A problem with a solution…

(Just wanted to note that I made a couple of additions to my prior post on Women as Equals. Women as Prophets.)

Okay, so you might recall that there was an issue with the wild horse sanctuary that the owner apparently became overwhelmed and the horses were not cared for as they should be.

So my idea was to give these horses to the poor so that they could have transportation that was sustainable.

This morning, they come on the radio saying that the state wants to charge the owners of these sanctuaries if the state has to move in and take over.  Apparently, it cost the state $200k to feed the horses they took away.

Okay…color me stupid, but I don’t understand the problem…

Why don’t they take these horses down to Mission, South Dakota, where there is a need for transportation, especially by women of domestic violence whom have escaped a bad situation, but have no way to get around??

Surely, all the money directed towards supporting these horses kept in pens could be spent to help these women?  Having a horse would be therapeutic for them, as well, and would give the horse a permanent home.  It would be a step towards independence for the women.  And Native folk have been known for their care of animals, especially horses.  Indeed, it was Native folk who taught white folks that they could tame a horse without force or breaking its spirit.

There’s a solution here if they would just act upon it.  No-brainer.


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