A dream…

I had a dream just before awakening this morning.  As always, I assess whether it is a message or a prophetic dream.  I am still trying to figure out the Gift that I have been given, so I lack enough confidence to know whether this disturbing dream is something to take at its face value, or there is a deeper meaning behind it.

For instance, a dream of death doesn’t mean actual physical death, but means a part of oneself is dying that is no longer serving one.  Your mileage may vary, of course.

So the dream…I dreamed that the United States was no more.  Not in the way that we have come to know it, anyway.  The government was dissolved and the former states were turned into little fiefdoms where certain handpicked individuals ruled over all…like the British Kingdom.

Yeah, it was really disturbing.

I really hope that it is not a prophecy, but a dream with another meaning that hasn’t been made clear to me yet.  I just cannot wrap my brain that we are going back to that…

Meanwhile, stay connected to God always.  I do that throughout the day by thanking God for a bird singing a song, the leaves coming out on the trees, the beautiful Spearfish Canyon (what is left of the beauty with all the trees dying), the food I have to eat, the water to drink, and so on.  I just close my eyes briefly, think of God, and say “thanks for…”

My personal thought is that if you stay connected with God that way, it makes it much harder for the Dark side to wedge its way in.  I think this is what the Natives call “walking in prayer”.  Again, your mileage may vary….



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