Wow, what a weekend…

This weekend was a wonderful mix — I met people from Taiwan, New Zealand, and the good ole’ USA.  It is so nice when folks can come together in this beautiful place.

I attended a Native ceremony honoring the Veterans.  It was very moving.   The Native folk honor the warriors for their bravery, strength and courage.  They also hold the Black Hills sacred, so it was a doubly moving ceremony in this sacred place.  I thought about my Dad, a WWII vet, and Caleb, my ancestor who was a Civil War vet, and about a sibling whom had enlisted in the 70s.  I thought about those buried in the cemetery.  I thought about their families.  I noticed folks came from as far away as Texas and Pennsylvania.  Such love and respect.

I read the book, Returning to the Lakota Way by Joseph Marshall III.    It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to understand the beliefs and way of life of the traditional Native folk.

In the book was a powerful story of the Shield Maker, a warrior that acted in haste that cost him a lot.

The story goes that the Shield Maker, known as Stone Arrow, was a warrior that had gone to scout out a newly arrived tribe’s village.  They were spotted by a young boy warrior who attacked.   Stone Arrow pushed him down and threw his lance away.  The young boy came at him again with the lance, and Stone Arrow quickly disarmed him and thrust the lance into him.

All the way back to their village, Stone Arrow wondered whether he had done the right thing…whether the action was justified.  He thought of all the reasons to justify his actions.  Stone Arrow was an experienced warrior, but the young man was not.  He wanted to be a war leader, and was worried that his actions had cost him that position.

Some time not too long after the boy warrior was killed, Stone Arrow returned to his lodge (tipi) to find his wife and baby gone.  He checked around the village to see where they had gone.  No one had seen them.  Stone Arrow returned to his lodge and then saw it:  the unmistakable signs that his family  was taken by the father of the young boy he killed.

He searched and searched for his family, but never found them.  He intended on killing the father of the boy.

On one search, he grew weary and made camp.  An old man appeared from nowhere and began to talk with Stone Arrow about his missing family.  He made the point that if Stone Arrow found the father and killed him, would that bring his family back?  The father had felt the same pain of losing his son that Stone Arrow was feeling now.

Stone Arrow took his words to heart and knew that the old man was speaking the truth.  But Stone Arrow felt lost without his family.  He was in a no man’s land of emotions.

The old man stayed with him for awhile, asking Stone Arrow to make a choice on which path he wanted to take:  a path of peace or a path of war or death.  He counseled that the path of peace would not be the easy path to take, but would nourish his soul and make the unbearable more bearable.  The path of death would not.

Stone Arrow took time to contemplate the wise old man’s words.  He lit a fire at the top of a hill, as instructed, to let the old man know his decision was one of peace.

In the week that followed, the old man taught Stone Arrow how to make shields so strong that a lance could not penetrate them.  From then on, he was known as the Shield Maker.

The old man went on to talk about warriors being men of peace who were aware of the impact of war, the sacredness of life, and wanting peace, but being willing and able to defend the village, the women and children, but always keeping in mind the impact of their actions.

This is in contrast to those who profit off of war who wish to keep us in perpetual war by creating boogeymen out of people who want what we want — peace.  Most people just want to live their lives, provide food and shelter for their families.  Most people want peace.


It’s Not Just Lyme… **edited

My ancestor Caleb fought in the Civil War, Union side.  He must be rolling over in his grave right now at what the country has become.  There are those that say the Civil war was a War Between the States…that it was about economics more than about freeing the Black folk.  Well, perhaps that was in the minds of the powers-that-be that  started the war, but I am sure that Caleb would not have put his life on the line so some rich jerk could make more money.  He was led to fight in a war because he wanted to do what was right.  Now they are experimenting on the troops as well as the American people.

I’ve been researching Lyme and wow, what a twisted road I have gone down.  I’ve read story after story of folks whom have been to doctors who deluged them with antibiotics and when that didn’t get rid of their illness, the doctor either accused them of mental illness or made statements that they HAD TO BE cured because they said so. Or they never had Lyme.  Unreal.

So the path has led me to find that Lyme may be the product of a lab.  There is a paper of such significance that I have to post it here.

A boycott ensued that was believed to be unparalleled in the “stormy history of relationships between the military and the scientific community.” [4]
Science news reported:
“At least 16 scientists refused to give papers at a Detrick-
sponsored symposium on nucleic acids as part of a half-
spontaneous, half organized protest against the use of science for
destructive military purposes. Some scientists rejected Detrick’s
invitation shortly after it was received; others accepted the
invitation, but then, after receiving letters and calls from their
colleagues, decided to withdraw. Four scientists even withdrew
after the final program had been printed, thus forcing Detrick to
rearrange the program at the last minute.”
“Pickets marched outside Detrick’ s main gate carrying signs that
proclaimed “Fort Detrick IS NOT a Respectable Scientific Institution” and “Fort Detrick Scientists are Prostitutes.”
One sign asked “Want to Get Sick? Consult Your Local Physician at Fort
Detrick”; and several signs were decorated with drawings of
By November 1970, a year after Nixon ratified the Geneva Protocol, nothing had changed except the public’s perception of CBW risk. [16] Rather than receive the promised annual cut in biological warfare research funding, the DOD’s BW budget increased from $21.9 to $23.2 million. The stockpiled
bioweapons Nixon pledged would be rapidly destroyed remained
intact in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and the announced transition of
Fort Detrick from a BW testing facility to a solely defensive NIH
run health research lab had not occurred

We were lied to…

If you don’t read another page the rest of your life, please read this.  And be prepared to weep at what has become of this country that is now ruled by an evil elite that believe they are God and they alone can decide who lives and who dies.  Eugenicists that began their plan way back in World War II.  I’m now of the belief that WWII was just a dress rehearsal for what these evil people had planned all along.

This paper by Dr. Leonard Horowitz tells of a bacteria/virus that was created in a lab.  AIDS.  Only it isn’t HIV.

I had read this previously, but could not wrap my brain around it.  Create a disease? In a lab?  What kind of evil person would do that?

A few others stated that the WHO was funding several programs
designed to evaluate the specific disease vulnerabilities of
minority groups – from American Indians [8] to African natives
[9] – through the collection and analysis of “gene pools” and
“blood supplies.”
For those that doubt this, remember that they inserted smallpox into blankets that they handed out to Native folk.  Smallpox nearly wiped them out.

Congress okayed the money for research of it…it was needed as a bioweapon, the Dept of Defense said….

Strecker’s material said that the DOD provided one contract in
1970 for $10 million for the development of a synthetic
biological agent with no natural immunity.

…but what Robert Gallo created was a slow virus that would inhabit one’s cells, but not activate, or cause illness, until something else triggered it, like another illness, a trauma like a car accident, vaccines, heavy metals like mercury from dental amalgams, etc.

So it was obvious from the beginning that this was not a weapon of war.  A weapon of war would need to be fast acting, causing illness immediately, not months or years later.

This was a weapon of mass illness to sicken and ultimately kill people.  Eugenics.

Now we have an illness that has no definition.   The labs cannot diagnose it because it is a synthetic disease that has been designed to escape detection.  You can’t say that it is there, only by the symptoms show that there is an invader.

And I don’t believe for a second that they don’t know how to treat it.  One would believe that they knew how to treat it before it was unleashed onto the public, or else they would get sick, too.  So not only are they denying its existence, but also denying the formula for treatment from medical professionals as well as the general public.

The article went on to state that Russian and American
researchers were privy to the same vaccines, viral samples, and
information about how the human immune system could be
bolstered or destroyed by old and newly developed germs,
including those produced from monkey viruses. [17,18]
“All this during the cold war,” Jackie noted.
Keep this in mind with the current hyperbole of Russian connection with Trump.  It’s all for show folks, as the above paragraph illustrates.  Even during the fake cold war with Russia, we were sharing bioweapons research with them!!
“Why so much interest in two sheep viruses that cause nerve
disorders and don’t infect humans?” Jackie asked.
“I’m not sure.”
“And what about kuru? Who are the ‘Fore people of New
What makes them so important that viral centers around the
world took up their cause?”
“Well, let’s look it up.” I walked over to our library and pulled
out a copy of Steadman’s Medical Dictionary.
“Kuru, it says is”:
“A highly localized, fatal disease found in New Guinea,
resembling paralysis agitans [a nervous disorder with frequent
bouts of shaking]; found among certain cannibalistic people who
ingest raw brain of recently deceased victims of the disease. Also
called a laughing sickness.” [23]
“When in history has helping cannibals been a world priority?” I
“Never,” Jackie responded. “The notion seems utterly
“Oh. That was awful.”
“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”
We read on:
“CHINA viruses are distinguished by
the languishing character of
the infection process they initiate. The incubation period in the
 host may be months or years, and the disease itself may progress
laggardly towards an irreversible deterioration of the victim.
Cells infected with “slow” viruses are in general neither impaired
nor stimulated to proliferate. Their functions are impaired but the
nature of the dysfunction has not as yet been clarified.”

And finally, this particular segment of this disturbing paper hits close to home:

Gallo and company, including frequent coauthor Robert Ting from Litton Bionetics, reported modifying simian monkey* viruses by infusing them with cat leukaemia RNA to make them cause cancers as seen in people
with AIDS (see fig. 6.5). [9,10]
Furthermore, Gallo and his coworker Seitoku Fujioka concluded
from studies conducted in late 1969 or early 1970 that they would
need to further “evaluate the functional significance of tRNA
changes in tumor cells.” To do this, they designed an experiment
in which “specific tumor cell tRNAs” were “added directly to
normal cells.” They explained that one way of doing this was to
use viruses to deliver the foreign cancer producing tRNA to the
nonnal cells. The viruses that they used for this purpose, were the
simian monkey virus (SV 40) and the mouse parotid tumor (polyoma)

See, my Dad had skin cancer on his nose and another area on his body.  He remarked to me one day that he could not figure out how it metastasized to cancer in his parotid gland.  Given the information above,  I’m  now getting this horrible feeling that while he was at the Veterans Hospital in Indianapolis, he was experimented on.


Hoosiers push back against DeVos

I looove this!! This is when I am really proud of the folks in Indiana. I wish they were this vocal about the toxins in the waterways and air. I can hope. I can hope. But yeah, this news made my day. 🙂

School Matters

Education advocates in Indiana have a unique perspective on the radical school-choice policies that Betsy DeVos is promoting as U.S. secretary of education, said Teresa Meredith, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

Hoosiers have seen how a school voucher program that was sold as a way to help poor children escape “failing” schools can evolve into something quite different: an entitlement for middle-class parents to send their children to religious schools at public expense.

Teresa Meredith Teresa Meredith

“In Indiana, the voucher program has really changed,” Meredith said in a phone interview. “There is now no cap on the number of vouchers. Families with a really decent income can qualify. And the data are telling us that most kids getting vouchers are already in private schools, or that was the family’s plan all along.”

DeVos came to Indianapolis Monday to speak at a policy summit of the American Federation of Children…

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