The earthquakes you aren’t hearing about…

I was taking doggie out for her walk this past week and noticed something very odd…

…I saw three grubs one day and two more the day after.  I never see grubs on the surface of the Earth unless they’re dead.  And yet here were five of them!

Now I’m wondering why would there be five grubs crawling on the Earth?  And the first thought that popped into my head was an earthquake.

I happened upon several youtubes on earthquakes happening now, that are either not being reported, or being under-reported as with Yellowstone.  I wonder now about those grubs and whether we had more earthquakes near Indiana than is being reported.  Or if they are stronger than being reported…if they are happening in southern Illinois, but reaching the upper part of Indiana.  You’ll know what I mean by wondering if they are being reported after you see the third video by Mary Greeley.

But I’ll start with the first earthquake video that led to the other three:




In the following video, Mary Greeley remarks about them quarry blasting near Yellowstone.  I agree that it is stupid to be allowing blasting going on near a volcano!  If it is registering on the seismograph, then apparently it is strong enough to be damaging…talking heads will act like it was totally unexpected when the volcano erupts after a devastating earthquake….




Greeley states that they have blocked her ISP address when she tries to tune into Yellowstone…if you have nothing to hide…

Speaking of internet interference, I was notified by a reader that she was receiving a message that the author had deleted the blog.  Nope.  I am still here, obviously.  And I tried to post this blog last night…and guess, just guess what happened…it would not post. And I have sent a query to wordpress as to why they were sending out this message.  That was two days ago, and I have not had a reply.

Other stuff that is happening is certain videos of INFORMATION have been blocked unless I sign in, google/youtube is asking for me to verify my age.  Seriously??  These are informational videos about all of this stuff going on…not objectionable videos…

…so this is not about age appropriate viewer, but censoring.  We have a constitutional right via the First Amendment of Freedom of Information.  But I see that we are now Nazi Germany II.

So, I found this map detailing earthquakes near Indiana.

There is a cluster near the New Madrid fault line.  Very concerning.  Especially if there were vibrations felt near the upper third of Indiana.

USGS map here.




NASA released bacteria-filled balloons during the solar eclipse **edited again **update

Reports here and here.  **see the added video below — it shows where the balloons were launched from, and I was right about being subjected to this in South Dakota —

**Yet another video added below outlining how serious this bacteria threat is — it kills honeybees!  So much for no threat to the environment or living things!!

The Verge article sounds like it was written by a high school kid who doesn’t ask hard questions or know enough to question what is being fed—

The bacteria that will fly to the edge of space is a particular strain called Paenibacillus xerothermodurans. It was first isolated from soil outside a spacecraft-assembly facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1973, says Parag Vaishampayan, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. These bacteria form shields of spores that allow them to survive even when conditions turn deadly. It takes around 140 hours at 257 degrees Fahrenheit to kill 90 percent of these bacteria, Vaishampayan tells The Verge.

Last week, Smith finished mailing the bacteria — which are not dangerous for people or the environment — to the student groups.

I would have asked:

  1. Why does NASA need to know anything about Mars?  WTH?
  2.  What scientific proof is there that this bacteria is not harmful to humans or the environment?  If the bacteria form shields of spores that allow them to survive EVEN WHEN CONDITIONS TURN DEADLY…how can they possibly state with a straight face that this bacteria is not harmful to humans or the environment??  As a matter of fact, it sounds exactly like what Lyme sufferers are battling!!  They are battling a synthetic bacteria that eludes detection by standard laboratory tests and because it is synthetic, the body’s immune system does not know how to attack it.
  3. It does not escape my notice that this was done in Montana…near several American Indian reservations.  And the weather flow would most likely travel over South Dakota and North Dakota — more American Indian reservations.  They couldn’t kill them off with smallpox-laced blankets, so now they’re trying to finish the job.  Additionally, DAPL oil pipeline will be going south into South Dakota…if water protectors are made ill, they can’t mount much of a protest, can they?  Well, we know from this, what politicians think of protectors’ lives.  **correction:  I guess I was so upset that I missed that the balloons were released by middle and high school children, as David Wolfe’s website asserts.  I had read The Verge’s report that Montana University had released them, and missed that it was EVERYWHERE.  Sorry.  It is just so mindblowing that NASA got so many to participate without question!!

Be sure to click on the links on David Wolfe’s website for the Tuskegee and subway experiments.

And while the people who conducted these experiments did so under the belief that the bacterial species they used were harmless, it has since been revealed that they can cause health problems.

“They’re all considered pathogens now,” says Leonard Cole, the director of the Terror Medicine and Security Program at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, who documented these experiments in his book “Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas.”

And I was still in South Dakota at the time of the eclipse, for a week afterwards.  After a week, I became really really ill with a fever that went to 101 degrees F.  I was in bed for three days.  I had two small jolts one day.  I have had them before with migraine (I had one with this illness), but wasn’t sure they were seizures.  But then I had a full blown seizure the next day, with my muscles seizing up and my arms drawn up.  I was sick for a week, just as others have reported.  I was sneezing and coughing and my lungs felt like they were on fire.  My nerves felt like they were on fire, too, as if they had no outer protective layer.  I also had trouble walking with feeling very woozy.  I had to use a cane for a few days afterwards.

My own blog on bioweapons here, written after my discovery of Lyme.

I know this is hard to digest.   I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around such evil.

But I also know that God is watching and aware.  I also know that we are not alone and the Beings of Light are with us.  Keep the faith.  Keep connected to God.  And don’t feed the Darkness.

Remember the story of the porcupine and the python…this gentle creature did not give up and fought to the end, taking the python down with it.

Blessings to all of us that feed the Light.  Bless the American Indians whom have kept their connection to God and Creation despite the best efforts of those that feed the Darkness.  Hundreds of years of trying to break the connection to God…and they have not succeeded.

**9.27.17 — I am adding this video for further clarity of where the balloons were launched:



The Family of Man

…and woman…ahem.

As you all know, I love the music I grew up with in the 60s and 70s — especially the ones of peace and love and tolerance of difference…

Three Dog Night was a favorite of mine and very popular.  Family of Man was a song of the times and the struggles of those decades.  I think it’s hard for the younger generation to understand that they were not just about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, but there was a genuine grasping for peace and love of each other (platonic love that did not engage the 2nd chakra).

Martin Luther King, Jr., and John F. Kennedy were two leaders also trying for that.  It was after JFK spoke about peace and changing his mind towards peace that he was murdered.  That era was often referred to as Camelot.  And if you don’t know what Camelot referred to, it was King Arthur and his viewing everyone as being equal, as he had a round table so that no one could use the position of power — the head of the table –as a means to shut up the others.

MLK was also taken out, I believe, for his stance on the Vietnam war and the poor.  He felt so alone in the last days of his life because of his standing against the war and speaking up for the poor.

So the song Family of Man resonated with those struggles.

Here is the song:


The die off of salmon in record numbers

Here’s an informative video on the die off of precious salmon that feeds so many and gives us such wonderful medicine:  omega that heals the brain.

<p><a href=”″>Salmon Confidential</a> from <a href=”″>Twyla Roscovich</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The First Nations folks hold salmon in high esteem.  Prior to we Europeans, they fished responsibly and managed the fisheries and ecosystem with a proactive viewpoint.

…and it’s only taken we Europeans a few hundred years to destroy what they sustainably raised for over 10,000 years!

The denial in the video is mindblowing.  They just don’t die without cause!  And it always comes down to money.  Shortsighted if you see the long term effects of this stupid denial.  This is probably one of the reasons they are trying to genetically modify God’s design…with disastrous consequences.

When I listened to what they are saying the cause is at the beginning, my mind leaped to Lyme and the many causes of people becoming sick.  It parallels what they are saying: a destroyed immune system and  retrovirus…just like what they are putting into vaccines!!

The narrator makes a comment that she wonders if they are actively trying to kill off the wild salmon (so that the commercial fisheries can force people to buy their diseased product)…and I wondered the same thing before she even voiced it.

I am seeing such evil in the world now that those feeding the Darkness would have no qualms about killing off a species for their own benefit.

I love that she shows how to tell good wild salmon from fatty farm-raised (and probably diseased) salmon–good to know.

I am happy that there are others who are seeing this happening and are taking charge.  I love that they are taking back their power and not allowing the corrupt politicians call the tune anymore.  Good for them.




What kind of trees do acorns grow on?

This is one of the saddest blogs I have ever read.  Sad because EVERY child in my class knew what tree acorns grew on.  Our teachers had fall decorations with leaves and squirrels and acorns stapled to the seasonal decorations board.   Nature was not ignored. Nature was not portrayed as evil or a nuisance as it is today.

Acorns come from oak trees.  And you can eat them, too.


The invisible weapon

The new weapon of our age: using electro-magnetic waves (EMF) to harm people.  Keep this in mind whenever someone poo-poos the harm that EMF’s do to people.  They are harmful and now we have American diplomats whom have been made ill.

The question is…WHOM is trying to harm them?  It would be hard to track down the source, imo.


A Year After DAPL…

Reposting this.  It seems like a lifetime ago…like a fairy tale story…but it’s not a happy ending.

Did you folks hear about Energy Transfer Partners using Blackwater-like outfit called TigerSwan to violently stop the protests and dig up burial grounds?  Now I hope those who doubted what the protestors were saying now believe them.  I was stunned by the police and sheriff deputies in riot gear.

There was no riot.  There was no riot.  There was no riot.

I hope that folks think about their precious water every time they open up the spigot.  Sadly, I don’t think they will until it no longer comes out or they get oil or fracking gas instead of life giving water.  Three days without water is all it takes for your body to shut down.

In Indiana, with 15 million pounds of toxins spewed into the rivers every year, the Wabash and Erie have been poisoned.  Officials have even warned folks not to eat fish from the Wabash, it is that bad.  And the Wabash is a major river that gave life to many…

And they were allowed to poison it at the expense of the future life: people, fish, cranes/eagles/turtles, creepy-crawlies, and the plants.

This is what DAPL was all about.  To prevent future Wabash and Ohio Rivers…

Porcupine: The Fighter


When I first saw the National Geographic photo of a porcupine standing up, quills fully flexed, in front of a lion, I thought that the porcupine had successfully fought off the lion.  I was sad later to find out that was not the case and the porcupine was dinner.

Then I came across this story recently of a porcupine being yet another meal for a python.  They try to state that the porcupine was not the cause of the python’s demise, but later in the story, they say that the python tried to regurgitate and the quills caused its demise.

They said that porcupines are on the menu of pythons so it could not have been the cause.


Porcupine does not go down without a fight…so it shoots quills into the python.

Python realizes it tangled with the wrrrroooonnng porcupine and tries to regurgitate the little fighter.

Big Mistake. You lose.

I just admire the porcupine so much.  They are a small, gentle creature, but man, they don’t back down.  They fight to the end.

With that said, I found this while looking for the lion photo (hat tip to Huffington Post):