Indiana Education Octopus…with ties to Wall Street…

Reblogging this after reading it again and it making my stomach turn all over again. And I’m pretty certain now that it is a deliberate action to interfere with parents’ time with their children…especially if schools are used to manipulate and control children as captive audiences. If they have the kids for the majority of time, and interfere with the parent’s relationship, they have putty in their hands. God Bless the children.
Parents, wake up!!


You know, I can read story after story about the workings of the education profiteers…and yet, I am still taken aback with how devious and how organized and how much they are able to stay under the radar…

I’ll start with the Northwest Indiana Times newest on the Indiana grading system.  Note that the Christel Academy, which was at the center of the controversy surrounding the crooks in Education–Tony Bennett and the rest–has been given an “F”.  And the GEO corporation CEO Kevin Teasley’s charter in Gary also got a bad grade of “D”.  Pretty telling, eh?

So…I started poking around on GEO and found this 2011 mindboggling article.

Kevin Teasley has quite the rightwing history, eh?  Note the abuse of children in these schools…does anybody remember this being covered on the mainstream media?  Oh, no, they’re too busy covering the few bad apples in the public education sphere.  Never…

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