Was Turkish Journalist Ahmet Sik Working on a Piece that Would Cause Upheaval in Erdogan’s Ruling AKP Party?

You might remember the Gulen movement being deeply involved in Ohio charter schools.

Scathing Purple Musings

FreePress, a blog published in Europe, posted comments from a colleague of jailed journalist Ahmet Sik and brought some new details to light. Alican Uluda works with Sik at Cumhuriyet, a daily newspaper the Erdogan government considers an opposition publication.

ahmet-oneHe has continued to criticise the stance of the current government about the Kurdish issue and the Syrian crisis. I believe the real reason behind his detention is something else, although it is said that the reason is his criticism.

He was so close to reaching all the details required for the piece. My opinion is that his tweets aren’t the reason for his detention. The real goal is to prevent him from publishing the piece he has been working on. If the piece was to be published, there would be an upheaval within the ruling party (AKP). Ahmet Şık, who was put in jail for an unpublished book in 2011, has…

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