Science Teacher Found Guilty…

…for using science to counteract claims that there is nothing harmful about vaccines.  (hat tip to vaccine impact news).

He noted that the teenagers were required to give informed consent and the nurses, therefore, had the obligation to make sure they were fully informed.1

Mr. Sullivan also made the point that, “some of the components in the vaccines were deemed ‘toxic’ in his science lab.”

The young are such targets without the experience to know that they are being used as guinea pigs, or as money-makers for Big Pharma, take your pick for the evil ones’ reasoning.

As you read the story, you see that the charges against Timothy Sullivan were not against the issues he brought up…but the ruckus he raised at the concentration camp…er, I mean, vaccination clinic:

The complaints against Mr. Sullivan appear to have focused on how disruptive his comments were to the planned vaccination event rather than the accuracy or inaccuracy of his views. The reality of vaccine risks for death and serious side effects has been acknowledged by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). All of these organizations have stated that vaccines may cause adverse reactions and death in a small percentage of patients.

See, they don’t use gas chambers — much too noticeable –now, it’s poisoning by injection, crippling someone by crippling their immune system.

This comment just says it all:

Lesley Wolfson Reply

March 14, 2017 at 6:55 am

How dare this teacher be treated like this?! I am a female in my 40’s and have been in Perfect Physical Health my ENTIRE Life. I was biking 20 miles a day for 15 years. Out of the blue, my Pharmacist asked me if I was interested in receiving a “Flu Shot”. I never had one – never heard about the possible “side effects”. Let’s just say that one shot, that one simple afternoon, DESTROYED my entire Life. There is a good chance that I have developed GBS,SOLELY due to this Flu Vaccination. My Nerves are damaging themselves and I just might end up Paralyzed. Now, if the Pharmacist had simply informed me of the SEVERE Side Effects of the Influenza Shot….. This Teacher should be PRAISED for what he is doing. He just might save some of these students from the rare chance of being duly Paralyzed!

From the site:

According to the CDC, “although immunization has successfully reduced the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases

Prove it!  Prove that immunizations have reduced the incidence of disease!  They can’t.  There has never been a double-blind study that showed the unvaccinated were more susceptible to disease.  Indeed, the exact opposite has been proven — that those children who were not vaccinated were HEALTHIER.

Instead, we should be asking the CDC what kind of profits it makes off of every vaccine sold.  How many children and adults have suffered so the CDC can rake in the bucks?

Here is a former blog with comment after comment on vaccine reactions and the last one a brave mama walks out on a doctor pushing her to poison her child.  Trust your instincts, parents.  Trust your instincts.  And print off the page with all the adverse event stories and take it with you when your doctor, nurse, school officials, etc., try to force you to poison your child.  You have a right to defend them.  You have an obligation to protect them.






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