Let Them Eat Cake

And let’s set the record straight once again:  MARIE ANTOINETTE DID NOT SAY THOSE DEPLORABLE WORDS!!
She was deliberately smeared by French snobs who could not relate to the poor.

They wanted to deflect attention to their own gluttony at the expense of the working poor.
The words “let them eat cake” were uttered by a court hangers-on who apparently ignored their own privileged position that sucked off the teat of the common folk. Unreal.

Louise Linton hashtagged her designer apparel as she departed a UNITED STATES TAXPAYER PAID 747 (or whatever the full size plane is)…and then had the gall to throw her privilege into the face of an American citizen who called her out on her “let them eat cake” moment. Incidentally, I tried to find the original post by Betsy Klein that had the original twitter by Louise Linton with the designer clothes labeled on the picture as she departed the plane.

Not only that, but the trip was not even about official U.S. government, but about seeing the eclipse!!!

watchdog group suspects Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ‘s trip to see the government gold in Fort Knox on the taxpayers’ dime with his wife, Louise Linton, was actually spurred by a desire to be in the prime viewing area for Monday’s total solar eclipse.
It was Linton’s rant on Instagram against a woman critical of her bragging about pricey designer clothes she wore on the trip that drew the suspicions of that watchdog, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

During that visit, the former Goldman Sachs (GS) partner Mnuchin, Linton and a group of other civilians that included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky., visited the gold depository and watched the solar eclipse.

And in my own dealing with poverty and those who look at me like I am a scab on the face of humanity.

I have been on the interstate traveling with my car full of my things.

You would not believe how the poor are treated…but here are a few examples:

I was stared at by the young and the old.  There was a car full of the younger folks who were LAUGHING at me and my car full of what I hold near and dear.  I now wonder if they took a selfie of my furnishings-on-wheels and posted on their fartbook page…having a laugh at this poor person’s predicament.

“Look at this car!  Haha!”

Not only that, I had briefly come back to Indiana and then went back to South Dakota.  I was stopped by a police officer in Woodhull Illinois.  It was dark, late night, and I had stopped at the very same gas station I had stopped in on my first journey out to South Dakota.

I had not broken any laws.  I had not been drinking (they have been trying to say that I am a drunk or have a problem with booze — just for the record, I have not had a drink since February 2015.  Normally, I would have a drink on New Year’s and perhaps one other time during the year.  I cannot afford to hurt my liver, so I don’t drink. )

But this officer pulled me over simply because my car was packed full of my crap.  His first comment was that I could not possibly see out of the car.  Nope.  It was apparently lost on him that I HAD TO HAVE SEEN HIS LIGHTS in my mirrors in order to pull over.

I did not ask him the question I have told you guys that you should — what was I being charged with?  If they cannot answer that, you do not have to give your information over to them and they do not have the right to search your car.  This is based on the 4th Amendment.

But when you’re poor, cannot afford an attorney, you go along to get along.  So I gave him my license when he asked for it.  It was only afterwards that he stated I have expired license plates.   I pointed to the temporary sticker in my window that showed I had tried to renew the license plates in South Dakota, but they would only give me a temporary plate because I did not have my title, as it was in Indiana.  He ignored that and gave me a lecture on getting my plates renewed.

He pulled me over for “driving while poor…”  Blacks know it as “driving while black…” because they too get pulled over for no reason at all.  I recall a black judge who talked to us in one of my college classes.  He was pulled over all the time for DWB even though he was not breaking any laws.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to the TV and the Defense department wanting more money, more money, more money.  They already get 40 percent of the budget while school funding and food stamps are cut….

Say no to the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about…killing people for profit, destroying the earth with chemicals used in bombs are sins.



More Lupron horror stories… ** edited


….just in case you’re thinking that I and the other lady are just two anomalies (and believe me, you will hear that from the calcified medical establishment and Big Pharma)…here are more stories of women being devastated by a legal drug prescribed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.  And these ladies are not even counted when they start fudging the numbers on the devastating effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This reported death is not identified within the FDA’s Lupron AERS reports either:

My 22 year old daughter died July 31, 2012. She had endometriosis and started on Lupron injections in May 2012. The first injection … she was not feeling well. By [the next] afternoon she was passing out every time she stood up. … The Lupron messed with her hypothalamus gland which messed with her pituitary gland which messed with her adrenal glands. Her glands were not making ACTH or Cortisol…

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Spirituality in the Most Unexpected Places

I met some wonderful people in a place that you would not expect it.  I had no less than four people talk to me about spirituality this week.  I had been praying to find others like me and my prayers were answered.  I am still somewhat stunned by people talking to me like they had known me for years about such deep spirituality.  And they were all white…another stunner because I’ve tried talking to other white folks about my deepening spirituality but have been met with misunderstanding…so I quit talking about it.  Then God shows me that there are others like me whom have followed their hearts and paths and God’s guidance to arrive at new and deepening understanding.

God Bless us All.  🙂

US Army begins unearthing remains of children of Carlisle School culture of death

Story here.

I am only beginning to unwrap all the racist, self-righteousness that I learned growing up as a white girl.  What was done to the American Indian were deliberate acts of destruction of culture, of family, of spirituality.

And what white folks don’t understand is this:  your families and your spirituality are being destroyed now through subtle means…

…taking children “away” through schools that are not teaching children cooperation, but an unhealthy competitiveness to lie, cheat, and steal to “win” the good grades.  This teaches children unethical behavior to get what you need, screw everybody else.

…feeding your children an unhealthy breakfast that robs the parent of time with their child, as well.

I hear of schools now implementing plans to teach children what parents should be teaching them.

White folks need to heed what was done to the American Indian, to Black folks, and the poor…


Vaccine Exemptions by State

National Vaccine Information Center has a post up on the vaccine exemptions by state.  Protect your children’s health by refusing vaccines that destroy health, not improve health.   As much as they try to say they are better than God, they cannot improve on God’s design of our immune system.

Better to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and eat chemical-free, unprocessed food to help our immune system to function as God intended.