Living the Good Life…

…you know, Living the Good Life has taken on a whole new meaning since my re-evaluating what I considered important…

Living Sustainably brings such satisfaction.  When we can use our brains to figure out ways to have what we want without hurting the Earth makes me happy.

And it makes me doubly more so when I see that spark among the young.  I really was giving up hope that they were not “getting it”. I had talked with the young women about using cloth pads and I was resoundingly rebuffed with “eeewww” bordering on hysteria.


But then Zero Waste Chef, Ann Marie Bonneau puts together her wonderful website on all the ways she and those like-minded are carrying on where the Boomers left off.  ::does happy dance::

So, she has a great post on naturally carbonated lemonade, complete with ginger bug.  I am now proudly making my very first ginger bug.  Took me awhile to get here after all the upheaval this past year, but I’m here and plugging away.

Another great blog she had was on making kale chips using a solar oven.  There is a great link on solar oven festivals…or if you prefer, the website also just has instructions for solar cookers.  I love the one comment on someone using their car’s windshield as their “cooker”.

I noticed in the comments on a blog on microbead-free toothpaste that has a comment on yet another young one who has a great blog on reducing plastic, plastic, plastic.  If you watch the short video on zero waste chef’s site, you will understand what a huge impact microbeads have on the environment.  What’s really scary is that people think plastic is recyclable.  It isn’t!  I know, I know, they give us these neat recycle containers and we think we’re doing the environment a favor by putting our plastic garbage in them (I was one of the gullable).  But we’re not — the plastic is not, by its nature, able to decompose and transform into something that gives life, as nature’s cycle of life has brilliantly worked out.  Plastic just gets smaller, and smaller, until it becomes a scary microbead.  It doesn’t transform into something useful…it’s plastic FOREVER.

I just saw a movie on the mountains of plastic and how bad things really are:  albatross return to a certain island to mate every year.  The ocean brings in all types of plastic garbage…the film’s writer found plastic dating back twenty years!!    The birds ingest small bits of plastic, thinking they are food.  It was disgusting and disheartening to see them scooping up dead birds into one huge pile.  What are we doing to them? To us?




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