East Coast Earthquake **edited

Well, now…didn’t see that coming!  /snark to the extreme

Dutchsinse has the goods below.  Note that this was entirely predicted–he stated that there was an earthquake in Wyoming, just over the border from South Dakota, that was not reported by USGS.  And following the flow chart, it was entirely predictable.

I didn’t have to go back to the video of the prediction because I remembered clearly that he stated he thought D.C. was going to get it.  He says he was joking, but you know that there are no coincidences.  he is probably clairvoyant and doesn’t even recognize it. 🙂


I wanted to put this up because Dutch is predicting a greater earthquake to occur yet this week.  His predictions run Sunday to Sunday, so we have a few days left.

**Edited to add:  forgot to mention that the so-called mysterious booms that are being heard all over the country are earthquakes caused by fracking, according to Dutch.  He has a video on it at his youtube page.

Dutchsinse and HAARP

Okay, so I read of a thing called HAARP when viewing various websites or youtubes, but again, I thought it was just too, too, *out there* and trusting too much in people doing the right thing.

But with the California fires that were clearly not natural, I had to rethink that.  Dutchsinse has confirmed that HAARP is real and possibly started the fires, and that is more likely the reason he is under fire on his youtube site.  If you all haven’t been following, he has had several trolls come into chat to misdirect and just disrupt conversations.  One of them, Mr. Black White,  I think is a CERN troll/satanist.

Also, I don’t know if Dutch has found my site via my links to his, but in case he has, please, Dutch, put the armor of God on you.  Some of the letters just gave me a bad feeling when you were reading them.  One of them was from someone in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Fort Wayne was once home to a large Miami camp that traded with the French at the confluence of the St. Mary, St. Joseph, and Maumee Rivers.  Anthony Wayne destroyed their village while they were away.  I would say that it is a very spiritual place but has something of a bipolar atmosphere to it with several defense contractors there, too.  There are many good people there, but some darkness, too.  I just had a bad feeling about the stones given to you.  The American Indians believe that objects like the stones can take on negative energy, and I just got a bad feeling when you pulled them out.

Betsy DeVos and Erik Prince

Why am I just now finding out about the connection between Erik Prince, who founded Blackwater, and Betsy DeVos, the (mis-) Education Secretary?

So they want to push out the Republicans that won’t go along with the powers-that-be?

It looks like West is under attack by the Darkness.  The violent assaulter, Greg Gianforte, came from New York, I believe, to get elected in Montana…why?

I know from my experience in South Dakota, they are still pretty independent minded, and more politically aware than the rest of the country.  They are better informed because their media has done a better job of informing them.  I recall, however, many times when I would hear a story about the water protectors that put the oil companies in a bad light, then the story would be changed later in the day…

Thanksgiving protest at Alcatraz

ZigZag has this up on the American Indian protest at Alcatraz on Thanksgiving.  Bet you didn’t hear about that on the media, eh?  But you’ve hear plenty on Colin Kaepernick…note that his T-shirt has a picture of Sitting Bull, the great chief/medicine man of the Hunkpapa Lakota.  Now I am always cautious of celebrity status individuals coming to the Indians because those that came to Standing Rock, in my honest opinion, were there for a photo-op and their own publicity.  Colin, I hope, is different.  Knowing that the media is heavily controlled now, I am even suspicious of those that are publicized in a negative way.

For the younger viewers, Alcatraz was occupied in the 1970s to protest ongoing harassment of the Natives.  Indeed, the first book I read by a Native American, Chief Wilma Pearl Mankiller, featured her and others occupying the island because in the many (broken) treaties, Indians were supposed to be allowed to regain control of Federal land that had been abandoned.  Alcatraz had been abandoned as a prison, therefore, the American Indians felt it within their rights to occupy it. Yeah, not so fast.

If I recall correctly, they held the spot for two years before being forced off.  Richard Oakes, mentioned in the above article, was paramount for Alcatraz.

Below is actual footage of the proclamation by Richard Oakes.  This, for the younger readers, is how media used to be — actual coverage of events and allowing the people to speak instead of talking heads flapping their gums overtalking the people.  Hearing Native Americans speak on camera was HUGE because it dispelled what we had been taught — that Indians were savages.

This was also seen as a huge threat to the powers-that-be because they were wanting to reclaim their culture  — their spirituality, their language, their respect of women, their respect of nature — all that was beaten out of them.


More 70s footage here, that explains a little more:


Earthquake in South Dakota **edited

First report has it at 3.9 on the Richter scale, between Sturgis and Whitewood.

**edited:  I have tried to find corroboration of this, but neither Dutchsinse nor USGS have plotted this…now I trust Dutch to put it out there because he is under attack for putting stuff out there that USGS does not want publicized, so if he does not have it listed, I am assuming that the member of the chat room that put these coordinates was mistaken, unless I hear differently.




Thanks every day

I am thankful for the gift of being a mother.  I am thankful for every bite of food.  I am thankful for the American Indians who cared for this beautiful place for over 10,000 years.

I had the great gift of finding a copy of the book, Indian Lore, by E.W. Lamb and L.W. Shultz, two instructors in Indiana schools.  Wendell Lamb grew up around the Miami tribe in Peru, Indiana.  This book shows of his respect for them and the Indian ways.  It is written without being demeaning or condescending.

It is a great piece that gives a lot of information for such a small book.  In it, there are maps of the tribes inhabiting Indiana before the European invasion, Indian names for English, picture writing, and sign language, illustrated by Chief Long Lance.

I found this prayer that is used at the end of a gathering and thought about Thanksgiving —

“May the Great Spirit–   (two fingers in V shape in motion in air)

“Be in your heart— (right hand over heart)

“As He has been in the past — (right thumb over right shoulder)

“As He is now — (both arms extended sideways)

“So may He always be with you on the long trail ahead”  (right index finger pointing upward and ahead).



Racing Snails

I found an old January 1993 copy of Organic Gardening and wanted to share this funny story I found in the “Letters to the Editor”.  It made me chuckle.

I hate writing letters, but since no one else has told you how to live in peace with slugs and snails, I guess I’ll have to.

My husband (who is weird but lovable) took a liking to snails when we lived in Seattle.  I would be in the garden getting slimed and he would come along and tell me “Don’t kill ’em.”  “Fine with me,” I’d say, “I don’t like killing anything, but they can’t stay here.”  So he took them away.

Later, I realized he had been going outside about an hour after dark every night and spending a half hour out there.  So I followed him—he had the flashlight with him and was headed for a narrow strip of soil between the sidewalk and rock garden.  And there they were—scores of slugs and snails chowing down on broccoli stems, an old carrot and wilted weeds he had pulled earlier in the day.  He had a snail in one hand and a paint pen in the other.  He was putting the number 83 on the snail’s shell!

There are lots of numbered snails running around (well, sliming around),.  As I soon discovered, they came to that spot at the same time every night where he would feed them!

The soil was improved from all that snail and slug poop, my plants were left pretty much alone, my husband had a cheap hobby that took him out in the fresh air every night, and I no longer had the moral dilemma of killing those slimy critters.

The key here is wilted veggies.  Put them in the same place every night and the same time they will come. 

Toni Branham,  Silverado, Colorado

(Editor then wrote:  I’m calling the police.)

Also, in this issue was a great hint on natural pest control:  using grapefruit seeds — or any citrus seed to control potato beetles.  You dry the seeds for a few days and then grind them up.  Then add water.  The article states that it makes something of a paste, so getting the right ratio of water that won’t gunk up your sprayer but not too much that it dilutes the limonin (that is the ingredient that repels them).

USGS Not reporting earthquake **edited

Dutchsinse has a video up on the current state of earthquakes around the globe.  There was an earthquake, I think it’s a 4.1, in the bay south of California.  Mexico authorities reported it. But as of 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard, there is no report by USGS.  Along with those they are not reporting at Yellowstone….things that make you go hmmm….

**edited to add this map of the Sedan Crater — a nuclear blast created this, folks.  A radioactive nuclear blast!  You can click several times to pull away from it, and it is still visible!  WTH are they thinking??