Will Prayers and Ceremonies Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Spirituality IS at the heart of this battle. Zigzag mentions Donald Trump…if Donald Trump were to observe his Presbyterian spirituality, in which they believe that nature, the environment, is God’s Creation, and therefore, we should take care of it…then he would not pollute it. So, you see, spirituality is at the heart of all of this. Prayer is powerful. Connecting to God is powerful and is the only way to resist the dark side. In your passionate response to the dark side, it is important not to feed the dark side. Nor become that which you are fighting against. The dark side feeds off of negative energy and waits for the opportunity to replace the good in you with the bad.

**edited to add:  This response was so well put that I wanted to paste it here:

–I was taught that prayers and ceremony are something that you hold and carry with you through your thoughts, words, and actions, they dont stop at the end of attending an event. Prayers dont always work according to our time, place, and conditions. I feel to state or suggest that prayer was a failure because it did not meet your expected results within your preferred time frame is a bit shortsighted and I also wanna say a bit selfish.

I was confused by the blog piece because you downplay native spirituality and the practicality of prayer for the first 90% of the article then on last paragraph say that you believe in them. For most Nativez prayer and spirituality is something we live and walk with all our life, not something we “attend many times.”

I understand the sentiment you are trying to get across about not being physically idle but I think you do more damage to the reputation of Native spirituality than you do encouraging the common people to ante-up their self-defense game and mobilization.

Peace nocniuh.—-

Warrior Publications

ghost-dance-1 “Hope Springs Eternal–The Ghost Dance,” by Howard Terpning

By Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, December 23, 2016

Over the last few months there’s been a lot of noise made about the power of peaceful prayers and ceremonies in resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. According to many participants, it was this emphasis on prayer that stopped the pipeline dead in its tracks, and paved the way for a historical victory.

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