On the Question of Allies

This has been my journey, too. I’ve come to realize that non-profit organizations like the american cancer society are not really about curing cancer, but a money-making machine set up to pay huge salaries with benefits for the administrators. The natural cures for cancer, such as laetrile, have been known for DECADES…but Big Pharma/Big Medicine have deliberately kept that information from being given to the public. Nixon, et al, quashed the research at Sloan-Kettering that showed the medicine from apricot pits was a cheap cancer cure. Note the word “cheap” and compare that with the poison of chemotherapy and radiation — two very harmful treatments that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I digress…
NGO’s, I am coming to believe now, have been set up by the Cabal in order to thwart the very thing they say they are supporting. I would say that some involved have good intentions and good hearts, but they are vulnerable to those with their own agendas who do not want those with good intentions to succeed. Some are feeding the Dark side on purpose, while others believe they are feeding the Light, but in reality are helping the Dark. Staying connected to God, and walking in Spirit is the key to knowing the difference.

Warrior Publications

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, December 22, 2016

Ally: to unite or form a connection or relation between… to form or enter into an alliance (two factions allying with each other).  Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There’s been some discussion over the last couple of years about the concept of allies and I thought I would throw my opinion into the mix…

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