Naomi Klein on Keystone, hazards of bitumen, etc.

Reblogging this for obvious reasons. My heart is on the ground…a beautiful moment at Oceti Sakowin praying for those who worship money to see the harm they are causing the Earth and all the living things on Creation.
They are repeating the lies that these pipelines are job creators. They may create 30 jobs at most. The oil is not staying here, but being sent to China or other countries.
And you cannot buy health. CAN. NOT.BUY.HEALTH. Once you lose your health, you lose the ability to fight back, as we know from the last blog on vaccines destroying health and spirit. They will destroy the environment until they are left gasping for breath….


Naomi Klein was on DN! to put some of the facts straight about Keystone–it is NOT a job creator.  The oil is NOT coming to America, but being piped through this horrible pipeline that crosses farmland and aquifers.  The process to get the oil out of the sand requires huge amounts of precious water.

Note in the piece President Obama is stating that he’s really going to take this environmental thing seriously.  Really…he is. Not so fast.

First Nations, et al, protesting in Canada.  Here is the Global News report.  Note how they couch this report:  Anti-Oil.  A negative.  But they are not portrayed as pro-environment, pro-kids of coming generations, pro-health activists. Makes a difference, doesn’t it, on how one views them. I wonder how much $$ Big Oil is paying them to be their mouthpiece.

Lest we forget.

This from the Royal Canadian Chemistry society on toxicity.  And…

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