If you have nothing to hide…

…so I hear on the radio this morning that the Energy Transfer Partners have bought off a judge, er I mean, have prevailed in a judge’s ruling that the oil billionaires do not have to tell the public about…wait for it…oil leaks.  Can you believe it??

If they have nothing to hide, why are they worried about telling the public, who most vehemently is against DAPL, about oil leaks??

Oh, right, they hide behind “public safety” and “public security” .

Tell me, if the public drinks oil polluted water or oil polluted water kills their crops and/or livestock, whom is benefiting from this ruling??

As a side note~ I saw the picture below today and I wondered why this photo did not get the media’s attention like the faux news of the trash at Standing Rock?

Image result for submerged rock bismarck nd

Pretty powerful, eh?

From this link: https://goo.gl/images/rbAi6L


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