…but wait, there’s more: Forced vaccination through false epidemics

In the last days of his presidency, Barack Obama hands us this.

During such health emergencies they will step up their surveillance of people who are traveling into the U.S. and their surveillance of people who are traveling around the U.S. They will be monitoring travelers who are moving by air, by sea, and on the ground.

The CDC will have the authority to establish screening stations, and to assess travelers for the presence of the communicable disease that is of concern. They will be able to apprehend, detain, and to obtain federal public health orders for quarantine, isolation, and conditional release. They can operate these screening stations at airport security locations, customs offices, train stations, bus stations, and U.S. border crossing points, and could even apprehend travelers at toll booths located at state borders. [Pages 6908 and 6927]

The CDC with essentially police powers to apprehend and detain people.  And isolate them.  Given the unethical practices of the CDC regarding information on vaccines and non-epidemics like swine flu, I am not inclined to trust that they will be honest to the public about anything they deem an epidemic.

Has acute gastroenteritis, which means either diarrhea, defined as three or more episodes of loose stools in a 24-hour period or what is above normal for the individual, or vomiting accompanied by one or more of the following: One or more episodes of loose stools in a 24-hour period, abdominal cramps, headache, muscle aches, or fever

Okay, here is where the scary part is:  this describes me with a migraine!!  So much for “scientific” diagnosis.

Remember folks, this is the same CDC that is now being run by Department of Homeland Security, which was holding emergency preparedness training sessions that portrayed environmentalists as terrorists.  Police in riot gear at Standing Rock and forming a three person deep line while we PRAYED.

Millions exposed to retrovirus via vaccines

This article even stunned me…when I thought I’d become numb to how evil Big Pharma is…

The author gives them way too much credit in that this was just an oversight.  Of all that I have read on natural cancer prevention and cures, such as apricot pits, and the explosive book World without Cancer, I just don’t believe that NOBODY knew there were retroviruses within vaccines.  It goes along with making people sick so that Big Pharma could reap big $$$.  You might recall that a Big Pharma exec was quoted as saying that he wanted every single living person to be on pharmaceuticals.   This would be accomplished by making them physically ill or making mental conditions, such as depression, as pathological.  This will be hard for the younger generation to accept, but there was a time when having a case of the blues was not seen as abnormal, but a fact of life and it would pass.  Same with passion described as “emotional” like in my previous post.

From the article:

Retrovirus exposure intensified in the 1970s as new vaccines and pharmaceutical products were developed. These retroviruses and related infectious agents are now associated with dozens of modern chronic illnesses – perhaps nearly all of them. In these diseases, infection leads to inflammation — and unresolved inflammation can lead to chronic disease.

The list of diseases stretches from autism to cancer and from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Alzheimer’s. The diseases cripple the development of the young, steal the productivity and enjoyment of life for adults, and provide a slow and withering death to the elderly.

Once activated, they create diseases such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Chronic Lyme disease, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), numerous cancers, and a wide range of other autoimmune, neuroimmune, and central nervous system diseases. Please see reference number 2 at the end of this article for a comprehensive list of diseases.


A note about inflammation:  chronic inflammation eventually leads to cell death.  In other words, inflammation can eventually kill you.  This is especially troubling for me, because heavy metal poisoning leads to chronic inflammation. Note the autism connection to both the retrovirus and heavy metal toxicity.

If you have never heard about the retrovirus problem, then you can thank the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies for covering up the problem since it was first reported to them in 1991 by American immunologist Elaine DeFreitas. [3]

They did not want to alarm you. They didn’t want to induce a panic, or a rebellion against the use of vaccines. They didn’t want to send shock waves through the conventional medical care system and the pharmaceutical industry that would threaten their profits. They didn’t want to risk a public panic among people needing blood transfusions. They didn’t want to disturb the resolve of Big Pharma and political leaders working to pass mandatory vaccination laws. They didn’t want to interfere with the full implementation of genetically engineered crops. They didn’t want to lay the groundwork for numerous class action lawsuits from people who were harmed or who will be harmed in the next 20 to 30 years as the retroviruses continue to multiply in the bodies of infected persons.

Ultimately, government leaders didn’t want us to be able to make informed decisions regarding the true risks associated with certain therapies – they preferred to keep us all in the dark. They just wanted to cover up the whole mess and act as if it never happened – but it did happen, and millions of Americans are now suffering from a plague of modern diseases that were once rare or non-existent.

The term “xenotropic” indicates that the virus had a non-human origin and it is now able to live and multiply in humans. This retrovirus had an appearance that was similar to mouse virus, but it also had qualities of human virus. It was a chimera – like a mythical beast – part human and part mouse. It was accidentally created in laboratories when a naturally occurring mouse virus recombined with a human virus found in a prostate cancer culture.

This would be confirmed in 2011 by European researchers. Their 2011 article stated:

One of the most widely distributed biological products that frequently involved mouse tissue, at least up until recent years, is vaccines, especially vaccines against viruses … It is possible that XMRV particles were present in virus stocks cultured in mouse cells for vaccine production, and that the virus was transferred to the human population by vaccination. [7]

You might recall my blog on SV40 (Simian Virus 40 — monkey virus transferred to humans, causing brain cancer)

Dr. Mikovits was one of the researchers involved in the multi-center study that took place during 2010 and 2011. She continued her research until the late summer of 2011 when she was asked by the head of the institute that housed her lab to approve fraudulent expenditures of federal research monies from her grant.

She also became aware that the retrovirus test, which was being marketed and sold by the owner of the institute, produced inaccurate results. She spoke out about these problems and was fired from her position at the end of September of 2011.

Dr. Mikovits was arrested 6 weeks later, and held in jail for 5 days without the opportunity for bail as a fugitive from justice. Eventually she was charged with stealing her own research notebooks. These notebooks contained all of her recent research about retroviruses. On the day she was fired, she was locked out of her lab and offices while they were ransacked. They might have taken her notebooks, but a coworker understood what was going on and he temporarily secured Dr. Mikovits’ notebooks as well as his own.

A research scientist’s notebooks are a precious possession. Their value is equal to his or her professional credibility and personal integrity. The notebooks of Dr. Mikovits are important, because they contained the confidential names and addresses of every patient that had been involved in her gammaretrovirus research. They contain proof of the existence of gammaretroviruses and their connection with ME/CFS that no one could deny. Gammaretroviruses are one of the retrovirus families that cause chronic illness.

Does the sentence “locked out of her lab and offices while they were ransacked” ring any bells?  Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet…?  (See below)

The publicizing of her unlawful arrest in the journal Science, which even included her mugshot, seriously damaged her professional reputation. This was followed by an attack on Dr. Mikovits’ previously published work. Her 2009 article about gammaretroviruses was formally retracted by the editors of the journal that published it because she dared show evidence how retroviruses remained hidden from detection, just as her research had shown more than two decades earlier that HIV could remain hidden from detection.

Dr. Mikovits has been unemployed since September 2011. Her career has been destroyed. No one will give her grant money for new research, because the government doesn’t want to see any further research into any of the retroviruses that were created in laboratories and introduced into humans in vaccines, biological products, and food.

That last sentence should make the reader sit up and take notice.  Not only are the retroviruses introduced through vaccines, but food, as well.  You might recall that Slick Willie’s administration was giving the go ahead to Big Pharma to genetically engineer corn and other food to contain pharmaceuticals.  So…what exactly is IN a genetically modified food product (GMO)…?  They tell us that it’s been engineered to accept RoundUp or other harmful chemicals…but is that what the bio-engineering is about?  How can you be sure unless your food is organic and heirloom and you grow it yourself or buy from farmers you trust?

As you might expect, Dr. Mikovits and her husband have experienced serious financial limitations during these years from the lack of employment income and the tremendous cost of legal fees. Dr. Mikovits has suffered, but her resolve has not been destroyed. She has been crushed economically, but her witness for the truth remains intact. Dr. Mikovits describes her situation this way:

Personally, we don’t need much and we don’t have much. There aren’t many people who live a half block from the beach in the sunshine in a nice place. We are surviving, and [are ready] to do whatever it is the next thing that God wants us to do. So, I consider myself blessed. There were many dark days and I am sure there will be more dark days, but the story is not over and these viruses and diseases are not dead. [19]


Dr. Mikovits is another target of gangstalking.  I wish there were a better word for it, but you have to see that the Cabal works in the same way — isolate, isolate, isolate.  You do this by destroying the person’s reputation and credibility, and destroy them financially by interfering with their jobs.  No one will listen to them and without financial support, they have to struggle to eat, to have shelter, and provide for their basic needs.  Very hard to fight the Cabal after being destroyed.

Dr. Mikovits had consulted with Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet shortly before he was murdered.  The way that their research work was stolen in similar fashion raises huge red flags.

I believe in God, I trust in the promises of the Bible, and believe that there is justice from God. Thus, I don’t care what anyone says, I know the truth and God knows the truth. Sometimes God places people in situations where you just simply obey. I don’t pretend to understand.

Amen to that, sister.  Amen to that.

Winter is still coming

Glad you have rejoined the ranks. Being a Boomer, I have a mature perspective of abortion that I didn’t have when young and seeing the women’s movement in full bloom. I’ve come to realize that there are women who are strong, but nurturing and they don’t believe in abortion. The women’s movement has been taken over by aggressive women who marginalized other women who valued their ability to give birth and valued staying home and nurturing children. It is sad that the women’s movement has twisted women’s nurturing to equal weakness. But I have finally been made aware of women who are strong, but nurturing, no thanks to feminists. Where did I see and observe these women? At Oceti Sakowin.

South Dakota fight to be let alone


Jan. 26, 2017 Spearfish Park Pavilion
It was a cold evening – temperatures drop rapidly in the winter after the sun goes down.

As I walked towards the park pavilion, I could see vehicle after vehicle going towards the park. In Indiana, you could only get this kind of attendance on a cold winter’s night for a basketball game. And very few care about what is happening to Indiana’s environment…mercury being dumped into Lake Michigan by BP being one of them and the other being 15 million pounds of toxins being poured into the waterways every single year…
..but I digress…
Needless to say, I was surprised and delighted at the over 400 persons in attendance.

People care!  People care!

Briefly, the governor of South Dakota along with Senator Thune want to make Spearfish Canyon a State Park. In order to do this, they must first exchange some land so that it can then be turned over to the state. Right now, Spearfish Canyon is in the National Park System and the Forest Service is in charge of it.

Joleen, a member of those proposing the Spearfish Canyon land exchange, gave a canned speech about how good it will be to take this land away….so the state can make it more accessible and clean it up. What a joke. This is the most natural of spaces and what it needs is to be let alone without more human interference nor more human and vehicle traffic to spoil the ecosystem.
Joleen didn’t get very far into her spiel before a member of the audience spoke up about how she was trying to steer the conversation away from what the audience wanted to talk about — the land grab — er, I mean the “land exchange”. They like to use nice words when trying to pull a fast one, don’t they?
She immediately characterized what this man said, who spoke with passion but not hysteria, as “very emotional”. They also like to put down anyone who speaks with passion as “emotional”, which in Freud’s psychological misogyny, that characterized women as emotional, and emotions equal weakness in Freud’s view. I thought I should bring that up for those unfamiliar with subtle communications ploy of attacking a person instead of attacking their argument. Ad hominem is what it is called.  It is a sly way of portraying someone as weak, so no one will listen to them.
Katie was the next speaker –I believe she is head of State Parks. She also characterized this land grab, er exchange, as “emotional.” Why are people upset? Because Governor Daugaard was trying to slip this by the Dakota public without giving them the opportunity to voice opposition to it.
A member of the audience got up to say that Daugaard had introduced legislation, SB114, the night before (1/25/17) as “emergency” legislation. Where’s the emergency? Is the land going to get up and walk away..? /snark
Katie went on to say that this was at the D.C. Congressional level. Several in the audience were surprised at that. Later, a member got up to state that the federal land is much harder to get rid of by politicians…they want the land returned to state control because the people in the state have no say in what happens to the land. Federal land, however, belongs to the American people. They get a say in what happens to it.
Another audience member stated she had worked for the Forest Service for 30 years, and they have devalued federal land to zero so that the land will not show as a loss to the American public. Sneaky.

Katie went on to say how ten years previously, the State had improved Spearfish Canyon by enhancing access. Enhancing and enhancement are words the land grabbers like to use. However, a member of the audience got up and stated that a 16 foot bridge that helped the disabled to enjoy the park had been washed out some time ago (2014) and it still had not been replaced. He said they went to all the trouble of spending money on making a sign saying that the Dakota State Parks could not afford to replace the bridge. He asked how they could manage Spearfish Canyon if they couldn’t manage a bridge? Lots of audience applause.

Next, Katie stated that Sen. Thune introduced legislation in 2016 that proposed the land grab, but it died before getting to the floor.

Now it appears Thune’s legislation is back again.

Katie went on to say that they were in talks with the Forest Service. Several people spoke out and said that was untrue. One asked if the Forest Service was here to confirm what she was asserting? She said no.  (Also not true)

People were grumbling about that and a man came to the microphone to address it. He said that the Forest Service was involved with the litigation, and they were under gag order because of that. I looked across the room, and I could see several National Forest Service employees in attendance. It was clear to me that they were interested in what was happening, but were not allowed their constitutional right to free speech as American citizens. Several people would say that they supported the Forest Service and that they were pleased with the job they did taking care of Spearfish Canyon.

They went on to say that the Native tribes were also being consulted for their input. Yeah, riiight….

A member of the audience spoke out “Like they were consulted at Standing Rock…?” Unfortunately, some jerk in the audience told her to shut up. She had as much right to speak out and call them on it as the others did.

They kept emphasizing call elected officials — that they were accepting and monitoring comments. Yeah, it’s the word monitoring that made me sit up. They’re not interested in the public will, but who in the public is speaking out. I have to say that as I walked towards the building, I was struck with the thought “at least there are no officers here dressed in riot gear” like at Standing Rock. And a gentleman at the end of the public comments voiced the same thought — but methinks he is too complacent in that he thinks it won’t happen.

Every thing they have done to the most vulnerable– such as the poor, the Natives, the children, the soldiers (forced vaccines) and on — is a dress rehearsal for what they have in store for white people. Up to this point, white folks have been insulated from the turmoil going on. But they will be challenged. They won’t be able to sit on the sidelines when the fit hits the shan. They will have to decide whether Spearfish Canyon is worth fighting for — for standing up to police in riot gear and being maced and being shot with water cannons and so-called non-lethal bullets. I have no doubt it will come to that. The greedy want this beautiful land.  They want to placate Native folk by making them feel included, but they also know that the traditional Natives are willing to lay down their lives for this land.  They looove this land. Daugaard, Thune, and Co. don’t want them too much involved because of their passion for this land.  Native folk see it as gift of the Creator and that demands respect and living sustainably in harmony with it.
Katie went on to say “We don’t know it all, but we will find out information for you.” To me, “we don’t know it all” sounded like a backdoor for them to escape responsibility. They can always say they didn’t know when people start calling them on their shell game.
Inclusion is another word they like to use. And she emphasized they had organized “focus groups” and “stakeholder meetings”. Both of those terms are loved by the neocons/neolibs to take away a person’s right to represent themselves in public discussions.

This is exactly how they got the land away from the Native folks. See, in Native society, they did not have “representatives” or electoral votes. They voted for something and they had to have 3/4 agreement before it would be accepted. This meant that each individual had a vote that mattered and no one person got to say they represented the whole tribe.

The Black Hills was seceded by Red Cloud but he did not have the authority to do so, according to Native law. Three-fourths of the natives did not agree with giving away the Black Hills, which they consider sacred. But the greedy ones got Red Cloud to agree. They deemed him as representative of all native folks and that is how the land grabbers got the land away from the native folk.

The thing is — the native folk were the best stewards of the land. They took care of this land for over 10,000 years. It was beautiful and lush and provided all their needs of housing, clothing, tools, and the most important — spiritual connection to God, the Creator.

Several folks also mentioned the Creator and how God designed it just fine without interference.  It should be left alone. Period.

Public comments are as follows:
Man: Government did not seek public opinion BEFORE introducing legislation. State Parks are acting like it’s a done deal.
He emphatically opposed the land exchange and against bringing in more human and vehicle traffic. Increased traffic along with paved roads will degrade the creek.

Man: Do not want more traffic in the area. State land is not protected like Federal land. State land is subjected to politicians. I don’t trust my politicians.

Man: Keep it as God created it. We don’t need it “improved” or asphalted.

Man: I don’t trust the system.

Man: Government was saying everybody agreed with land exchange. He asked everyone there who was against the land exchange? Nearly everyone there (400+) raised their hand.

Young man: The land acquisition is for Spearfish Canyon, LLC, which would give them a monopoly. That’s about as un-American as one can get.

Young man: He greeted everyone in the traditional Lakota greeting. Nice. He asked for more than token comments and asked for recognition of brutal history of the land acquisition.

Man: Spearfish Canyon is a land grab. Why didn’t they ask us? Because they don’t care. let’s make them care.

Woman: Make sure everyone knows what is happening. Across this whole state — let everyone know, because when East River goes on vacation, they come here.

Nancy Helding of the local Audubon Society stated that they were against the land acquisition. She stated that the Thune Bill (SB3254) would value the land at agricultural prices, not its true value. (This is another way for the greedy to acquire land without paying fair prices for it. Again, this is what they did to the Native folk. The Native folk did not see the Earth as something they could sell. They did not create it, therefore, they had no right to ask for money for it. They actually thought the English were crazy for wanting to sell land. The concept was as unfathomable as what we feel now for someone wanting to sell water.)

Foreign lady: This is an attempt to privatize. They grab this piece, and then come back and grab more. (BIG applause)

You might recall that was my feeling, too.  I could not shake the feeling that they were going to privatize the National Parks.

Another related feeling that I can’t shake is something I learned at Wind Cave National Park last summer–they once used those caves for fallout shelters against nuclear bombs during the 1950-60s.  Are they going to privatize them so that they can use them as bomb shelters?  Remember, Dick Cheney was linked with a nuclear missile that disappeared from an Air Force flight somewhere between North Dakota and Louisiana.  He popped into my head when I read of the caves being used for bomb shelters.

Here’s the fart book page for the effort against the land grab: facebook.com/Spearfish-Canyon-Land-Grab-1624952284478168/


Naomi Klein on Keystone, hazards of bitumen, etc.

Reblogging this for obvious reasons. My heart is on the ground…a beautiful moment at Oceti Sakowin praying for those who worship money to see the harm they are causing the Earth and all the living things on Creation.
They are repeating the lies that these pipelines are job creators. They may create 30 jobs at most. The oil is not staying here, but being sent to China or other countries.
And you cannot buy health. CAN. NOT.BUY.HEALTH. Once you lose your health, you lose the ability to fight back, as we know from the last blog on vaccines destroying health and spirit. They will destroy the environment until they are left gasping for breath….


Naomi Klein was on DN! to put some of the facts straight about Keystone–it is NOT a job creator.  The oil is NOT coming to America, but being piped through this horrible pipeline that crosses farmland and aquifers.  The process to get the oil out of the sand requires huge amounts of precious water.

Note in the piece President Obama is stating that he’s really going to take this environmental thing seriously.  Really…he is. Not so fast.

First Nations, et al, protesting in Canada.  Here is the Global News report.  Note how they couch this report:  Anti-Oil.  A negative.  But they are not portrayed as pro-environment, pro-kids of coming generations, pro-health activists. Makes a difference, doesn’t it, on how one views them. I wonder how much $$ Big Oil is paying them to be their mouthpiece.

Lest we forget.

This from the Royal Canadian Chemistry society on toxicity.  And…

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Vaccines Cause Gulf War Syndrome

Anyone who’s been following me for awhile knows this, but for the newbies, this is something you need to hear.

The first three minutes of the video is phenomenally powerful.  She recognized the harm that vaccines were causing the troops (that the politicians are so quick to praise, but lack in compassion).  Note that she emphatically states that the soldier she talks about NEVER WENT TO THE GULF…therefore, the soldier could not have contracted an illness from being in combat (or exposed to bioweapons, as has been alleged).  Good on his grandma for speaking out.  (Another reason to stop the dismissal of the elders who speak out on what they see as wrongdoing.  That’s what the Cabal wants — see the Boomer generation in a derogatory way so that they are ignored or laughed at.)

Dark suits showing up to “re-educate” her is chilling, to say the least.  Blackwater…?

It’s incredible that she was bullied by her own unit for raising the questions.  This goes along the lines of the “you’re harming the community” by going against the groupthink and pointing out the Emperor has no clothes!  She became a pariah.  This goes with the gangstalking outline — isolate, isolate, isolate someone so that no one will listen to them.  Keep them from making connections so that people won’t hear them and fight back. Not to mention them alleging she was *crazy* for observing and reporting on what she saw.  We have seen this before, where people who were whistleblowers were alleged to be crazy.

She states at one point that she should have gone to CNN.  *snort*  CNN is bought and paid for and will not do anything against the Cabal.  If you recall my other posts on vaccines and how CNN was actively spewing the propaganda that vaccines did not cause harm, despite overwhelming evidence from medical professionals such as Dr. Suzanne Humphries, whom have spoken out against vaccines.

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together sees the connection between vaccines and suddenly their health goes spiraling downward.

She makes some allegations about keeping soldiers sick for a couple of reasons:  soldiers cost them money when they retire: pensions and benefits; and soldiers with consciences see things and come back and talk about what they have seen.  Powerful reasons for harming them and keeping them ill, as she states in the video.  As someone whom has been made very, very ill, to the point of every day being a struggle just to get through it, making and keeping someone ill means they won’t have the strength to fight back.

It is sick and disgusting that they are using kids in child protective services as guinea pigs.  This is the first that anyone has alleged this, but yeah, it’s been something I have wondered about, as well.  I also wonder about women in domestic violence shelters.  In one of the shelters I was in, they had a *cough* healthcare worker come in and give a speech about STD, alleging there was rampant STD’s in this rural, sparsely populated area.  My instincts were telling me not to participate in them taking blood from me, like they did the others.  I now wonder why they were insistent on taking blood samples.  I wonder about what tests they were performing on the blood sample.  I don’t believe for a second it was about what they were alleging.  I have seen too much of Big Pharma evil to take things at face value anymore.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

My former posts on MLK, An Inconvenient Hero, Beyond Vietnam, a speech he gave a year to the day he was murdered.

And I would like to once again bring up Shirley Chisholm, the first woman presidential candidate…unbought and unbossed.

Incredibly, I read a piece on President Obama yesterday in which he wanted us to have pity on the poor white guy who was puzzled at the dismal finances….say, what…?

The poor white guy who will now have to trade in his Mercedes for a Ford….

The poor white guy who will have to cut down on going out for drinks to two days a week instead of three…

The poor white guy who might have to let his Country Club membership go…

The poor white guy who will have to vacation in Florida this year instead of the Bahamas…

The poor white guy who may have to sell his second home…

You get the point…

Nothing about poor white women or non-white women struggling to pay the heat bill, and buy groceries…




Nurses and medical professional refuse flu vaccines

Story here.

Of course, it’s all about money.  Big Pharma has a grip on the health of this nation by buying off doctors and apparently, hospital CEO’s.  Again, this is about the right to decide what goes into one’s body and the 4th Amendment — the right to privacy and against government intrusion into our personal lives.

The bottom line is that the federal government squeezed hospitals by requiring hospitals to report the rates of yearly influenza vaccinations of both hospital staff and hospital patients, including these two measures in a global calculation of hospital ‘quality.’ A hospital’s ‘quality’ number determines approximately 3.75% of its overall Medicare reimbursements rate in 2017 (with yearly adjustments to this number).  In the healthcare industry, 3.75% is enough to make a hospital sink or swim.  The hospitals, predictably, acquiesced by demanding their employees be vaccinated or fired.

Adzuki Maple Bars with Matcha Maple Frosting

This just sounds sooo good for a winter’s day. Those of us with gluten intolerance would need to make gluten-free bars, naturally.


maple-bars-w-azuki-and-matcha-frosting-nMmmmm – matcha green tea and sweet adzuki bean paste – a flavor combination we love add a Japanese twist to an American classic. Just the thing with piping hot green tea after a cold morning of birding.

Matcha green tea powder and adzuki beans may not be in everyone’s pantry, but they are always in ours. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that this flavor combination makes a regular appearance in our kitchen. When a friend gave me a recipe for maple bars, I couldn’t help imagining them stuffed with sweet adzuki bean paste (directions to make the paste here), and changing up the frosting recipe to include the zip of spiced matcha tea along with maple syrup. I think the original maple bar recipe somehow reminded me of cinnamon rolls. I’d made a version of cinnamon rolls where the adzuki bean paste was spiraled into a dough which in…

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Man shoots drone peeping tom…but HE is arrested; Fourth Amendment

It is a sad day when doing something good — checking on residents during a fire alarm –and being treated like a criminal. Kudos to those of us whom have stood up to this violation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy.


A drone was flying over this man’s property, so he shot it down.

And he was the one arrested!

He sounds like a reasonable person to me.  He didn’t shoot it down when it was farther away…but after it crossed his property lines, he felt within his rights to shoot it down.

Merideth told WRDB: “Well, I came out and it was down by the neighbor’s house, about 10 feet off the ground, looking under their canopy that they’ve got under their back yard. I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property.’


Notice how the writer characterizes his method as “draconian”.  Since when is protecting one’s family draconian?  It wasn’t like he shot a person.

And homeowners do own the airspace above them…so yeah, he was well within his rights to defend his family and his…

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