Lyme: the gift that keeps on giving…

So…a long road to health discovery led me to Lyme Disease.
I could not figure out why I continued to have migraines even though I had felt better. They were the first symptom I had of health decline one year after dental amalgam placement. I figured that the migraines would be gone once I had cleared enough mercury.
As you know, I discovered a connection between the migraines and gallstones after experiencing a severe dizzy spell and then passing 5 one-inch green and beige gallstones. Others had noted very bad headaches when they were passing gallstones. It made sense because I would get migraines after having a dizzy spell.
The coffee enemas were the key to the discovery, as I was seeing things that shouldn’t be there in the toilet. (Trying not to get too graphic, folks)

I began researching parasites because, again, my wonderful guardian angels were whispering in my ear.

Then I saw two things that looked like what I was seeing in the toilet: borrelia burgdorferi. More pics here–I have seen the cysts expelled with coffee enemas. Yay.

I have had chills that were so bad that I was shaking (they accompanied the migraines). My kidneys have ached with migraines, too, and they have become even more painful in the past year. These are symptoms of babesia, a common co-infection of Lyme.

So now I’ve put the missing puzzle piece in place. This is the reason that I have not been able to return to my former good health. Reading the websites of others struggling with this has not been encouraging. They speak of industrial-strength antibiotics, blah, blah, blah.  I am not about to go on antibiotics! Horrors!

Here is a survivor (yes, Lyme can be deadly) who followed Gerson Therapy to recover his health.

On a scale of five, I went from a two to a one. I was so sick, but nobody knew because I still looked normal. –James

Me.  To a “T”.

Note that Gerson is about raw food and coffee enemas.

God has provided everything we need to help our bodies, so I am going the natural route to battle this. Most of the natural healing websites recommend certain herbs and boosting the immune system with probiotics.

This is stuff that I have already been doing…when I have the money.

The biggest obstacle to me getting well is not being able to afford the Vitamin C, Vitamin E, magnesium, organic raw food (my plan of attack), and organic coffee/filtered water for the enemas.

I should say that I do see progress with fasting, as Shelly Keck noted in her road to recovery. I wonder now if she also had undiagnosed Lyme that was activated by the devastating effects of Depo-Provera, since she, too, shook badly with chills?

A thought popped into my head while re-reading Keck’s book — like Keck, I had the devastating reaction to hormone-altering drugs (Synarel), as well, plus the Lyme, so I just wonder if there is a connection…

Anyway, Keck had mentioned that when fasting, the body is using the energy that would normally be used in digesting food for the good healing work of sloughing off dead cells, and other “clean-up” that it can’t do because it is so toxic. A toxic body has only so much energy, so must prioritize with digesting food to survive. If it is given a rest from digesting food, it can use that energy to heal. What a wonderful miracle.

Keck mentioned that during fasting, she noted smells of past exposure to toxins — for instance, she smelled perm solution even though she had not permed her hair for a year or more. Another time, she smelled paint fumes from when she painted her entire house a year or more before. Amazing, isn’t it?

I have noticed the same phenomena– smelling toxic smells from things that were not present.

I have also noticed emotional healing work being done–one morning when I had begun a 24-hour fast, I awoke really angry at God. I was experiencing the heartbreak of the morning when I lost custody of my youngest. The sobs came almost as bad as the actual morning of losing her.

I wondering what the heck was going on, then it hit me that it was from the healing work of fasting. My body was remembering and trying to heal that toxic emotional stress of that morning. God has designed us well, eh?


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