The Ancestors…

God constantly amazes me by the little bits of revelations as I walk my path…

I’ve stated before that I have combined my Christianity with Native American spirituality, but this past week, a sibling revealed to me that we do, indeed, have Native American blood, which I suspected, but no proof until now.

I couldn’t be more pleased and proud.

What bothers me is that so many people are ill-informed about Native spirituality.  A Jesuit priest witnessed a traditional Medicine man asking God to help heal a young boy who was dying.  The Jesuit priest proclaimed the Medicine man as a satanist, which doesn’t make any sense because he would have to proclaim Jesus as a satanist for doing the same things.  Jesus  was using earth and the power God gave him to heal people, such as when he spit on mud and placed it upon the blind man’s eyes so that he could see, or those that were healed by Jesus’ touch, even raised from the dead.   It doesn’t make sense that a loving God would give only ONE person the power to heal.  I have read too many stories of those healed and experienced such phenomenal things that I know God has given these miraculous gifts to others.

In fact, I believe that God has given each of us the ability to heal ourselves.  This I am learning through the miracle of fasting.  I truly believe that it heals the body as well as the soul.  For me, I feel God’s presence more when I am fasting.  It is a deeper spiritual connection.

I also have learned that I have two more ancestors (uncles) who fought on the Union side in the Civil War.  They were originally in North Carolina, but in another twist to the story, ended up fighting in an Indiana regiment.  Everything comes back to Indiana.

And you want to know the coolest part…?  The prior generation owned slaves…so my ancestors recognized it as wrong and were willing to lay down their lives.  I could not be more proud.




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