Media helping Big Oil

So the news this morning was that there were “hundreds” of abandoned vehicles at Standing Rock left by the water protectors…and then the nooz goes on to say that the police logged in so many hours that it was the equivalent of four years’ regular work hours…and that the taxpayers are going to foot the bill….

Let’s break this down, shall we?

The abandoned vehicles I cannot say for certain, but I rather doubt there were “hundreds” as being portrayed by the bought-and-paid-for-nooz.  Yeah, I imagine there were a few vehicles that died when there.  Native folk tend to be poor…so they drive a car until it drops.  There are jokes out there of their cars being held together with duct tape. 🙂

My car, a twenty year old beater, could have been one of those vehicles.  Like I’ve said before, why not give us poor folk the Mustangs that are being held in sanctuaries that are caving under the weight of caring for so many horses?  We could have transportation that does not pollute, gives back to the Earth (in the form of horse poo and pee, which gives the Earth what she needs), and when its days are done, it goes back to the Earth to give new life.

The next issue, the police hours…the first question is:  why so many hours?  Who called in the police?  When 70% of the American taxpayers were against Keystone, and I would say more were against DAPL, WHO called in the taxpayer-paid police when the taxpayer did not want the pipeline built??

And the Cabal always likes to portray Big Oil as the victim…

…but who pays for clean up?

Taxpayers pay for clean-up of gold mines,  the Ohio River toxic spill, Traverse City, Michigan, which is STILL contaminated after the last business left in 1987!!

And who can forget the billions of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf in 2010??  They destroyed that ecosystem…and there ain’t no money in the world that can buy that back!!



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