…a word on Native men…

In my prior blog, I mentioned seeing strong, but nurturing women at Oceti Sakowin.  But I neglected to mention the men, as well.

The traditional native men were portrayed as fierce warriors by whites.  Which was true, but not the extent of their character.  They were also nurturers, as well.  The way that I was raised we believed that fierce warriors were incapable of nurturing or tenderness.  This is not so.

I was at a remembrance service for Wounded Knee on December 29th.  The children of victims of the massacre gathered around the grave where their ancestors were thrown in, one on top of another.  They spoke with passion.  A Lakota man wept as he spoke of his ancestor.  His grief was as real as if they were killed the day before.  He was not ashamed of crying, as white men are taught.

Another day, a Lakota father gently brushed his son’s long hair and braided it.  I had to get past my “white” filter of seeing a man nurturing his child as weakness.  How did we get to this point where we see strong women as “uppity” and nurturing, by either sex, as weak??

The war machine, perhaps?






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