John Denver –too many questions

I’ve re-read the wiki page on John Denver again, and there are more questions raised.  When I had read it last, a couple of years ago, there was no mention of him “reaching back to switch gas tanks” while in flight.  It just blamed him for the plane crash.

As I re-read the page, it becomes apparent that whomever wrote it was trying to heavily influence the reader by mentioning over and over again about John’s drinking.

And yet…there is nothing in the crash report that indicates John was drinking when flying.  It only states that the FAA denied him his license because of his drinking.  But the writer of this wiki page wants the reader to draw connections between John’s drinking and the plane crash…without coming right out and stating it as a fact.


If John had been drinking, would they not have announced his blood alcohol level as such-and-such? And a factor in the crash?

But they don’t do that because alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

They also make the allegation that he was turned around to switch the gas tanks over.  This was only speculation.

It doesn’t make sense that John was doing touch-and-go landings and would not stop while on the ground to switch the gas tanks.  It makes no sense at all to try to switch the tanks in flight.  Nor that he would refuse to refuel the plane.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that the plane ran out of gas.  Running out of gas does not necessarily mean the plane is going to go into a nosedive, as witnesses reported.  Indeed, I have been in a plane with my Dad where we ran out of gas (Dad refused to pay the steep prices at one airport) and Dad glided the plane to a safe landing.    So, folks, just because a plane runs out of gas does not necessarily mean that it will crash.

Given that John Denver was an experienced pilot, I just have a hard time believing that he could not control the plane…especially since he was doing touch-and-go landings.

And this part of the wiki page really begs the question of whether an explosive was used:

Twelve witnesses described seeing the aircraft in a steep nose-down descent. Witnesses estimated the plane’s altitude at 350 to 500 feet while heading toward the shoreline. Eight said that they heard a “pop” or “backfire”, accompanied by a reduction in the engine noise level just before the airplane crashed into the sea.

I think about Sullenberger landing that 747 (?) on the Hudson River, and I know that it can be done.

All of the references to John’s drinking problem while not providing any evidence that there was alcohol in his system at the time of the crash tells me that they are trying to divert attention away from anyone questioning the circumstances of his crash.  “He was drunk, end of story” is what they want people to think.  And disparaging someone’s reputation with innuendo is a hallmark of gangstalking.  John was a passionate environmentalist and he also advocated for the poor.

As I mentioned before, this blog, sunlight on the water, was named after this song:



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