When she is unable to say NO!!!

FAIR WARNING:  This post is a rant.  I am angry as hell. So if you’re having a bad day or in a negative mood, this probably isn’t the post for you today.

So Bill Cosby has gotten away with drugging and raping women over and over and over again …for decades.  Oh, I mean…gotten away with allegedly raping women…see, lawyers don’t fight for justice, they only fight for rich pricks who violate women repeatedly and would be more than happy to sue someone who doesn’t use the word allegedly when talking about a creep like Cosby.

And I used to like and even admire Bill Cosby.  And all that time he was allegedly rendering women unconscious so they could not fight back when he intimately violated them…over and over and over again.

The #%&#! coward drugged them so they could not say NO!!!  They could not give their consent.

Just as I could not give my consent to my former husband, who took advantage of my inability to give my consent while I slept.  I know that I am not the only wife whom has been raped by her husband…or that it is not even recognized by people because we were married.   I did not give my consent and even on the two times that I woke up, I objected to him doing it. I should have walked out at that moment, but I was not as strong then as I am now.  He had beaten me down with words so my self esteem was so low that I did not recognize verbal or sexual abuse that it was.  When I say I left my marriage, I say that I crawled away.  I only started coming to the realization the scope of the damage he had done two years after the divorce.  And I am still, twenty plus years later, trying to undo the damage done.

Predators like him and Bill Cosby choose their victims well.  They know who is vulnerable and too trusting and they take advantage of that naivete.  Truly, women of verbal abuse, or any abuse, if their spirits survive the abuse, eventually come to realize that if they were to trade places with the abuser, would never abuse them in the way that they themselves were abused.

Eventually, the abuse victims whose spirits survive it come to that realization.  I say if their spirits survive it because I have come to see verbal and sexual abuse as tools of the dark side…a way for satan to destroy someone’s soul. Some don’t survive it and become robots or shells who go through the motions of life, but whose spirit has been so damaged that they can’t break away. And I would say, they find it difficult to connect with God.  Again, this is my opinion, folks, your mileage may vary.

This fraternity creates or endorses predatory behavior.  Think of this when someone makes fun of people who believe in conspiracies.  They do exist.  Right in front of your eyes, that is, if you don’t pretend you don’t see it happening.

Or how about this victim, who stood up a popular football player.  She was strong and spoke out, and yet she was still re-victimized by society.








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