The hidden issue…

(This is more of a personal blog, so if it’s not your thing…)

Okay, so if you’ve been following, you know about my struggle with migraines caused by heavy metal toxicity from dental amalgams, along with coal dust exposure.

I have stumbled upon yet another clue to the migraine puzzle…and it was totally unexpected.

I noticed many, many years ago that I got dizzy spells right before I had a migraine.  But I didn’t understand why until just in the last couple of months.

I had yet another dizzy spell, but this one was so bad that I had to hold onto the kitchen counter-top.  My thought was “wow, I am going to have a heckuva migraine tomorrow.”

Instead, when I did my coffee enema, I passed five gallstones!  They were classic beige and green color.  I won’t post pictures of those I have seen online..some folks show waaay too much for my comfort.

So I did get a migraine, but it was a couple days later.

I then began researching gall stones and their connection to migraines.  Many folks stated that they had terrible headaches just before passing a gallstone.  Eureka!

So, with that in mind, I began paying close attention to when I was feeling woozy and if I passed any more gallstones.  There is definitely a connection to when I am off-balance and getting ready to pass stones.

And coffee enemas seem to be the only way that I can pass the stones.

Others have recommended Chanca Piedra, or “stonebreaker” herb tea as a way to help the body break down the gallstones so they can pass.  I can testify of my own experience that it does indeed help.

I also began eating three apples a day (as budget permits) because several sites recommended apple juice to help dissolve stones.

I have also began liver flushes.  I shied away from them because Dr. Andy Cutler, whose protocol I follow, did not recommend them.  But there is so much testimony out there from folks who were in ill health until they started doing liver flushes.  I know that it has helped me to pass the gallstones and other stuff I won’t go into here.  I have one sick beleaguered liver that has struggled to work while clearing the toxins out of my system.

I think the combo between liver flushes and coffee enemas are the key to helping the body help itself.

I am also transitioning to the raw diet I mentioned in a previous blog.  I think it is key to my recovery.  Now that my gut has healed a bit, I can once again digest food.

I need to state so the Big Pharma Gestapo doesn’t come knocking on my door — I am not a healthcare professional, please see your own calcified healthcare professional who will tell you anything Big Pharma wants him/her to.

Please do your own research and listen to your own body to do what is right for you.

Be well, my friends.


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