Shutting down Standing Rock

This just in…

A video of Russian/Chinese/other communist country shutting down protests:

oh, my bad, these are American police arresting people protesting their water being polluted and their ancestors’ graves destroyed.  As you watch the short video, note any of the protectors having weapons.  Don’t see any?  Neither do I.  So much for police justifying treating the protectors in a violent way.

I’ve read that others are calling them the Oil Police in that they are not doing the bidding of the American taxpayer, which 70% objected to Keystone, and I’m willing to bet that many, many more have supported Standing Rock by just what I witnessed while there.  There were people from Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Thailand, Canada, and all over the United States.

So the latest ploy by the Dark side is to allege that the protectors were a bunch of pigs that had trash strewn all over the place, even though by all accounts, the camp had dwindled down to 500 or so.  When I was there, the camp was full and there was no trash problem.  Most people were respectful.  But there are troublemakers in every crowd and Standing Rock is no different.  Mostly white folk came in and acted like it was a freaking party like Burning Man and some say that they were actually disappointed that it wasn’t Burning Man or some such festival.  Good Lord!  Those smoking pot or drinking alcohol were asked to leave.  This was a prayer camp, not a party.

So the allegations that there were truckloads of trash does not ring true — especially because the websites that were claiming it were obvious propaganda sites that also spewed rightwing prejudice.  Fox News being one of them.  And the Tea Party should start calling itself the Oil party.

Here is a video showing the garbage being dumped INTO the camp:

Look at the video Myron Dewey made below of the camp two months ago.  Watch carefully to see any of the so-called piles of garbage.  Take careful note of the video at 3:39 — it shows the two red dumpsters at the center of the camp.  See any garbage overflowing? Me neither.  Of course, the ideal is not to have any garbage at all, as we all should work towards.



They are trying to evict LaDonna Brave Bull Allard off of HER land.  She is the heart of this — it was her camp, Sacred Stone camp, that started it all.  Here is her GoFundMe page if you care to donate to help her fight the corrupt tribal council and Dave Archambault, the tribal chairman.

Just a few words on that —  when I first got to camp, a woman handed me her card and told me to call if I needed help.  She was an official from Standing Rock tribe.  Later, a man was unloading tipi poles for other campers.  I asked him about poles for myself.  He said that they were just asking for gas money.  I gave him $20 — precious money that I did not have any extra to spend — and waited.  And waited.  Finally, a week goes by, and he pulls up with a wagon load of poles.  I ask him about mine, and he then asks if I had a cover.  No, I did not.  He refused to give me the poles even though I had given him gas money.   Then he did something that was curious — he asked for the woman’s business card.  I stupidly handed it to him.

Gettin’ Off the Grid!!   I love this video in that it explains more of how Native folk approach life in this update from Myron Dewey just 24 hours ago:





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