Who are the terrorists, again?

This video should put to rest who the violent ones are.  If I had heard ANYONE threaten a police officer or act in a threatening manner, I would have walked away from the protest.  Instead, I prayed with soulful people in a very moving moment.


In the first minute of the video, you see an officers with assault weapons.

Do you see any protectors with assault weapons?

When she talks about offering tobacco, she is referring to the Native way of offering tobacco in prayer to God.  So the officers were actively interfering with peaceful prayer.

And the officers and DAPL workers  were standing on graves, plowing the earth.  Imagine how you would feel having your loved ones graves treated in such a manner?  Or having police walk into a church, destroy the altar or chalice or other religious objects?

How can police just pick someone off the street, take them to jail, and when they refuse to strip naked, are attacked and violated by the very ones who are supposed to be protecting them?

She makes an excellent point of asking them to name any officers or DAPL workers that were assaulted.  They can’t.




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