s just busy work, as far as I’m concerned.  It makes you feel like you have protested against something, but in reality, all you’ve done is give them an avenue to placate people and keep them from truly protesting a government that no longer represents them.  Indeed, if it were a true democracy, we would be having open town hall meetings, and voting for or against…without being propagandized by anyone.

And as a side note~ the police are not the enemy, although as I witnessed at Standing Rock, there are mercenary elements and certain police have become militarized.  It was chilling how the Native Americans were treated, when they were peacefully and prayerfully protesting for CLEAN WATER! Water!!

But there are still good guys (and gals) who uphold the Constitution.  This law, if it is passed, is a direct violation of our Constitution…specifically, the 4th Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

And as another side note~  I had a threatening episode this past week and the police were called.  They were there in two minutes, coming to my aide.   I just wanted to say thank you for your help.

Pray for the police and military who are not going along with the Darkness.  Pray for all of us feeding the Light in these Dark Times.

**edited, because I found a great quote from the gangstalking post.  Kind of ties it all in together — and if any of you still thought gangstalking was someone just being paranoid, I hope this will tie it all together.

I found what I think is the audio talk by the man whose girlfriend was targeted. As stated, he doesn’t tell specific details on why she was targeted. But I am not putting that video on my blog because it set my radar off — my instincts are telling me that there is something wrong. For one thing, they want these people to give them all their personal information of doctors they have seen, all their symptoms…and urine samples. Red flags are just going off here about them also invading these people’s privacy….like they are part of it and trying to find out how much they have affected them by testing their urine and getting their medical histories. If it were me, I would say NO to them. They do not need all of that information to fight this. And the biggest tip off? They said that they want to get this information to…wait for it…Congress. Yep. As if Congress is going to do anything. And I suspect Congress is very much in the know about it and are using it for their own personal and political gain. I mean, seriously, I suspect that is was MK Ultra was all about — destroying political enemies by doping them with LSD to make them do uncharacteristic stuff that destroyed their credibility — no experiment goes on for twenty (forty?) years. Not only that, but this “doctor” does not show his face on video — it’s just audio. And he casually mentions he has contacts within the agencies. He also mentions that they have a rape crisis center in Texas that is holding a woman who was lured away from her NY home, drugged and raped. What if they are the ones who drugged and raped her? What about them infiltrating women’s centers that are put there for a safe place for women whom have already been physically abused or psychologically abused or sexually abused?



Radio Shack **edited

So I’m once again led to something totally different than what I had intended, and here is a video on Radio Shack’s demise.

I have a fondness for it because they used to have kits for kids to learn electronics.  My Dad bought ten-year-old me a kit of a transistor radio to put together. I still smile at the thought of this complicated kit with difficult schematics and welding (!) of parts.

It was written by an adult who apparently had never been around ten year old kids who knew nothing of electronic building kits.  Yeah, it never got built.  I also bought the TRS-80, which my ex made me get rid of because, looking back, he didn’t know how to use it, and therefore, I should not be using it, either.  (see below)

But I have to applaud my Dad for giving his daughter an electronics kit…when other dads would never dream of encouraging their daughters to show their brains.  My Mom, on the other hand, was discouraging me…she was a woman of her times that told me if boys knew I was intelligent, it would discourage them.  She was all about getting a man…not about personal growth and exploring the world to see what was out there.  It severely crippled me. I even recall when I was in Accounting class with an older brother, and I got an A on a test, and he did not…he actually said in class “I’m gonna kill you”  (said in a joking tone, but the message came through loud and clear).  The teacher had unfortunately announced my grade in front of the whole class.

But I did read a great line by a Mom who did encourage her girls to show their brains — she told them if a man did not like her intelligence, it was just as well he pass her by….he was just someone she would divorce later.  🙂

Anyway, I have to smile and give a “thanks” to my Dad for this simple act of encouragement.  He also rooted for Billie Jean King to win the tennis match in ’74 (?), calling Bobby Riggs all sorts of names for his treating women with such contempt.  I now know it was all an act by both of them, but the sentiment remains the same.

**edited to add:  Hey, after thinking about this post, I thought perhaps I came across as being pro-electronics.  At one time, yes, I was, but after finding out that they contain heavy metals such as mercury, I backed off them.  I know that perhaps I come off as a hypocrite because I’m typing on a computer now.  But I tell you that I bought a manual typewriter and one day I will walk away from this.  I’ve come to see electronics as a way to distract us from what is going on around us.

I see it as separating us from nature, and therefore, a barrier to God and His creation.  That’s my take, anyway.



Ring of Fire **edited again

Hey all…

When I first started to acknowledge that I was indeed getting visions, I had a very strong one with the urge to paint.

This vision was painting the poster size page black, with red balls in a circle….the Ring of Fire.  The message was:  “Pay Attention to the Ring of Fire.”  **below

At that point in time, the Ring of Fire didn’t mean a whole lot to me.  I began researching it, and found that earthquakes and volcanoes were very active, giving it the name.

So here we are, some ten years later, with the Ring of Fire being very active, while Mt St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt Hood are rumbling, possibly erupting…

I can’t say that I know what it means….I only know that I was urged to be on alert for the Ring of Fire.

Quiet your mind, and listen to God’s instructions.

**edited to add:  Jesus told us this in the Bible, in Matthew 24.  Specifically, Matthew 24:17.  He also spoke of the false prophets and evil increasing in the world in these passages.

**edited again:  Okay, I am getting a nudge that what we each individually are shown can mean different things to different people.  So…my interpretation of the vision may be different from others.

So, I’ll just say what I saw and you can interpret your own way…

I was shown standing completely still while fire raged around me.  I mean completely engulfed.  And I was being protected.  Afterwards, I saw a farm field with old fashioned farm implements.  This I interpreted as God passing judgment — with the passage in Isaiah about God coming again and engulfing Earth with fire.

So…interpret your own way in what has meaning to you.

**I learned just recently that the traditional Native Americans drew meteor showers with black backgrounds and red balls.


Mount Rainier

So Mt. Saint Helens has been on my mind…and after watching a guide hike up the mountain, I was curious about the one not too distant from it:  Mt. Rainier.


Did your ears perk up after he mentions Eureka California?  He apparently isn’t aware of the earthquakes happening off the coast from Eureka…that are either not being reported or are under-reported.  Perhaps that is why it is on this graph…it was experiencing one of the non-quakes….pfft.

I think there is going to be an eruption.  If you look at the satellite view, there appears to be magma coming to the surface.

Not only that, but dog’s head, at the Mt. Saint Helens crater, also has active lava coming out.  If you click on the dog’s head button, you can go to this.  Click on the photo on the left bottom of the page.  Interesting, isn’t it?



No I’m Not Crazy…and here’s proof **edited

I know some of you are still in disbelief to what is happening here now, but if you need more proof, and better understanding of how deep this goes, this video will help.  I knew a lot of what she is saying, but learned some things I did not know before.

She mentions near the end about calling a Constitutional Convention, which has not been done, even though there have been demands for it.

I have seen a video of a Columbia law professor…a law professor…making statements that are the opposite of the law of the Constitution!  The Constitution cannot be changed without the people voting on it.  75% of the people must agree to change the Constitution.  This was not done when they essentially changed the 4th Amendment with the Patriot Act.  That makes the Patriot Act null and void because 75% of the people did not vote for it.

Incredibly, at the end of the video, she states what I fear has happened in Michigan:  they plan on nuking us.  Let me repeat that:  it is a fact that these evil individuals whom have co-opted our government plan on nuking us.



We’re in trouble, folks, and the banksters are at the center of it all.  I believe they had Kevin Krim’s children murdered, and then tried to murder the nanny, as well.  I also believe that Dr. Lorich’s murder is tied to this.

**edited to add:  Okay, I’m feeling anger directed at me.  Please, please understand when she tells you that the Jesuits are part of this, she emphasizes this is not the Catholic faith, that this is kept hidden from the faithful.  As she states, “These are criminals, these are not Catholics.”

I will be the first to tell you that I have issues because of being bullied out of the Catholic church when I divorced my abusive ex.  It has been overwhelmingly Catholics whom have lied and gossiped about me, ruining my reputation.  It wasn’t enough to drive me out of the church, but apparently to drive me to suicide. I also want to say there were a handful of Catholics who quietly tried to comfort me.  God Bless them.  And one has to wonder why they had to sneak around to support me??

There has to be a connection.  There has to be some sort of hidden network, because the exact same things were gossiped about in South Dakota as here in Indiana.  It is gossip, not the truth, so I know that there has to be a network in order for the exact same lies to be said about me.

That said, and I know I am going to catch it from the Faithful, but it needs to be said:  the Pope is NOT GOD!  Some Catholics treat the Pope as if he were God.  He is not!  God’s own command is Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.   Not the Pope. Not anything other than God.  Certainly not money.   Jesus had warned us that we would have to choose our Master:  Money or God.

And as a side note~ God Bless Senator Lugar, Indiana’s own, for standing up against them.



There’s Something Happening Here…

“…what it is ain’t exactly clear… Hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down?” (Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth)

I felt something strange yesterday at about this time, but I can’t say for sure that I felt it, but several people in different locations in northern Indiana felt it.

The fake nooz immediately proclaimed it was a meteor….but the very first video I saw of it made me think nuclear bomb.  The flash was too similar to a nuke.  We already know about HAARP and how energy can be directed and be very powerful.

The video below  does a good job of analyzing it.  Some of the so-called videos claiming to be this meteor were already on youtube, so they could not have possibly been the truth — their time stamps were months ago.

Because there are some important questions that need to be asked:



She’s spot on that the other videos were uploaded way too fast for it not to have been at the ready.  She also makes a profound statement that her friend did not see any flash even though he was *right there* where the supposed meteor video was taken.  So one has to question the authenticity of the video — she points out that the time is wrong.  And the location has no distinguishing marks that would say for sure it was such-and-such-location.  She says that everybody HEARD something, but nobody felt anything nor saw flash.  And I agree with questioning whether people actually called the National Weather Service…you’re more likely to call your local police along with your friends and family.

Another deadwringer that something isn’t right is a THUNDERSTORM in January.  IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.NADA.ZILCH.  NATURAL THUNDERSTORMS OCCUR IN THE SPRING AND OCCASIONALLY SUMMER WHEN THERE ARE COLD FRONTS MEETING WARM FRONTS.  This has been happening since I was a kid.  If we are having thunderstorms in the middle of winter, you can bet it is HAARP. End of story.

My take?  They are going to come out and blame it on North Korea.  Or the ever convenient Aliens or Zombies schtick.

My fear is that it’s 9/11 all over again, with our own Deep State** government attacking America.  I hope that I am wrong, but after Dutch’s warning that he is concerned about a BIG one hitting the Wabash valley, and other videos talking about setting off the New Madrid fault so that America is essentially split in two, creating a new shore line clear up to Illinois/Indiana…I have this feeling of dread watching this thing they are calling a meteor, but just does not feel right.

**When I say Deep State, I mean those evil individuals whom have infiltrated the government.  There are still good folks within, who do not agree with trashing the Constitution, nor instituting martial law, nor any of the other things that go against what America has always stood for: truth and justice and fairness and compassion.

Here is a video of meteor showers.   There are multitudes of them, but I don’t see any of them exploding.

Another example of a meteor here: