Sangre de Cristo Mountains **edited

The added benefit of following the earthquakes in the United States is the geography lessons I am learning…

While researching them, Trinidad, Colorado was hit.

Trinidad.  Spanish for the Trinity:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Hmmmm…

Then I saw the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Spanish for Blood of Christ.  Hmmm…

Then I saw Naciemiento Mountains.  Spanish for Birth.

Along with all of this, there are the Ten Commandments written in mostly ancient Hebrew in New Mexico, talked about in the video below:


I reeeeaaaallly wish he would have published this documentary pronto…I suspect that he is being distracted by those feeding the Darkness…because we need this information NOW.  It’s also quite possible that they are trying to keep it from coming out, if what I suspect is going on…but it’s only a suspicion.

Why would the Ten Commandments be written on this stone in this particular place?  Why in Hebrew?  Who wrote it?

All of the references above to Jesus, Birth, and the Holy Trinity just has my mind swirling…

…in addition to that, there has been a report of artifacts from Egypt in southern Illinois, that I found when researching the Kensington Rune Stone that told of the Vikings in America looong before Columbus.

I just wanted to throw in this quote, which speaks volumes against the so-called professionals when confronted with evidence blowing apart their cemented beliefs:

The way the Kensington Runestone, and Olof Ohman, became objects of scorn
says more about the psychological opposition to fresh ideas than about the
proper conduct of science. The way some of the experts comported themselves, in the face of the unknown, does a disserviceto the ideals of the scientific method. Personal attacks took the place ofdata collection. Sloppy scholarship and unreferenceable claims became the order of the day.  Invoking “the experts” took the place of doing actual research.


This video shows what was found in Illinois.

So I’m just wondering what all of this means….?


**edited because I wanted to add this video of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  The camera is a little choppy, but still, the magnificence of it all shows through…and I love Bittersweet Symphony:


Media Violence

Is it just me, or has there been an extreme uptick in graphic violence in everyday media?

I’m pretty much done watching TV.  Every time I turned it on, there would be at least one graphic, violent commercial or TV promo that I find feeds the Darkness.

Yahoo News is now becoming so bad with DAILY stories about horrible graphic violence that I hate to even go check my mail.  Today, while clicking on a news story about a man who rescued a little girl wandering around in pajamas in the cold, yahoo decides to show  a clip of Saddam Hussein getting the noose put around his neck!!  WTH??  Why would they randomly put that graphic scene up?  I refused to watch it when CNN played it live on air.  It is ghoulish to be entertained by taking the life of another.  This is why they did away with public hangings.  Only satan enjoys such things.


Fighting Back **updated

I hope you all have been following dutchsinse earthquake forecasts on youtube…a wealth of information there.

I’ve been watching on the sidelines as Dutch, aka Michael Janich, has been waging a battle against the so-called professionals on his earthquake forecasts, who accused him of causing hysteria to get clicks on youtube, or the Washington Post printing a Communications professor’s subjective assessment that Dutch was fake news.  Dutch really took issue to that.

So a few days ago, Dutch revealed that not only were they going after him, but now they were contacting his viewers, disparaging his reputation so that no one would listen to him.  One has to wonder why…why would they care?  The answer could only be that Dutch is revealing something they want to keep hidden.  Why?

The next thing I want to point out is how Dutch has become a Targeted Individual.  If you recall, it is part of the MKUltra program to go after someone’s reputation as a way to discourage anyone from listening to them, and to isolate them.  There has to be a big reason for them to take the time to go after Dutch.

It is delightful to see Dutch go after them.

The video below highlights what has been going on, in case you haven’t been following. Dutch revealed that John Vidale had gone to bella, a follower, and told her not to believe Dutch…that he had done this and this…and said this and this….to try to persuade her not to listen to Dutch.

Incidentally, I am more convinced about the earthquake I felt eleven days ago as being one from the New Madrid area, with another report of it being felt from two locations 300+ km away — it just follows the craton red arrows on Dutch’s map.  I’ve looked at other earthquakes and I’ll go into that below.

But first, I want to get to the constant pushback Dutch has been experiencing.  It is part of their game — to wear someone down.



So for the USGS not reporting quakes, or not reporting the actual magnitude, I was looking at different quakes.  I looked at the magnitude, and then DYFI (Did you feel it?).  On many accounts, I found some quakes that were supposedly at 3.5 or so, that were felt 500 km away.  I find that very suspicious.

**UPDATED:  I ran out of time yesterday before I could find the USGS under-reported earthquakes.  Here’s a huge example with North Carolina:


Okay, so this earthquake in Robbinsville N Carolina is said to be a 2.7 magnitude…but look at the intensity map, which registers people who felt the quake:

The number of reports is a clue that this earthquake is larger than a 2.7.  I don’t believe that many people could have felt such a small earthquake.

The next clue is huge in that it was felt over 1200 km away!  There is no way that a 2.7 could have been felt clear up in Canada!





The Connection **edited


The Darkness is hard at work.  Enough said.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Blessings to all of us who feed the Light.  Stay Connected.  God will guide you– through your instincts.  Hold on to your humanity as you fight the Darkness…you don’t want to become the Darkness that you are fighting against.



More on the Ripley Ohio quake

Okay, so things are getting interesting concerning the Ripley, OH, earthquake on 12.17.17.

I went back to look at the number of people who felt it and the kilometers they were from the epicenter.

So that makes two from Indiana, several hundred miles away, who felt this quake.  Either this quake was bigger, say a 3.8 magnitude, and I felt the ripple afterwards;  OR there was another quake responsible for us feeling it.  The time is off for me — I felt it around 7 a.m.  It was a solid movement of shaking.  It also goes against Dutchsinse’s red arrows that follow the flow of the craton.

But it does follow the flow of the New Madrid fault line…so I’m thinking a quake from that area is what I felt.

Things are a shakin’ folks!

The video below is so spectacular — how can anyone say there is not a God after witnessing this magnificent display…??  Absolutely stunning!


Train wreck…and yet another disaster drill

This is really getting old.  I suspected a false flag with the train wreck — yet another distraction from the real terror going on behind the scenes…like the final gutting of the middle class and middle finger to the poor yesterday with the passing of the bill.

Dutchsinse suspected an earthquake might have been at play, too, but mysteriously, his video he made on that has disappeared, along with everything up to December 5th!  Thankfully, coppertropicals captured it:


Dutch pointed out that the train wrecked before it hit the curve….but others are stating that he was in error — that the train was going the other way.  But looking at the video, there are curves on BOTH sides, either direction, so it does not really make a difference…it could not have happened the way they are presenting it because either way the train was going, the curves were prior to the overpass, and the train, by force of motion, would have gone off the rails before it hit the overpass.

And then a commenter on coppertropical’s capture of Dutch’s video said there was a disaster drill conveniently held just before this wreck.

William Barker  19 hours ago
Labrats Knats there was a mass casualty event drill held at Dupont Washington yesterday that’s why they all got there so fast.


It is too convenient that Las Vegas, and the church shooting and all the other fear inducing dramas were preceded by drills.



Lava rock washes ashore on West Coast

(**Hey all, I edited my previous post — just to give a heads’ up)

Dutchsinse had a reader send in something she thought was Lava rock washing up on the West coast…and lo and behold, it is!!

Also, there was a small earthquake in, depending on who you believe, Kentucky or Ohio early this morning.  I’m pretty sure that I felt it, but the time is off.  I felt it around 7 a.m. EST, but they are putting the time around midnight.  So did I feel a second one that USGS is not reporting?  Was it a ripple through the plate?  If what I felt is from the Kentucky/Ohio quake, then the latter doesn’t make sense to me because of the red arrows on Dutch’s map….BUT if what I felt was from an unreported quake, in say, Colorado, that went across, as it did to Delaware, then yes, I might have felt it from that direction, which makes more sense.

If any of you are in the New Madrid fault zone, please leave a comment that you felt it or not, the time, and anything you observed.

As Jesus would do… **updated

…some thoughts on Christmas:

Instead of purchasing a cut tree, how about buying a ball-and-burlap evergreen to plant in the yard when the holiday is over?  That is what I did when I moved into my house (I purchased an artificial tree afterwards).   The nursery recommended digging a hole for the tree before the ground froze and only keep the tree inside for three days at the most, then plant it in the pre-dug hole.  As I mentioned in a prior post, that tree grew very fast about a foot a year and was quite tall the last I looked at it.  I’m afraid those people that bought my house at the sheriff sale hacked it down like they did that 200+ year old Maple.  Meh.

Anyway, I was thinking about that and wanted to offer a suggestion for this year.

Also, if you are wondering what you could do this season, how about helping the Indian folk on Pine Ridge Reservation?  When I was down at Wounded Knee, they would come on the local radio talking about someone needing wood or they were going to freeze to death.  So, if you are able to get firewood to them (please don’t cut down anymore trees, just what is already down)…please do so.

Or they need warm, waterproof boots, warm coats, wool socks, wool or waterproof mittens or gloves.  They walk everywhere, and I saw them walking into town from Wounded Knee during the coldest weather.  South Dakota winters are fierce and this would help.

A person I trust to send them to so they get distributed to those who need them:  Paul John Brankin of Dakota Legal Services, Mission SD 57555

**Updated to add:  As with anything, inspect things sent…if your gut is giving you that funny feeling, then don’t accept it.  Honor the God given gift of your instincts telling you something is wrong.

Bless all of us that feed the Light.

Another dead doctor…

Well, now, we have yet another dead doctor…who decided to commit suicide…by stabbing himself.

…even though police were called in after someone claimed an assault was in progress…um-hmmm…

My thoughts turned to all the natural paths that have also committed *cough* suicide, although evidence strongly suggests a crime was committed.  Not to mention ones that actually look like crimes, but are unsolved.

I first thought perhaps Dr. Lorich was a natural path that got in the way of the Big Pharma Mafia…but another thought popped into my head…

Park Avenue address…

Kevin Krim living in upper West Side apartment when as an executive at CNBC, he released a report on trillions of dollars of stolen money — and within hours, his nanny suddenly goes berserk and kills his precious little ones….

Park Avenue.

Could Dr. Lorich be the physician who gave aide to the Nanny, who by coincidence (there are no coincidences, folks) just happens to try to commit suicide by slitting her own throat, breaking the bone in the process??

Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was the associate director of the orthopedic trauma service at the Hospital for Special Surgery who treated Bono in 2014 after the U2 frontman was badly injured in a cycling accident in Central Park.

Lorich was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

An orthopedic surgeon at a hospital.  Treating trauma victims.

I mean, I could be wrong, but I know one thing…this man did not commit suicide.