Smart Meters causing illness

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The arrogant attitude is appalling.  People should have a right to decide whether they want the meters or not.  It is THEIR home, not the utility company’s!

And they know that EMF’s do cause illness.  Like microwave ovens, they cook from the inside out…one can only wonder what is happening to their organs inside.

And why is *everything* being converted from analog to digital?

No more secure analog phone lines. Check.

No more secure analog televisions. Check.

No more secure analog energy meter at your home, whether you want it or not. Check.

And nobody can tell me why.  But I do know that analog signals were harder to intercept.

I also think analog cameras (like 35mm) had MUCH better, clearer pictures than the crappy digital ones.  Same with analog VCR’s.  Just my two cents.




There’s Something Happening Here… **edited

…what it is ain’t exactly clear…(For What It’s Worth –Buffalo Springfield)

(hat tip to Joanne Steen, the aussie who does really bad American imitations)

The fires in Santa Rosa are very suspicious…we have a planning commission that redlined a certain area for redevelopment, and lo and behold, that’s exactly where one of the fires started!  Amazing, isn’t it?  /snark


He makes the excellent observation that it takes a LOT to get a live tree to catch and burn like that.  Just think of a tree that someone cuts down — it has to dry out for at least a year before the wood will burn.  Anyone trying to light a green log has a very difficult time creating a fire.

They also make the excellent point that there is not a lot of dry leaves and twigs in the area, since it is residential, so there are not a lot of dry material to catch fire.

While I’m watching this, Spearfish Canyon springs to mind.  Because they acted like it was already a “done deal” when they made a show of asking for public input.   They didn’t count on 400 souls showing up and speaking passionately against the land grab.

And as I stated in my other blogs about the area — trees were disappearing at an alarming rate.  They are claiming a beetle infestation, but I don’t buy it.  I have been around awhile and I have *never* seen trees dropping like flies.

Today in California, tomorrow the rest of the U.S.   These #%&#$%!! don’t care if they destroy nature or people…as long as they can make a buck.  **removed the reference here because I’m being urged to…but I do so grudgingly…

Not only that, but I found another youtuber who talked about the many closed Wal-Farts that are putting in barbed prison-type wire, holding pens, etc., that look eerily like prisons — note the partnering with FEMA. At about 8 minutes in, the videographer notes that the San Jose Wal-Fart was along that same highway 101 in California! So is the plan that they are going to remove people to the FEMA camps if they refuse to relocate? Things that make you go hmmm….





Think Twice before giving money to organizations

Yet another sinister aspect of the Hurricanes:


She is not exaggerating about how terrible shelters are.  Seriously, I felt safer locked in my car than in the shelter after being targeted by a schizophrenic with a staff that allowed her to get away with it.

One bathroom?  ONE bathroom?  Geez I don’t feel so badly about having one bathroom for fourteen women!!  Mind you, this meant that some women, like yours truly, had to delay their shower for another time when the bathroom was not constantly in use.  I refused to undress and shower in front of strangers — I had enough of being gawked at in public showers during gym class…

But I digress…

So once again I see Red Cross asking for donations to *cough* help the victims of the California fires…and I grow irritated.  Shame on you!  Please, people, think twice before giving to them or really, ANY organization asking for help nowadays.  It’s a free-for-all, with very little of your donations going to those you are trying to help.

It would be better to find someone who knows someone to send money directly and they would make sure that the money is spent on the victims and not on limousines, caviar and wine….okay, I don’t know they are spending it on that, but it ain’t getting to the victims, so you can draw your own conclusions.





This is why you should check your own facts

Faux Nooz has been caught trying to claim a man was a Navy SEAL and Vietnam vet when he was not.  Don’t believe for a second, however, that Faux is the only one doing this.  They all are, but not being held accountable.

In related news, ICE apparently claimed that a homeless man was responsible for starting the California fires. Story here.

The controversy stemmed from the arrest Sunday of a homeless man accused of felony arson. Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who immigration officials said has been returned twice to Mexico, told deputies he set a fire in Maxwell Farms Park in Sonoma Valley, where he’s been seen sleeping, to stay warm. He is being held on $200,000 bail.

A day later, federal immigration authorities said they lodged a detainer, or a request to local jailers to keep an inmate behind bars for up to two extra days, against Gonzalez.

The sheriff begs to differ:

“There is a story out there that he’s the arsonist in these fires. That’s not the case. There’s no indication he’s related to these fires at all,” Giordano said of Gonzalez. “I wanted to kill that speculation right now, so we didn’t have things running too far out of control.”

There have been many, many fires set in forests across the country…which they have been spraying with Agent Orange, no less, but until now, I haven’t read of any effort to find out who the arsonists are.  I can make some educated guesses, however, especially with the ones in the Black Hills of South Dakota that seem to target spiritual sites such as Bear Butte…while leaving the beautiful trees surrounding Fort Meade (Sturgis SD) untouched.  Things that make you go hmmm….

There truly is a war on the homeless, whom have no voice and no respect  and no resources to fight back.  The Cabal sees them as “useless eaters” instead of the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, vets, homemakers, and the former hard workers that they are.  My mother had a high school education and just got by.  I was determined to do better, so I got my college degree, believing the b.s. that I would earn a good income.  The only time I was offered a job with a decent income was the Dept of Health job that meant participating in the lies the media is telling people now.  I can practically guarantee that there will be a “health emergency” in the near future and the Health Dept spokesperson will be telling people lies.  That job meant selling one’s soul.

By the Grace of God, any of us can become homeless — an illness keeping us from working full time can mean being put out on the street.  Most folks are over-extended and can lose everything very quickly.

Which isn’t all our fault, because we were raised to buy, buy, buy even if we could not afford to pay cash for something — just use a credit card or go to the bank for a car  or house loan.  The smartest thing one can ever do is pay cash for a vehicle. Or anything, for that matter.  Make do or do without, was a saying by smart people.

Back to the homeless — there are reports that the homeless populations are just *poof* disappearing in cities.  very scary.

Here are some disturbing videos on what has been happening, after Hurricane Harvey.  Have you all noticed how quickly the news went off of Harvey — more hurricanes after more hurricanes and then fires just happened to start all over California….

FEMA buses homeless separately than…homeless…because at this point they are all homeless.  It’s sickening.

The first comment really says it all:

I am just in tears after seeing the faces of these “homeless” people, who did nothing wrong, But who came to a public shelter seeking help just like all of the residents.  This just breaks my heart.  My adult son, one of my 3 adult kids I should say, would be homeless if he were left to his own devices. This could be MY CHILD looking down at the ground as he “walks the plank”, so to speak, and you can see the “NOT-KNOWING WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM  LOOK” in all their faces. You know they FEEL that something DIFFERENT will happen to them, just because homeless people are always looked down on, BY PEOPLE LIKE ME.  I am only one rent payment from being right there beside those people getting on that bus. Whats so special about me, that would change which bus I would be on???  The answer is simple.   NOT ONE THING IS DIFFERENT. BUT FOR MY ABILITY TO OBTAIN HELP TO KEEP MY APARTMENT.
Missing homeless in Utah:


This was made by a gal after Hurricane Harvey:







Keep America Beautiful

…was a campaign back in the 70s.  The following PSA had a strong impact.  It, among other things, shocked (some of) us into being more aware of what we were doing to this beautiful land.  Granted, it would take some of us a little while longer to put into action, but it pointed us in the right direction.

I will point out that the actor portraying the American Indian was actually Italian.  The Indians get upset that actors who portray them in movies and such are not natives at all.  Just wanted to clarify that.

Greeley being gangstalked

You know, before the sh*t started happening to me, I would have thought that Mary *must* have done something to bring this on…well, no more…I’ve seen it in action, and in South Dakota of all places!  What are the odds?  Well, I can’t say that anymore, either, because I know there are no coincidences and I was led to Mary Greeley by the Holy Spirit. Oh, and incidentally, I sent an email to her over a week ago to be put on her email list…did not receive a reply, so I presume that the email did not reach her or it was sent to her junk mail.

Rebecca Bredow released from Big Pharma jail…

Rebecca Bredow, the mother who refused to vaccinate her child, was released from jail following her serving the week.

There are so many wrongs here…where do I start…?

She as a mother has a right to refuse to vaccinate her child.  Another attorney wrongly filed a statement that Bredow would vaccinate her child.  She claims that she never agreed to this and it had been filed in error.  This alone should negate the order.

Her ex had not advocated vaccination before…but he changed his mind (or had it changed for him. Why the change?)

So why were his wishes placed above the mother’s??

Why did the judge seek to punish her by taking away full custody rights??

This judge is on an ego trip without regard to the mother’s valid concerns and weighing the father’s wishes over the mother’s.  There has been no evidence of abuse nor neglect so it is evident that the judge is no longer impartial but punishing the mother for standing up to her.

Good for Bredow for standing up to for her child.  This is what a strong woman looks like…not an aggressive person that feminists have tried to portray.

The ex just sounds vindictive and he doesn’t mind hurting his child to get back at his ex.  Selfish jerk.




The blog

So I log in this morning to find someone from this website:

has viewed my blog.  Things that make you go hmmm…

It is clearly a Big Brother website…the seeing eye?  Anyway, it was creepy as hell looking at what they claim to do:

Timer4web team works together to build a useful database of any website changes. 
We focus not only on the design history but go further and prepare a consistent history of changes in any of the parameters we find important.

We currently monitor the following parameters:

IP Address
Frontend & Backend
Security Check
Web Design
Robots.txt File
Social: Facebook
Social: Twitter
Social: Google +
Google Page Rank
If you need a different parameter to be recorded, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We gather various information from dozens of independent resources and store them in our database. Our goal is to collect only relevant information and present it in a simple and transparent way.

Boy, how they luvs them “transparent” while keeping the public in the dark.
And by the way, wordpress has not acknowledged nor fixed the error of telling folks that I had deleted my blog…