This is how we honor women…?

In case you haven’t heard –the Marines and other armed forces members were sharing naked photos of women in the armed forces.  Tailhook all over again. Another report here which states:

He reported on a Facebook group called Marines United, which was home to approximately 30,000 members who were sharing nude photos of colleagues along with personal information and even encouragement of sexual assault.

The article insinuated that ALL of the naked photos were consented to by the women.  I highly, highly doubt that.  Some, yes.  All? NO.  Especially when we have cameras in phones and in TV’s in the privacy of a person’s own home — there are opportunities for those in the military and other so-called security forces that can take “photos” and post them.  No woman is safe — military or otherwise.

How many times are women humiliated before this country treats women with dignity and respect?


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