A dream of planes crashing

Okay, folks, I had a prophetic dream last week, but I was reluctant to say anything…

…but then I thought of the Potawatomi Indians of Indiana and them telling me to honor my dreams and visions.  If you recall, I had not told anyone that I was having dreams and visions and I did not know any of them personally before they urged me to honor my dreams and visions.

The reason I didn’t want to write about it is because there were some important details left out and even though I prayed asking for more details, none have been forthcoming.  As always, these dreams occur just before I wake up.

So I’ll tell you what I saw:

I and my boyfriend were in what felt like my apartment…it felt like home, but it sort of looked like an airport observation lounge.  We were the only ones in there.

Suddenly, a large plane, like a 747, comes roaring in — much too fast for a safe landing, and the landing gear was not down.  There was a man — a bad man — who was running down a sidewalk right next to the runway, and the plane “buzzed” him, it was flying so low.

It skidded on the runway, sliding and then crashing further down the runway.  Another plane followed, but it was going crossways across the runway.  It also was going waaay too fast before it, too, crashed.  More planes crashed, all too fast, as if the pilots had no control and they were being pulled downward.  Planes were crashing one on top of another.

It was dirty, too, like there was a dust storm.  Or perhaps a volcano had exploded.  It just looked eerie, with no color, only brownish-gray.

My boyfriend and I realized something was terribly, terribly wrong and started to run down a stairwell…but then realized that was not safe.  It felt like water was coming up, but I could be wrong.  It just felt that there was danger down below, as well, so we ran back up the stairs.

Unfortunately, that was all that I was given.  No info on where this was supposed to occur.  No info on when this was supposed to occur.  All I know is it felt like a prophetic dream.  Sorry that I couldn’t get more information.



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