Syria and WWIII

So you’ve probably heard that we have begun a war…

…without Congressional approval, which is ILLEGAL.

My jaw dropped when the radio announcer stated that Congress was begging Trump to kinda sorta let them have some input.  Un-freaking-believable!!  It is illegal for a president to start a war without a majority vote from members of Congress.  And if we were truly a democracy, the president would not be allowed to start bombing some place without the American people going to the polls to vote whether they wanted their tax dollars to go to the Military Industrial Complex and kill people and destroy Mother Earth for money.

A majority of the people want peace.

So…I hope folks understand what I’m going to say next…

I am asking, begging, the troops to disobey orders and not go to the Middle East, or any other country to kill people whom have done us no harm, and drop heavily toxic bombs that poison the Earth looong after the war is over.

Another reason I am asking soldiers not to go is because we need you here, to protect us.  Something just tells me that one of the hidden reasons they want to start yet another war is so the troops will be over there…instead of here.  And that leaves us all vulnerable to the Cabal’s assault on the American public.

You know from my past posts on gulf war syndrome, Tuskegee, Chemtrails/geoengineering,   globs of gelatin, and finally, John “Jack” Wheeler, a bioweapons expert working for Mitre corporation- a government contractor, who was heard to say that he was not going along with whatever they were planning…and he was murdered shortly after. Amazingly, not a single public camera caught who did it/ snark.

I write all of this because I have this sinking feeling in my gut that yet again the Cabal has something planned and is using Syria as the “shiny thing that dazzles monkeys” to draw attention and resources away from here…and the above may be the reason why.  It may be the time that they start using bioweapons in earnest against us.  Again, it’s just my instincts kicking in, so take it at that.


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