Indiana Education Octopus…with ties to Wall Street…

Reblogging this after reading it again and it making my stomach turn all over again. And I’m pretty certain now that it is a deliberate action to interfere with parents’ time with their children…especially if schools are used to manipulate and control children as captive audiences. If they have the kids for the majority of time, and interfere with the parent’s relationship, they have putty in their hands. God Bless the children.
Parents, wake up!!


You know, I can read story after story about the workings of the education profiteers…and yet, I am still taken aback with how devious and how organized and how much they are able to stay under the radar…

I’ll start with the Northwest Indiana Times newest on the Indiana grading system.  Note that the Christel Academy, which was at the center of the controversy surrounding the crooks in Education–Tony Bennett and the rest–has been given an “F”.  And the GEO corporation CEO Kevin Teasley’s charter in Gary also got a bad grade of “D”.  Pretty telling, eh?

So…I started poking around on GEO and found this 2011 mindboggling article.

Kevin Teasley has quite the rightwing history, eh?  Note the abuse of children in these schools…does anybody remember this being covered on the mainstream media?  Oh, no, they’re too busy covering the few bad apples in the public education sphere.  Never…

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Shutting down Standing Rock

This just in…

A video of Russian/Chinese/other communist country shutting down protests:

oh, my bad, these are American police arresting people protesting their water being polluted and their ancestors’ graves destroyed.  As you watch the short video, note any of the protectors having weapons.  Don’t see any?  Neither do I.  So much for police justifying treating the protectors in a violent way.

I’ve read that others are calling them the Oil Police in that they are not doing the bidding of the American taxpayer, which 70% objected to Keystone, and I’m willing to bet that many, many more have supported Standing Rock by just what I witnessed while there.  There were people from Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Thailand, Canada, and all over the United States.

So the latest ploy by the Dark side is to allege that the protectors were a bunch of pigs that had trash strewn all over the place, even though by all accounts, the camp had dwindled down to 500 or so.  When I was there, the camp was full and there was no trash problem.  Most people were respectful.  But there are troublemakers in every crowd and Standing Rock is no different.  Mostly white folk came in and acted like it was a freaking party like Burning Man and some say that they were actually disappointed that it wasn’t Burning Man or some such festival.  Good Lord!  Those smoking pot or drinking alcohol were asked to leave.  This was a prayer camp, not a party.

So the allegations that there were truckloads of trash does not ring true — especially because the websites that were claiming it were obvious propaganda sites that also spewed rightwing prejudice.  Fox News being one of them.  And the Tea Party should start calling itself the Oil party.

Here is a video showing the garbage being dumped INTO the camp:

Look at the video Myron Dewey made below of the camp two months ago.  Watch carefully to see any of the so-called piles of garbage.  Take careful note of the video at 3:39 — it shows the two red dumpsters at the center of the camp.  See any garbage overflowing? Me neither.  Of course, the ideal is not to have any garbage at all, as we all should work towards.



They are trying to evict LaDonna Brave Bull Allard off of HER land.  She is the heart of this — it was her camp, Sacred Stone camp, that started it all.  Here is her GoFundMe page if you care to donate to help her fight the corrupt tribal council and Dave Archambault, the tribal chairman.

Just a few words on that —  when I first got to camp, a woman handed me her card and told me to call if I needed help.  She was an official from Standing Rock tribe.  Later, a man was unloading tipi poles for other campers.  I asked him about poles for myself.  He said that they were just asking for gas money.  I gave him $20 — precious money that I did not have any extra to spend — and waited.  And waited.  Finally, a week goes by, and he pulls up with a wagon load of poles.  I ask him about mine, and he then asks if I had a cover.  No, I did not.  He refused to give me the poles even though I had given him gas money.   Then he did something that was curious — he asked for the woman’s business card.  I stupidly handed it to him.

Gettin’ Off the Grid!!   I love this video in that it explains more of how Native folk approach life in this update from Myron Dewey just 24 hours ago:




John Denver –too many questions

I’ve re-read the wiki page on John Denver again, and there are more questions raised.  When I had read it last, a couple of years ago, there was no mention of him “reaching back to switch gas tanks” while in flight.  It just blamed him for the plane crash.

As I re-read the page, it becomes apparent that whomever wrote it was trying to heavily influence the reader by mentioning over and over again about John’s drinking.

And yet…there is nothing in the crash report that indicates John was drinking when flying.  It only states that the FAA denied him his license because of his drinking.  But the writer of this wiki page wants the reader to draw connections between John’s drinking and the plane crash…without coming right out and stating it as a fact.


If John had been drinking, would they not have announced his blood alcohol level as such-and-such? And a factor in the crash?

But they don’t do that because alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

They also make the allegation that he was turned around to switch the gas tanks over.  This was only speculation.

It doesn’t make sense that John was doing touch-and-go landings and would not stop while on the ground to switch the gas tanks.  It makes no sense at all to try to switch the tanks in flight.  Nor that he would refuse to refuel the plane.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that the plane ran out of gas.  Running out of gas does not necessarily mean the plane is going to go into a nosedive, as witnesses reported.  Indeed, I have been in a plane with my Dad where we ran out of gas (Dad refused to pay the steep prices at one airport) and Dad glided the plane to a safe landing.    So, folks, just because a plane runs out of gas does not necessarily mean that it will crash.

Given that John Denver was an experienced pilot, I just have a hard time believing that he could not control the plane…especially since he was doing touch-and-go landings.

And this part of the wiki page really begs the question of whether an explosive was used:

Twelve witnesses described seeing the aircraft in a steep nose-down descent. Witnesses estimated the plane’s altitude at 350 to 500 feet while heading toward the shoreline. Eight said that they heard a “pop” or “backfire”, accompanied by a reduction in the engine noise level just before the airplane crashed into the sea.

I think about Sullenberger landing that 747 (?) on the Hudson River, and I know that it can be done.

All of the references to John’s drinking problem while not providing any evidence that there was alcohol in his system at the time of the crash tells me that they are trying to divert attention away from anyone questioning the circumstances of his crash.  “He was drunk, end of story” is what they want people to think.  And disparaging someone’s reputation with innuendo is a hallmark of gangstalking.  John was a passionate environmentalist and he also advocated for the poor.

As I mentioned before, this blog, sunlight on the water, was named after this song:


Dying To Get Well

I found this link to Shelly Keck’s story, Dying to Get Well, which sounds incredibly like my own, although she does not base her fibromyalgia on heavy metal toxicity.

I don’t agree with everything she writes about in her story, but her journey through idiot physicians, Big Pharma, and the worn-out “It’s all in your head” sure sounded familiar.  Incredibly, physician after physician denied that the depo-provera was causing her pain!!

Happily, she found her cure without pills, but food.  Food is medicine!

Over and over again, Big Pharma has tried to play God, and failed miserably.  I just don’t see how anyone can cause people pain, illness, job loss, homelessness, and greedily make money off of it.  Feeding the Dark side.


CDC, WHO, and Big Pharm Mafia bury valid health information

Story here.

This is not news to anyone here, but only adds to the mountain of evidence against vaccines and the evidence against Big Pharma, Big Medicine, the CDC and other health profiteers.


More recently a private medical consultant, Barry Rumack, M.D., was hired by the FDA to review that status of mercury levels in children with an emphasis on childhood vaccines. According to his findings,

“at no point from birth to 16-18 months of age that infants were mercury levels below the EPA guidelines for allowable mercury exposure…. In fact, according to the models, blood and body burden levels of mercury peaked at six months of age at a shocking high level of 120 ng/L. To put this in perspective, the CDC classifies mercury poisoning as blood levels of mercury greater than 10 ng/L.”

Dr. Rumack notes that the FDA chose to hide this finding from the public and higher health officials. [1]


Another damning case of government-industry knowledge about a vaccine-autism connection is a leaked December 16, 2011 document from GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers. The text admits the corporation has been aware of the autistic risks associated with its Infanrix vaccine, which combines diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hepatitis B, inactivated polio and haemophilus influenza viruses. The report details adverse effects associated with autism, including encephalitis, developmental delays, altered states of consciousness, speech delays and other adverse reactions. [2]

Absolutely criminal.


Never do we hear the media questioning the veracity and scientific legitimacy of the official doctrine. In fact, the media goes even further, embracing the principles of fake news, to attack scientists, physicians and parents who provide evidence to the contrary.

…because Big Pharma pays big $$$ for all those commercials that pay the million dollar salaries of the talking heads on TV.  You have to be an active listener when watching TV to see how subtly and not-so-subtly they sell pharmaceutical helplessness (you will never be healthy without taking a pill or injection).

I am currently exploring the raw food diet as a base for all health.  More on that in the next post.

Be well, my friends.


Who are the terrorists, again?

This video should put to rest who the violent ones are.  If I had heard ANYONE threaten a police officer or act in a threatening manner, I would have walked away from the protest.  Instead, I prayed with soulful people in a very moving moment.


In the first minute of the video, you see an officers with assault weapons.

Do you see any protectors with assault weapons?

When she talks about offering tobacco, she is referring to the Native way of offering tobacco in prayer to God.  So the officers were actively interfering with peaceful prayer.

And the officers and DAPL workers  were standing on graves, plowing the earth.  Imagine how you would feel having your loved ones graves treated in such a manner?  Or having police walk into a church, destroy the altar or chalice or other religious objects?

How can police just pick someone off the street, take them to jail, and when they refuse to strip naked, are attacked and violated by the very ones who are supposed to be protecting them?

She makes an excellent point of asking them to name any officers or DAPL workers that were assaulted.  They can’t.



FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

…because nothing says you’re a terrorist than to pray to the Creator to stop destroying Creation….again, I ask, WHO would be afraid of prayer? Who would want to destroy what God has created…??

Warrior Publications

fbi-terror-task-forceFBI representatives have contacted several ‘water protectors’, raising alarm that an indigenous-led movement is being construed as domestic terrorism

by Sam Levin, The Guardian, Feb 10, 2017

The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

The Guardian has established that multiple officers within the FBI’s joint terrorism taskforce have attempted to contact at least three people tied to the Standing Rock “water protector” movement in North Dakota.

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A problem with a solution…

(Just wanted to note that I made a couple of additions to my prior post on Women as Equals. Women as Prophets.)

Okay, so you might recall that there was an issue with the wild horse sanctuary that the owner apparently became overwhelmed and the horses were not cared for as they should be.

So my idea was to give these horses to the poor so that they could have transportation that was sustainable.

This morning, they come on the radio saying that the state wants to charge the owners of these sanctuaries if the state has to move in and take over.  Apparently, it cost the state $200k to feed the horses they took away.

Okay…color me stupid, but I don’t understand the problem…

Why don’t they take these horses down to Mission, South Dakota, where there is a need for transportation, especially by women of domestic violence whom have escaped a bad situation, but have no way to get around??

Surely, all the money directed towards supporting these horses kept in pens could be spent to help these women?  Having a horse would be therapeutic for them, as well, and would give the horse a permanent home.  It would be a step towards independence for the women.  And Native folk have been known for their care of animals, especially horses.  Indeed, it was Native folk who taught white folks that they could tame a horse without force or breaking its spirit.

There’s a solution here if they would just act upon it.  No-brainer.