The bullies win again…

…you know, I thought that for once, the meek would win one…

Apparently, it doesn’t even matter when you call the police, file a report, another occupant in the apartment house you’re in also states that the bully had harassed her…

The police officer saw the nails in front of my tires.  I took pictures of it, too.  I told them of her looking in my car windows and sending her granddaughter out to look in my rear window…because she doesn’t like the buffalo in it.  I am not removing it because she doesn’t like it.  She is a bully and a bigot.

I never got a notice from the state’s attorney’s office about the court case.  Never got a notice.  She was supposed to appear in court last week.

Meanwhile, she played her radio LOUDLY all day long Sunday, and has played it loudly before that, too.    She apparently has moved it so it is closer to my wall.  She again parked in my parking spot yesterday, as if nothing had happened.  She repeatedly slams cabinet doors and has even hammered on the wall.

I found out today that all charges were dropped.

The officer saw the four inch nails pointed in towards my tires.

He told me that she admitted she did it.

It was a slam dunk case if I ever saw one.

And the charges were dropped.

So the bullies of the world can go on bullying people and getting away with it.

I just want to be left alone and go about my day without being harassed.

So guess who put in her 30 day notice today? Not the aggressive bigot of a bully…

Somebody please explain it to me.  Because I’m got.  She threatens me, but I have to move…


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