Suffer The Children

You know what scares me? That we are returning to this. They are already doing this to adults who work for low wages and I may be mistaken, but I believe some idiot in Congress is trying to relax the child labor laws. And don’t think for a second that sweatshops don’t exist in the U.S. They do. And people are starving in the United States, as well. How ’bout instead of promising us jobs that are not coming back, that you give us some land to grow our own food and a cheap home, such as a yurt (there are some well-built ones for 20k)?

City Jackdaw

I recently read about a local retired clergyman, Canon Jim Burns, who has written a book about the history of the whit walks in Manchester. He says that the first procession of Church of England members took place in 1801, between St.Ann’s Church and Manchester Cathedral.

In those days children worked for six days a week between 4.00am and 8.00pm. The local Sunday schools did not want the children, on their one day off, to become involved in cockfighting, gambling, or the drinking of gin.


The idea they came up with was for the Sunday schools from around Manchester to have a big assembly for the children to attend, but the place to hold it could not be decided upon. Some argued for St.Ann’s church, which was more fashionable, while others argued in favour of the Cathedral.

In the end a compromise was reached in that the children would all…

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