May 4, 1970: Four Dead in Ohio… **edited

May 4, 1970…


On a sunny, gorgeous Spring day in May, four students at Kent State University in Ohio were gunned down by the National Guard, which the Governor of Ohio sent to quell student protestors.  The Vietnam war protests had become intense after President Nixon invaded Cambodia.  He had lied and said we were getting out, but instead ramped things up.  About a week after this, students at Jackson State were also shot.

My prior posts on Kent State:

Birch Bayh, my Senator at the time, started asking questions.

A student’s documentary on Kent State.  Note how dramatic the Governor is in describing these 18-22-year-old kids as if they were hardened terrorists part of some bigger organization.  They were not. They were unarmed.  They were angry at being lied to while their buddies die in Vietnam, as Alan Canfora experienced.

As the documentary acknowledges, only two of those killed were actually part…

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