Sea World continues to hold Tillikum captive **edited


instead of transporting him back to his native waters in the Pacific Northwest.

I love how they continue to portray themselves as giving a rat’s behind on Tillikum’s health and how they spin keeping him isolated in marine jail (medicine tank).

How can they justify 30+ years of keeping him caged?

Take him back to his native waters where he was stolen from…let him live free for what time he has left.  As I said before, they are probably worried that he would actually improve being  released from marine prison…

To those of you that pray or send Light and Energy, please do so for Tillikum…and all caged animals.

**Edited to add:  found this link about the story.  Note that Sea World launched a million dollar Public Relations campaign to boost its image…instead of doing the right thing by using that money to transport Tillikum back to his native…

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