What is left out of the pain discussion…

I’m able to listen to the insanity on TV again…you know, sometimes silence is a gift…

So as I am listening of the “opioid epidemic” discussion on the nooz  and again wondering why they are suddenly discovering this when it has been KNOWN for sometime…and I can’t dismiss that Big Pharma owns the nooz, so how are they benefiting from this? What is the hidden agenda?

As I am listening to this and the nooz reports do not address the natural methods of pain relief…one of which I have talked about — coffee enemas.  These non-narcotic enemas relieve pain. They help the liver in detox, aiding the body to rid itself of the toxins were are exposed to every day.  It is really criminal for physicians to write prescriptions for these addictive drugs that actually poison the system and not telling people about coffee enemas.  But then they wouldn’t be helping put billions of dollars into Big Pharma’s pockets…

Does anyone believe the story that Merck Manual, which is a reference for physicians, removed coffee enemas from their guide because there wasn’t enough room? Me neither.

For those who are new, a coffee enema is a tablespoon of organic coffee in a quart of filtered water.  Boil for five minutes.  Allow to cool so you won’t burn yourself.  Place in enema bag.  Use soap or natural oil to lubricate the tip.  Try to hold it for fifteen minutes, but don’t try to hold it in when you get the urge to go.  At first, you may only be able to hold it for five minutes, depending on how toxic you are.

Be sure to eat raw fruits and vegetables to replace minerals and electrolytes.

See Gerson Therapy for further discussion.

Be well, my friends.



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