What did “blue” do for you? An answer to Autism Speaks

What is really disturbing about Autism Speaks is that the Ad Council is continually airing ads supporting this astro-turf organization. And the ones where they have a child saying they have autism, and they just have to learn to live with it want to make me puke. No, you don’t have to live with it!! It has a cause and there are people out there who can help you find it.


Anne Dachel has written a letter to Autism Speaks, an organization that appears to be an astro-turf organization that we have seen with ALEC and other shady players using sleazy PR (Mark Berman) firms.  Dachel delivers a fiery response that calls them on their b.s. faux “let’s find a cure” schtick…good for her.  And I like that the letter offers up facts surrounding Autism.

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